Ghanaian Pastors who Seem to be Fake

Jesus Christ warned his disciples to be wary of false prophets who he said would attempt to deceive them in the end times.

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves,” he said.

This warning from has Christ has caused many Ghanaians to view certain pastors with cynicism and suspicion.

Here are some Ghanaian pastors who have been described as fake by a section of the Ghanaian public.

1. Bishop Daniel Obinim

The founder of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has been accused of being a fake in view of some actions of his which have been deemed ungodly.

They include sleeping with his junior pastor’s wife, beating up a radio presenter and claiming to possess the ability to spiritually transform into a snake and bite people.

Obinim has also told his congregation that he is an angel from heaven.

2. Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah

The founder and leader of the Glorious Word and Power Ministry is notorious for prophesying the deaths of popular figures in the country.

Owusu Bempah’s prophecies are often seen as distasteful by a section of the public, prompting questions as whether he is a real man of God. He also get into fights with his fellow pastors from time to time, exchanging insults with them.

3.Opambour (Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom)

The founder and leader of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre at Ahenema in Kumasi is another pastor who has been described as fake by some Ghanaians.

Opambour constantly gets into confrontations with other pastors and makes claims such as having raised people from the dead.

An audio of him insulting a presenter of Accra-based Adom FM, Adjoa Yeboa Asuama, emerged last year.

In that audio, he said his wife’s butt was nicer than the presenter’s face, sparking outrage in a section of the public.

4. Kumchacha

Pastor Nicholas Osei, popularly known as ‘Kum Chacha,’ the founder and leader of Heaven Gate Chapel, has also been described as a fake man of God.

He uses vulgar language and resorts to insults when preaching. His conduct prompted former president Rawlings to call him a false prophet.

“Many too often as we watch our TVs, I don’t think we are putting enough efforts into showcasing some of these cultural, traditional festivals – the activities that are going on around the countryside – and yet so much time is spent giving airtime, precious airtime to people like these two prophets I’ve been talking about of late: the one in Tema, called Obinim, and the other one called Kumchacha,” Rawlings said in an interview.

5. Rev. Chris Asante a.k.a Abruku Abruka

The founder of the Testimony House Chapel sells what he calls solution water to members of the public, claiming that the water can work miracles such as put money in people’s bank account, clear their bank debts and find them employment.

He says all they have to do is write a note of their problems on a sheet of paper and place it under the container.

His claims have prompted some members of the public to call him a fraud.

6. Pastor Boateng a.k.a Apae Live

Ghanaian pastors who have been called fake

Apae live, the general overseer of the Great Light Worship Center, has been criticised for performing what has been called outlandish miracles.

He once claimed he had made a barren woman instantly pregnant on live television.




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