List of the Richest Banks in Ghana

However, the wealth of a bank is categorized according to the assets that the bank in question possesses. In view of the recent shock following the takeover of two top banks in Ghana namely UT Bank and Capital Bank, YEN Editors did a little digging and we present to you the richest banks that are in operation in Ghana according to the assets they possess.

10. Universal Merchant Bank Ghana Limited

It was previously known as Merchant Bank before it took up its new name. The bank is known to have over 21 branches nationwide. The bank is believed to posses assets to the tune of GHc 806.548 million.

9. National Investment Bank The investment bank is known to be GHc 879 million rich in assets. The bank is known to have some 25 branches spread throughout the country.

8. Fidelity Bank Ghana Established in 2006 and licensed as a commercial bank in Ghana, Fidelity Bank has grown strategically to possess assets worth GHc 1.031 billion.

7. SG-SSB Limited SG-SSB boasts of about 45 branches all over the country. Its assets are worth some GHc 1.088 billion. The bank is a subsidiary of Societe Generale Group.

6. UniBank Ghana The bank’s asset is approximately GHc 1.3 billion. UniBank Ghana has been operating since 1997 and also listed as a commercial bank in Ghana.

5. Agricultural Development Bank The bank was established in 1965 and is GHc 1.455 billion rich in assets. Like the name suggests, ADB was established to help boost the agric-based economy. Agricultural Development Bank is a state-owned bank which is listed as a development and commercial bank.

4. Barclays Bank of Ghana Barclays Bank of Ghana is the franchise of the bank headquarted in the UK. Barclays Bank is one of the oldest banks in the country having been present in Ghana for more than 90 years. The bank has total assets of approximately GHc 1.906 billion. It also has some 60 branches nationwide.

3. Zenith Bank Ghana Zenith Bank is a privately owned bank from Nigeria which was established in 2005. in the country. The bank has assets in total of GHc 1.921 billion.

2. Ecobank Ghana Ecobank Ghana has assets of around GHc 2.132 billion and customer deposits of more than GHc 1.608 billion. The bank boast of about 53 branches all over Ghana.

1. Ghana Commercial Bank Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) is the richest bank in Ghana by assets commanding a whooping GHc 2.463 billion in assets. The bank recently took over the management and operation of UT Bank and Capital Bank.




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