The Madness in the Jigwe Awards by Prince Owusuagyei


This trend bothers me and I’m hoping that as well we all discuss this issue, I may be settled in my heart about this matter.

On top is Rashida black beauty who just won an award for her video on kushman(it went viral)
Beneath is Karim Fathia,who swept away a record of 19 awards at the graduation of the medical school,KNUST (didn’t go viral)


My question is what values are we leaving our generation after us?. When I heard that Rashida has been awarded, I said ‘gosh’ so why did we complain about lord paper video which came out? I think as a nation, we are losing our values for something which is foreign all in the name of fame.
The lady on lord paper video received a big invitation for a movie premiere while ladies like Karim Fathia never get anything at all.The message is that it pays to do a n@ked video or any viral video than to be in school.
A few years ago we used to compete among ourselves for grades,best needle works,best athlete or best office girl or best girl in house hold chores. Now,it is about who can pose either half naked or do a crazy video to attract attention.
To the organizers I suggest that we rather help this young lady acquire skills to make her better and more valuable to herself and help her get out her emotional state which forced her to do the video to put that young man who broke her heart to shame instead of trying to glorify her actions.
Secondly the organizers should start inviting and celebrating young academics like Fathia to motivate our young people.
Finally I believe Ghana is not like US where Kim Kadarshian can become a star because of a sex tape.
Let us give our children good  examples to follow either you learn a skill with a swag or stay in school or join Kumahood and add your creativity to the industry or better still join the business men and women who are transforming Ghana.

Written by Prince Owusuagyei


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