Our President is not a Ghanaian

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Our president is not a Ghanaian

He prefers to have his vacation at Hawaii

And imports his kitchenware from Shanghai

There’s a Kantanka

But he prefers a Bugatti

And often times a Ferrari

He takes a stroll at Dubai

From there his shirt buys

Ghanaian unGhanaian

Uncertainly certain

He believes in foreign content

Local ones he dumps into the bin

He pays his fellow Ghanaian

Exorbitantly less than his fellow Spanish

He wouldn’t mind buying a pizza dish

For the worth of a mansion

But not its fellow banku

Certainly uncertain

Not only are his long sleeves imported

His conscience is, too

Ghana bad, Ghanaians sad

Foreigners good, the white brainy

Little does he know

That the Ghana today

Was hard fought for out of bloody blows

Ignorantly ignorant

Our president’s shoes are American

His tooth picks are Mexican


Intercontinental African

His wife’s human cap is Brazilian

And her bag Philippian

He wears knickers from China

And overly oversized socks from Guyana

His country

All she can boast of is a cedi; one Ghana

Our president’s favorite team is Arsenal

And a few times Manchester

Manchester on another man’s land

And Arsenal on another’s sand

All our president exports are fatigued brains

Brains craving for the white man’s hand

Our president’s children

Never tasting the dose of education their father prepared

The education that makes the poor poorer

And the rich richer

Our president prefers a white coach

Forgetting we also prefer a white presidential coach

Not one whose identity

Has flown with the wings of ignorance


Foreign favoritism

Our president you are

Our president we both are

Ghanaianly unGhanaian!




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