Young boys visit their friend who got knocked by a motorbike at the hospital

A facebook user Shariff Yeng has shared the adorable moment where some schoolboys shew their love to one of their mates who was involved in an accident.

According to Shariff Yeng’s narration, he chanced upon the schoolboys at the Tamale Teaching Hospital having a fun moment with another young boy who had his legs bandaged with a clutch laying beside him.

He asked what they were doing there and they answered that their friend got knocked by a motorbike so they took permission from school to come visit him at the hospital.

Shariff noted that what caught his attention was the display of love from these young boys.

“This is how friends should be”, he remarked.

Shariff wrote:

I came across these boys discussing stuff and laughing all around at the hospital-TTH. I asked what happened and i was told the boy in Red was knocked down by a motorbike on his way to school. So his friends took permission from school to come see him and have a moment with their friend. It was just so beautiful and it showed me what friendship should be

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