The Top 10 Biggest and Longest Limousines in World History

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How will you know that a celebrity is approaching during a red-carpet premiere? When a limousine’s in view. That’s how stars make an elegant entrance—stepping out from a stretch limo and getting down to a crowd of reporters and fans. Limos make the scene even more brighter for them, and the luxurious feel these cars give make them even more like a star.

It’s hard to explain how limousines got the tag of being the most luxurious cars, but back when it was first introduced in 1902, they didn’t actually carry that description by default. They were designed like such so the driver can drive outside under a covered compartment. It was named after the region Limousin where shepherds wore a cloak with a raised hood that looked like the covered compartment of the first limos.


Limousines are also especially designed so the chauffeur couldn’t hear what the passengers are talking about—a good way to keep some private matters really private. Everyone knows limousines do not take the usual car size. As their name suggests, they are “stretched,” though they are originally just a sedan. But this list is not probably a common knowledge, because in here, we named the ten of the biggest limousines of all time. Time to know what are the most stretched stretch limousines in world history.

10. Corvette Limousine

Stretched seven meters long, this is the longest Corvette limousine. Just like any other luxurious limo, it has inside it a disco bar, fireplace, stuff to play music with, and many more. It took its makers eight months to complete it.

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