Ciru Muriuki has confirmed she has been sacked from BBC and so she has to somehow downgrade her lifestyle after getting fired from BBC.

According to her, the international media had alerted the whole company about restructuring which meant that some people would lose jobs.

“I was laid off, in other words, I was retrenched. I was working at this large international media for almost five years and last year they let the larger staff know they wanted to take a different direction and wanted to do a digital-first approach. And as a result, some roles would be made redundant. Right now, I am an underemployed journalist,” she said.

She said she decided to share the life update to discredit those who attach shame to losing jobs.

Ciru noted that there were people she knew who have never been employed and were doing well and others who lost jobs and jumped into self-employment.

“There is life after losing your full-time employment. I have gotten retrenchment and I am now throwing myself fully into content creation and I hope to thrive there as well,” she said.

Ciru Muriuki next plans

The ex-BBC journalist noted that she has had to make changes in life as there were things she would buy without thinking twice that she now has to consider.

“I have had a regular paycheck for the better part of the decade and this is kind of like a shock to the system. I have had to make adjustments to my lifestyle. There are things that I could do without thinking before that I have to put some thought into now,” she added.

She gave an example like she’s lost weight and needs new clothes but cannot go shopping in the same places she used to shop because now she has to think about where her money is going.

Ciru added that losing her job has awakened her to the many opportunities that are available and said being employed made her comfortable.

“Having a regular paycheck made me settle in a little comfort zone and I stopped thinking outside the box because I was like ‘si I’m financially secure’ and so you kind of become intellectually lazy,” she added

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