The Day after Sarkodie was Slapped


Yesterday was the day the world saw how insecured the self acclaimed king was. It was obvious he just couldn’t think correct. He don think madness as Liwin will put it. Many did have lots of respect for him until he released one of the wackest tracks for the year.

I just don’t get it. How can you diss someone for putting on GTP? I myself can’t think correct on that as well.  Hahaha! Do have a look at this;

You put on rags whiles you go about to insult someone who has proper African print on. That so called punchline of yours was indeed below the belt.

Let’s decipher the next point. How can you insult someone for being intellectually good? When all that you need is this:


There is no doubt about that it since it appears the main one will make your head spin with words like “b*tch” and “pro bon” which you don’t understand. Many are now advocating for you to go to school small or better still make reading your habit.

Go to school small ah you no go go—read books too, you no go read. You don’t even know FREE and PRO BONO are literally the same.

And folks say what, he murdered intellect? Yoo we hear you.

This is like Bishop Obinim debating Lawrence Krauss—on something out of nothing- Chris

It appears the next the self acclaimed sees the smaller godMC, he is likely to cry again. We do hope the slap from the godMC will land you well and that will encourage you to at least learn some valuable lessons that bragging isn’t the same as rapping with some intellectual wisdom.