The Richest Beggar in the World

The Richest Indian or Richest Man on the planet are no more a news, however the Richest beggar of Mumbai could be the breaking news, the people of Mumbai are on the fast track they don’t have time to breath, hence they chose to do the street charities by paying beggars.

Meet this man “Bharat Jain” who begs in the streets of Mumbai.

He can often be  seen begging at Azad Maidan or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. He makes earning of $40 in just around 8 to 10 hours of a day. Which is a whooping $1,200 a Month. So apparently his income is more than average salary of Chief Minister in India.

Another surprising factor is that Bharat Jain  also owns a two adjacent 1 BHK apartments in Parel which is worth $120,000.

That is not all, besides the apartment he also owns a shop at Bhandup which has been rented out to a juice shop. Guess what, the rent he earns out of this shop is $150 / Month.

He’s married and has two sons who are  studying in class X and class XII. His father and brother also  lives with him in his apartment.

Yet next time when you spare few change to a beggar, recall that he may be wealthier than you!


28-year-old Kuwaiti Man marries 4 Women on the Same Day

The internet went crazy after photos of a young Kuwaiti man tying the knot with four women at the same went viral. It is being said that the much-married groom did this because he wanted to spite his ex-wife.
The pictures of the man clad in traditional Arab robes and headgear posing with four young beautiful women in white gowns led many people to comment about how envious they were of him on social media. There were also some who expressed shock and anger at the man’s antics.
However, some social media users claimed that the four women in the photos could be models who were simply displaying bridal designs or taking part in a fun creative video at the wedding party, reports ScoopEmpire.

Click on the link below to view the video:

Man Dies Trying To Romance a Cobra For Selfie

A misguided soul’s attempt at romance ended in tragedy as he took things too far.

The man who was a ‘wildlife conservationist) was in the business of rescuing animals including snakes.
He had been contracted to extract a poisonous cobra which had slithered into one of the private cars near a housing complex.
After a successful extraction he took the snake to check for any injuries but the snake was in a defensive mode.

earlier conquests

After he tried to take a selfie with the cobra it aimed straight for his chest and struck. As he bled onlookers rushed to the scene and tried to resuscitate him but it was too late as the venom was too potent and the snake had also struck several times. According to eyewitnesses he took it a notch too far and tried to ki_ss the snake on the mouth.

“We’re sad to lose such a young man who was full of life and was doing a good job with the animals. However I think it’s also important to realize that in spite of the attempt to tame wild animals they still remain wild and dangerous. They always act out of defense, that is how they survive” a park ranger who was present at the funeral said.

A fellow snake rescuer, who didn’t want to be named, said: “Somnath had gone to rescue a snake from a car at central business district Belapur.

Queen Elizabeth II Becomes the only British monarch to Rule for 65 Years

Queen Elizabeth II reached another milestone on Monday when she became the only British monarch in history to celebrate a sapphire anniversary, marking 65 years on the throne.

The Queen spent the day at Sandringham in Norfolk, in line with her tradition of spending Accession Day, the anniversary of the day she became monarch, in private.

Since 2015, the Queen has been Britain’s longest serving monarch, having then overtaken Queen Victoria’s long reign.

Prime Minister Theresa May paid tribute to the Queen in a statement issued by 10 Downing Street: “It is a testament to her selfless devotion to the nation that she is not marking becoming the first monarch to reign for 65 years with any special celebration, but instead getting on with the job to which she has dedicated her life.”

“She has truly been an inspiration to all of us and I am proud, on behalf of the nation, to offer our humble thanks and congratulations on celebrating her Sapphire Jubilee.”

This year, Queen Elizabeth II will be 91 and is scaling down her activities by having her grandchildren Prince William and Prince Harry undertake more royal duties. But she has shown no signs of retiring as Britain’s ruling monarch.


More than 10,000 Saudi Women Receive Mobile Phone Repairing Training

RIYADH, Feb. 6 (Xinhua) — More than 10,000 Saudi women have received mobile phone repairing training to improve the employment chances of females, Al Riyadh local newspaper reported on Monday.

The free training was provided by the Technical and Vocational Training Cooperation to 10,769 female students studying at 19 collages in different part of the country.

The spokesperson of the cooperation, Fahad Al Otaibi, said that the training is part of a plan to localize jobs in the communication sector.

The cooperation also offers training on sales, consumer services and advanced repairing of smart phones.

He said that the trained women are able to work at mobile phone shops after gaining the basic skills for such job, and they can also obtain licenses to start their own businesses.

Saudi Arabia has been taking many steps to open new opportunities for recruiting women, including the distance work scheme that allows women to work from home.

