John! Purely a joke

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In Ghana, there are many people who are named John. We can name Footballers, like John Mensah, John Paintsil and actors like John Dumelo as well as a host of others popular people. We are deeply religious and the name John has a religious connotation to us. We have John the Baptist and John the revelator.

Interestingly we have had four Johns as presidents of Ghana in the fourth republic: Jerry John Rawlings who was the elected twice in office and stood aside for an election. His was a significant and pivotal action considering the history of the region we find our selves.Then we can mention John Agyekum Kufuor who was also a president of the republic of Ghana for eight years and did a great job, I mean his best to get us into and out of HIPC and push us into a lower middle income country. We can also mention President John Evans Atta Mill ( Asomdwee Hene as he was popularly known) may his soul rest in perfect peace. Then our current president, John Dramani Mahama, the man many popularly call King of dumso.


So on a serious note, the name John is very is very prominent and cherished in Ghana, you would guess right than a lot of people are bound to name their children John. But the truth is there is no motivation to name a child John or after any of these past presidents, well per my own experience and people I have met. We have not actually had much progress in the twenty two years of having Johns as presidents. In-fact, all these Johns have not been as helpful in developing Ghana as we all expected. They can be quite graded on the same level, we after all they are all Johns any ways. Hahaha!

On the other side of the John name in Ghana is that, the name John can also be used as an insult. When someone call you, John! it literary means you are an idiot or a fool. So on the lighter side of events we have actually take pride in having a John! as president. To me there is very little reason to complain. We should actually be quite and allow another John’s rule. So, how do you feel about having 4 Johns! as president in the fourth republic. He he he.. do we actually need to rethink, cos I guess these bunch of Johns have not really been of lot of help, have they? Well, I don’t have to tell you, you can observe we have developed thus much with their presidency.

We as a people will go to the polls again, and the obvious truth is that either the NPP or NDC will win, but what different about this election is that Ghanaians will compare which John’s administration chopped less and then vote for.
Don’t take it too personal… it just a joke…. Hahaha!




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