Ghana Secondary Schools with the most Beautifully Designed Uniforms


Ghana has over 470 senior high schools, spread across the 10 regions in the country. For years, each region has boasted of which school has the most brilliant students, best school spirit, most beautiful compounds and even the most involved alumni.

These are the high schools (that we think) have the best school uniforms. Starting with the third-place participants in this year’s’ National Science and Math Quiz, the Adisadel College’s crisp Black and White striped uniforms is a top design.

Adisadel College

Ahantaman Girls’ Secondary School

A look at Ahantaman’s uniform is really great and of course makes the cut of secondary schools with some really nice uniforms. Their black and white is really a centre of attention when the ladies adorn it.


Ghana National College

While this is not typically their uniform, National’s ‘House’ wear is colorful pretty design.

Wesley Girls SHS

Also another favorite, this elite girls high school also has a very charming school uniform. The yellow and green with the little green tie is such a classic design.

St. Mary’s Girls SHS

‘Merries’ as they are popularly known, their blue and white striped uniform is easily recognizable anywhere.

St. Mary’s Boys SHS

Just like their girls who can be found in Accra, the boys school located in Takoradi also do have some really beautifully designed uniforms as well.

St. Roses Girls’ Senior High School

The list wouldn’t be complete without the St. Roses ladies.


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