Video: The Headless Man Of Ipoh

Viral videos that makes people question its legitimacy is often what makes the video so viral-worthy and great. Recently, a video was allegedly posted up unto the internet about a ‘headless’ man roaming around in Ipoh. The video has since gone viral.

Watch the video below:

The video was 47 seconds long and was filmed behind a man when all of a sudden, his head seems to disappear out of nowhere. The virality of the video has since made netizens all around question its legitimacy, whether it was a genuine raw footage or a heavily edited video.

Media group, Astro AWANI had claimed that they have tracked the man down. The supposedly ‘headless’ man goes by the name of K. Vellu, 45. This isn’t supposedly new as the man has been suffering from this problem for almost three years now.

“Many people were shocked, some even would brake suddenly when they see me especially during the night time,” he said when met with reporters from Astro Awani.

He additionally mentioned that most often people would be in shock whenever they meet or see him, stating, “Some would take photo, video, I know many people know about me through the Internet because people would come to me and ask what happened to me,”

With the problem he has with his physical appearance, he adds that people mocking him has become a norm and that he became used to it. Though Vellu has claimed that he has been effortlessly trying to seek help from medical professionals but they just can identify his condition.

That being said, Vellu has also concluded that his condition was caused by ‘black magic’ since it can’t be identified by anyone in the world.

“This must be black magic by someone as even doctors don’t know what is wrong with me and even my neck cannot be strengthened or adjusted,” he said.

Giving up to find a cure, he pleas for people not to take pictures of him even though he may be seen often around the township of Ipoh.