Politically Incorrect

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Others were born women

And others men

Others were born with a look so stern

And others were yet still born for us to yearn

We were born politicians

Lord of the rings

Rings of kings

Kings with rings

Kings who ring the things that cause the commoner to think

Our foolery, your comic relief

Your vote, our economic relief

Our power is yours

But your choice, we are the source

We both bow to the figure on the cross

Sabbath, Christmas


We want your sympathy of course

Forget your thoughts

Vote with your stomach

A dime for your thoughts

Our mind, your boss

Proudly politician

You insult us

But for a while

We deprive you of your amenities

But for a lifetime

Tit for tat


Your thoughts are ours

We buy it with our powers

Originally your powers

Yet your weakness

We both are corrupt

If you’re not, then we are not

Our embezzlement, your sanctuary’s bountiful offertories

Our misappropriation, your funeral’s pledges

Hedge of pledge

Family ties, nostalgia ties

Insatiable demands

A multitude of hands

Demands that can only be met by the creator’s hands


Complementary fellows we both are

The giver and receiver

If we’re guilty, you are guilty too

If you’re innocent, we all are too

You dream well of an utopian society

Meanwhile, you always pose as the needy

And we pose as those with plenty

After all, it’s your money

Until you think of being independent

Your wealth

Always will be at our mercy!




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