Meanwhile, local news reported late last year that two ministries are negotiating the formation of women-only information technology firm to open up new sectors for female jobseekers.

10 Reasons Why Intelligent People Never Achieve Success

A few decades ago, most people believed that there was a simple formula to success; the higher your IQ, the more successful you were. This turned out to be wrong. Further studies discovered numerous factors that predicted success, including willpower and emotional intelligence (EQ). These other factors are still under-emphasized to this day.

Here are 10 reasons why intelligent people underperform:

1. They Over-Analyze

Intelligence actually works as a stumbling block for social interactions. The smarter you are, the more capable you are to over-prepare and over-analyze. Dumb people actually have an advantage because they aren’t even aware of the consequences.

They just go in and talk to people. This lets them stay relaxed and confident, which improve their results. So how do you solve this? Take one piece of social skills advice at a time. Focus on just improving executing on it because it avoids information overwhelm.

“We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap.” – Anthony Hopkins

2. They Rely Too Much On Intelligence

Many smart people end up using their intelligence as a crutch. They reason, “I will just get smarter rather than work on my weaknesses.” While it’s sometimes better to double down on your strengths, avoiding glaring weaknesses can keep you from improving.

For example, you can end up never improving your social skills. This leads to severely off-putting lack of social intelligence that destroys earning opportunities. This is a mistake because no matter what job you have, you will be interacting with people.

3. They Have An Ego

Have you ever heard someone say a certain sport is the best just because they play it? Similarly, you can defend intelligence as the only key to success simply because it’s all you have. Yet many people are smart and not rich. How come?

Ego overpowers reality. Realize that other factors, like willpower, fitness, and EQ are worth improving. Find someone who is just like you. What advice you would give him? I did this with a man who clearly needed to go to the gym. It turns out I need to do the same.

4. They Put Theory Over Practice

Book smarts are great, but the real word is different. In the book Willpower Instinct, the author, a Stanford professor, discovered that her scientific theories didn’t always work in practice with students. Over time, she discovered factors that the scientific process hadn’t accounted for, which allowed her to shape her teachings better.

5. They’re Scared of Change

The world’s top CEOs have expressed the importance of embracing change. This includes Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, Jack Welch, CEO of GE, and Charles Koch, founder of Koch Industries.

Change is important because if you don’t keep innovating, your competitors will catch up with you. You always have to stay vigilant. Most of us grew up in a risk-averse culture. Rather than taking calculated risks that are worth it, they avoid all risks.

6. They Avoid Mistakes

The psychologist and world-famous TED speaker, Carol Dweck, wrote a book recommended by Bill Gates called Mindset: the Psychology of Success.

In the book, she discovered that unsuccessful people had something called a fixed mindset. These people believed that they could never improve and didn’t see mistakes as learning lessons. Do the opposite and you’ll start winning.

7. They Have an Entitlement Attitude

A top pattern I’ve seen among high achievers is that they never complain and never act like they deserve anything. They work for it. Among average people, the opposite is true. They feel entitled to all sorts of things from food to shelter to tuition.

Try to not complain about anything for 7 days. Ask yourself “How can I get this?” instead of just thinking, “I can’t get this.”

8. They’re Tempted By Too Many Goals

In the modern world, there are plenty of shiny objects to chase after. You can fear missing out on something if you have to focus on something else. But this is wrong.

Here’s a story to illustrate. Once upon a time, there was a donkey. He couldn’t decide whether to eat some hay or drink some water. He was stuck in the middle between them, paralyzed with what to do. He ended up starving to death.

If he had just focused on going to one first, he would have found that he had plenty of time later to go to the other one. You must do the same in life. Focus on one thing for a few years. You have decades to spend.

“To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.” – A.P.J Abdul Kalam

9. They Lack Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

One of the key discoveries of the recent century was EQ. It doesn’t have to do with numbers and math. It’s about how well you can recognize the emotions of others (and yourself) to better navigate situations.

What’s great about EQ is that it is learnable, unlike IQ. Even to this day, EQ is swept under the rug. Most people don’t bother to improve it and fail to achieve their potential in the areas EQ impacts, like wealth and relationships.

10. They Lack Social Intelligence

Similar to EQ, social intelligence is about effectively navigating social interactions and conversation. IQ is still over-emphasized in the modern world and social intelligence is just acknowledged as something that is there, which can’t be improved.

But the opposite is true. Social intelligence is critical to most of our lives. We are navigating with people all the time. This doesn’t mean that you have to become an extrovert. There are socially skilled introverts as well as shy extroverts.

