The Top 10 Barclays Premier League Richest Owners


Clubs have been able to attract expensive, foreign talents due to the money available to them to spend. Whilst this is partly down to the unrivalled television deals signed by the league, it also owes to the investment of incredibly wealthy individuals. These individuals become involved with football clubs; either through love of the club, investment or to massage their own ego.

With 20 teams in the Premier League, there are a number of billionaire owners. However this list will just compile the 10 richest owners in Premier League football.


10) Mike Ashley – Newcastle United – £1.7 Billion

Owner of Sports Direct, Ashley took 100% control of Newcastle in July 2007 for £134million. Ashley was initially criticised in the media for taking control of the club without carrying out the necessary due diligence, for example he was unaware that the club had taken payment from sponsors Northern Rock upfront, as well as huge debts from the previous regime.
Whilst initially popular with supporters, Ashley has been an unpopular figure at the club ever since his meddling resulted in the resignation of Geordie hero Kevin Keegan and the club’s relegation to the Championship. Though they returned as champions at the first attempt Ashley has since periodically attempted to sell the club to no avail.


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