Sarkodie Illuminati ” Yes Or No” With this music video Revenge of the Spartans & Whine fi me

In December 2011, award winning rapper Sarkodie, born Michael  Owusu Addo, released the video of his hit song ‘Saa Okodie No’ and many alleged that some visuals in the video had some satanic connotations.

The issue generated heated discussions on radio, TV and online with many alleging that he had joined the popular underworld group, Illuminati.

Sarkodie, in a bid to save his image and also dispel the rumours, swiftly recorded the song ‘Illuminati’ and subsequently released the video for it in August 2013.

The ‘Illuminati’ video earned the rapper several local and international award nominations. He won four awards at the 2013 edition of the 4Syte Music Video Awards.

Just when many thought the artiste had successfully shaken off the controversy, his latest music video, ‘Revenge Of The Spartans’ has got tongues wagging again.

‘Revenge Of The Spartans’, directed by David Nicol-sey and released Wednesday, January 14 has reignited a somewhat subtle controversy that the rapper, who is still enjoying massive successes in his career, has hanging around his neck regarding his association with Illuminati.

While Sarkodie uses the lyrics in the song to cement his supremacy in the rap game, some visuals in the video are currently the subject on social media circles.

In the 3 minutes, 33 seconds video, the rapper stirs controversy as 125 seconds into the video; at 177 seconds and 11 seconds before the end of the video.

Two individuals, wearing something that looks like a keffiyeh, have their thumbs and index fingers together to display the ancient symbol of the left eye of the devil otherwise known as the ‘All-seeing-eye’ or the ‘illuminati sign’.

Many fans have shared varied opinions at the video on social media.

Below are some of the comments (unedited) under the video on Youtube:

Kwabena Yeboah said: “leave Sarkodie alone.if he is Illuminati,that is his life.i don’t think Sarkodie was a saint or told Ghanaians he is singing to praise GOD.whatever”

Bobbi Badazz: “Sarkodie king of Rap ,Now King of Controversy lol … Creating another scenario to release another dope single ,all good rappers do that to create more cases for them to rap about ,most don’t know it”

Murtala Shahanun said: “He said they call him mason and there comes the pyramid. Illuminati or not the guy is serious. More grease to your shoulders… Sark nation is the best believe it….. I said it?”

Osei Kwame commented: “soo… the masked men throwing those signs mean what exactly? you’re doing something is almost good and it gets ruined by something unnecessary.”

Gallardo noted: “Nice hot tune, but Sark 1 thing for i sure i dont understand  you falsing your self to be call a Illuminati guy  or is just a common style, T.B.Hstop it it will ruine your image for the society”

Melchizedek Mensah said: “I am big sarkodie fan but come on bro stop claiming that ish?”

Ebenezer Hammond added that: “Vid is as dope as it gets… Bt som Ghanaians y , de vid is tellin a story try comprehending ,, it seems som r seeing onli de illuminati sign even if its part of de story ..?”

And also he flash an illuminati sign with the second music video with Jupiter and stone Bwoy with the music tittle “Whine fi me” so all this signs he is putting up into his videos really telling his fans that he’s an Illuminati now.

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