The difference between Mahama and Akufo Addo is just their age

No wonder Mahama really campaigned on the strength of his age because it appears both Mahama and Akufo-Addo are the same just that the former is quite younger than the latter.

Under Mahama’s administration, I thought it was going to be my first time witnessing a coup d’etat just as he did when he was 2 years old.

Because everything which calls for a coup was clearly shown in his administration. What frustrated me the most dumsor and even though his government was like; they were the only to have added more kilowatts or whatever to the national grid compared to the previous governments.

And so how come our lights kept going off and aside the normal school timetable students need to have, an entire nation in abundance of resources also had a timetable just for the sake of offing their lights?

Amidst all of these, the then President was promising us heaven. The president who once promised not to promise.

There came elections and as my earlier expectation was for his overthrow through a coup. My prayers were obviously not answered but at the end of the day, there was a change in government. All change be change whether through coup or ballot.

There comes the man himself, the man who refused to give up after several unsuccessful attempts in to become president. I guess God answered his prayers this time around and it looked like God Himself has come to Ghana to relief us from ‘Pharoah’.

But did things really change that much? Let me put it in the right context, has things really changed that much? Nana Addo disgraced the entire nation in his first day in office as his speech seem stolen without giving credit where it was due.

As usual, party folks were all over radio stations blowing louder than the elephant they follow.

There came the 110 ministers. That was the most outrageous thing ever. Assuming these ministers forgo their salaries, has one considered the cost of the V8 they use and the fuel that move those cars? A V8 can buy 8 incubators for our hospitals but that’s what we have those weeds of leaders riding in with their motorcade.

When one obviously votes for nonsense, its nonsense he gets.

Mahama’s four years and Akufo Addo’s almost two years are all the same. Nothing shows Akufo Addo will do something different. It’s all about the differences in how much one chopped and they will be there shouting.

The Promising President and King Promise are all the same just that one believes he is younger than the other even though they all have the same archaic ideas.

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