A-Plus & Maurice Ampaw to appear in court today

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If all things fall in place, then November 3, 2014 should be tagged in the entertainment calendar, as the day the industry took over the courts.

Apart from Shatta Wale and Charter- House, who are said to Re-Appear in Court on November 3, 2014, musician A-Plus and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw are also scheduled to appear in court the same day.

Lawyer Ampaw have sued A-Plus for defamation to a fee of GH 1 million , insisting that the musician will definitely appear in court on November 3 to defend himself over defamation charges , although , the bailiff is yet to serve the musician with the writ.

According to the lawyer, he has not been able to locate the musician though the writ has leaked online. “The bailiff tried to reach him on several occasions but anytime you call his line, either it is off or he answers and give excuses,’ he hinted.


He told Razz Newspaper Reporter that “Even after the court writ, when you visit A-Plus’s page on face book, you will realize that, each day, he goes online to insult me and call me dumb etc, the most recent on his page reads: if a blind man threatens to throw a stone at you, he knows what he is talking about. After running to a lawyer at Adabraka on countless occasions asking him to beg lawyers who have threatened to sue you for various reasons, after crying like a baby begging snot to be sued on this same Castro issue you take me to court for saying you are DUMB. If you were not DUMB you will know that the Lawyer at Adabraka, the same person who has been begging for you, the same person who arranged the Okay FM interview for you is a man I worked with at ITC for 5 years…… As for Maurice Ampaw I got him in check like my daughter. ?#?DUMBASS’.

According To Lawyer Ampaw, he cannot allow the musician to continue to malign him on social media, therefore, he will go to court November 3 to request for a restraining order against the musician.

In a Separate Chat with A-plus, he stated that, he has not been called by Lawyer Maurice Ampaw and that, he A-plus is even searching for his (Ampaw) number to call him and malign him more.




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