I Killed my Mother for Sakawa and Since then Her Ghost has been Hunting ME – Sakawa Boy Confesses on Valentine’s Day


A young man in his early 20s who is popularly known on facebook as ‘Million Bills’ shockingly revealed how he heartlessly sacrificed his mother to get rich.

The young millionaire who became rich overnight said killing his mother was his greatest mistake and now her ghost has been hunting him everywhere.


“I can’t enjoy my money anymore. I wanted to sacrifice my father because he cared less about us but my mother appeared and I had to kill her. Killing her was the biggest mistake I made and I know God will never forgive me. Her ghost has been disturbing me since last year and I have tried all I could to chain her but all to no avail. I’m going crazy. I am sorry mum, I was only trying to help. I didn’t know it will turn out to be you” he posted on facebook.

Million Bills as he is popularly known owns three houses in Accra and 11 cars of which 8 are imported.


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