Many Ghanaians have been left disappointed in Ghana as it’s evident the in the Twitter trends of the country. The disappointment spun out from the fact that Dortmund failed to lift the Bundesliga trophy during the last day of the league.

With all odds favouring them, many were very much optimistic that Dortmund was going to lift the trophy breaking the dominance of Bayern Munich but things didn’t go according to plan as within less than 20 minutes a goal from the foot of Andreas saw the Dortmund’s dream dwindling.

Their match was between Mainz who simply had nothing to lose. It wasn’t battling relegation neither was it battling for European football but yet still scored the first two goals at Dormund’s home ground with the third goal being disallowed amid the saddening faces of the home supporters.

The match ended in a 2-2 draw but that wasn’t enough for Dortmund to clinch unto the title even though both Dortmund and Bayern ended on the same point with goals separating both teams.

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