Ghanaian Musicians and how much they Charge For a SHOW


In Ghana, there is of course of no doubt musicians seem to make more headlines than galamsey issues. They control the masses and of course the airwaves. But have you for once thought of  how much it will cost you in order to book  your favourite musician for your birthday party or naming ceremony? Hahaha! I do believe it wouldn’t much issue for you if you have these figure.


Opidi Pon Pidi takes nothing less than one hundred and figty Ghana. He was recently in the news for rejecting one hundred and thirty thousand Ghana from Bola and Empire Entertainment to perform at the Ghana Meets Naija show. He rejected Ghana Music Awards 90,000 Ghana cedis some few years back as well. That’s the man Sarkodie. He has his principles and it’s something you must oblige if you want him on your stage.


This is a guy who released close to 100 tracks last two years with just two hits but it appears things seem to have turned around. With most of his tracks banging on the radios and all over, you need to improve your offer when you need him to perform for you.This was a guy who would had cost you less than 300 cedis in 2006 but now levels ‘don change’. Nothing less than one hundred and fifty thousand cedis.


This is one musician who seem to have more divorces than hit songs charges not less than sixty thousand cedis.

R2BESS GH₵60,000

Please don’t ask me where they are because I don’t know myself but in case you want them for your show, don’t go with less than sixty thousand.

E.L GH₵50,000

One of Ghana’s finest rappers also takes nothing less than fifty thousand Ghana cedis.


EDEM GH₵45,000

The Volta Regime kingpin wouldn’t also you nothing less than fifty thousand cedis.

SAMINI GH₵40,000

One of the old legendary musicians who refuses to grow old is also on the chart with nothing less than forty thousand cedis.

EFYA GH₵35,000

The E-F-Y-A Madam is also there and of course with her soothing voice and sweet melodies, I do believe coughing out a little over thirty thousand cedis for her to be on your stage isn’t that much.

MzVEE GH₵30,000

The I’m a Natural Girl also charges thirty thousand cedis ‘only’ for her services.

Guru GH₵30,000

This is my main man. He has more hit tracks than awards. Guru is the name. For his services, thirty thousand should be on the table. That I do believe he wouldn’t resist but instead be on your stage to move the crowd for you.

MR EAZI GH₵20,000

In case you should find him on any stage smiling and dancing with great joy and moving the crowd along, don’t be surprised for there is a more likelihood of twenty thousand sitting in his bank account for that.

JOEY B GH₵15,000

Joey B takes fifteen thousand cedis but I don’t know whether that has change. I’m sure he has reviewed it a bit downwards.


Jupiter is yet one stunning musician who someone miss of late but when you want him for a show, there you have it, with just GH₵15,000 you’re good to go.


The Fante Van Damme and the Aye Late Hitmaker will just cost you GH₵10,000 only.


You don’t even need to call him and find out how much he is likely to cost you. He clearly stated it in his Confirm Remix track. 10k with four rooms reserved as well.


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