Some Shameful act of this AKuffo-Addo Government


This Akuffo-Addo has been less than a year in office but when these shameful acts start rearing its ugly heads, it’s obvious it’s isn’t going to last long just like that of confused Mahama led government.
Let the list begin:

1. The Sacking of Mr. Salamat(La Presec)

Why sack someone when the reality on the ground is that his students were sitting on cement block and on kuffour gallons. Mr. Salamat was just transferred when the deputy minister of education was on radio saying the man was sacked for not being creative enough when it comes to providing desks to his students. What a stupid statement!

2. Posing with $1 million Cheque

When our whole president was in front of the cameras posing with a mere $1 million as a ‘gift’ from the Indian government. Is this not childish?


3. Loose talk from his Ministers

It appears most of his 110 ministers don’t know how to talk to the public and a clear examples are his deputy minister of Education and the sacked deputy minister of Agric.

4. Stupid Seizures of Cars

If there is one thing this government knows how to do with best, it has to do with the seizures of cars. Apparently everyone with a V8 needs to have his car ceased. This foolishness went on for sometime as well.

5. Closure of Offices

Another shameful act this government has really tolerated for a long time has to do with closure of government. It began with the closure of National Health Insurance offices and then just yesterday, the Tamale mayor had his office closed as well and not even a single individual was arrested.


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