Idi Amin’s Letter to Queen Elizabeth can Kill you with Laughter

“My majesty Mr. Queen Sir, horrible ministers and members of parliament, invented Guests, ladies under gentlemen. I hereby thank you completely… Mr. Queen, sir; and also what he has done for me and my fellow Uganda who come with me.

We have really eaten very much. And we are fed up completely:And also very thanks to you keenly open up from all windows: so that those plenty climates can come into lunch. But before I go back to my country with a plane from the Entebbe airport of London I wish to invitation you Mr. Queen, to become home to Uganda so that we can also revenge on you .
You will eat a full cow:and also feel up your stomach and walk with difficult because of full stomach completely. Even when you want to rest at night; I will make sure that you sleep on top of me in the top up stairs of my mansion completely so that you can enjoy all the gravity of fresh air.

If I leave the presidency my predecessor will rule for life.

“But now am sorry because I have to tell you that I have made a shortcall on you only. But next time I shall make a long call on you to last the whole moon completely. Thank you very much to allow me to undress you completely before these extinguished ladies undergentlemen sir.

Lastly but not list, I ask the band to play our international anthem of the republic of Uganda and also the British international anthem. Your majesty sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the bottoms of all the people of Uganda.
Below are his favourite quotes
1. “I am not a politician but a professional
soldier. I am, therefore, a man of few
words and I have been brief through my
professional career.”
2. If we knew the meaning to
everything that is happening to
us, then there would be no
3. In any country there must be
people who have to die. They
are the sacrifices any nation has
to make to achieve law and
4. I am the hero of Africa
5. My mission is to lead the country
out of a bad situation of
corruption, depression and
slavery. After I rid the country of
these vices, I will then organize
and supervise a general election
of a genuinely democratic civilian
6. Politics is like boxing — you try to
knock out your opponents.
7. I’m a good Muslim and I’m only
interested in Islam
8. I myself consider myself the most
powerful figure in the world
9. Although some people felt Adolf
Hitler was bad, he was a great
man and a real conqueror whose
name would never be forgotten
10. You cannot run faster than a

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  1. Ugandans had problems by then? but things have to happen be they are supposed to keep history?

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