You can improve it. Put yourself in more social situations in your career or free time. Join an improv class or get a job with more social interactions, like a salesman or waiter. Reflect on how you could have done better everyday and you will improve over time.

Which one of these are you currently guilty of? How are you going to improve it? Leave your thoughts below!


Bill Gates to Become world’s first Trillionaire in 25 years time

According to a report from Oxfam, Bill Gates could become the world’s first trillionaire in the next 25 years thanks to the exponential growth of existing wealth.

By that time, the 61-year-old Microsoft founder will be the spritely young age of 86.

And ‘despite his commendable attempts to give [his money] away through his foundation’, Gates’s net worth increased by $25billion (£20billion) in the decade after he left the company. So in 2016, his net worth stood at $75billion (£60billion).

So, in order to estimate how much he’ll be worth in a few years, researchers applied the average rate of growth that the ultra-rich have been enjoying – 11% since 2009 – to Gates’s current level of wealth, which is more than $84billion (£67.2billion).

‘In such an environment, if you are already rich, you have to try hard not to keep getting a lot richer,’ the report says. However, this isn’t necessarily a good thing – and despite Gates’s charitable deeds, it does highlight a growing problem of major wealth inequality.

According to Oxfam’s ‘An Economy for the 99%’, just eight of the world’s billionaires have as much money as the 3.6billion people who make up the poorest half of the globe’s population. ‘As growth benefits the richest, the rest of society – especially the poorest – suffers,’ the report warns.

‘The very design of our economies and the principles of our economics have taken us to this extreme, unsustainable and unjust point.

‘Our economy must stop excessively rewarding those at the top and start working for all people.’

One Photo And Just A Few Words: How Completely Did Beyoncé Dominate The Internet?

In the first 45 minutes after it was posted, it had generated half a million tweets, topping out at 17,000 a minute. There have been, at the time of writing, at least 2,679 (now 2,680) news articles cumulatively written in less than a day about it — 840 of those written within an hour of its appearance, at 1:39 p.m. ET.

It generated an analysis of the art-historical provenance of her set design:

“Since the medieval period, the Virgin Mary has often been depicted wearing shades of blue, a color used to signify virtue and authority. The bright, cerulean blue background reinforces this association and might even take it a step further.”

(Nevermind that there was, it turns out, an entire photo shoot, with disparate visual influences, titled “I Have Three Hearts” which was published on her website right after the post. Also worth noting, buried in the source of that photo album landing page, is that its programmers included a reference to Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious” in their code, including the lines “var isReadyForTheJelly” and “jQuery(isReadyForTheJelly());“).

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement — which didn’t use the word “pregnant” in any variation, not to mention the words “baby,” “twins,” “announcement,” “impending” or any of the other words that often accompany announcements like this — became, within a day, the most-liked Instagram post of all time, with 8.74 million hearts as of this writing. She clearly paid attention to Hootsuite’s social media tips. The post has already soundly trounced the previous most-liked Instagram, a sponsored post by Selena Gomez, by some two million. It was, as everything Beyoncé does, power displayed and channeled, her working inwards for the benefit of the outside (and for her, too). That so many voiced some version of “finally some good news” bolsters the notion.

A comparison, via Google Trends, shows that power strikingly — even at a time of deep political turmoil sucking up most of the air on media both mainstream and social.

At least for a few hours. Beyoncé has in fact — and as Instagram was happy to point out to NPR — used the photo-sharing platform to announce her recent projects including Lemonade and her Formation tour and, now, the incubation of two babies at the same time. (Instagram did not respond to requests for specific data points on yesterday’s post, nor whether Beyoncé had signed a particular deal with the service to secure those announcements.)

Her mastery of her image and her confidence in the power of it has been supported time and time again by the public’s consumption of it. What’s next? Some down time? Before that, though: Headlining Coachella in April, with a couple of prominent but unnamed special guests? Maybe.

Live Cockroach Removed From Woman’s Skull After She Felt It ‘Crawling’

Excuse me for a second, would you? *Screams for 16 hours straight.* Okay, now that that’s out of the way… A doctor in India removed a fully grown cockroach out of a 42-year-old woman’s skull. And it was still alive.

Personally, I can’t wait to be in that moment between awake and blissful sleep when I think: Oh, my God. My skull just twitched a little? MY HEAD IS FULL OF COCKROACHES.

The woman originally complained about a “tingling, crawling” sensation to the doctor, who then found the bug between her eyes and close to her brain at the “skull base.” It took 45 minutes to remove, and yeah, of course there’s video.

Dr. M. N. Shankar, the head ear, nose and throat physician said this was the first case of a living insect inside a skull that he’s witnessed in his three decades of practice. He wants you to believe a bug in your head is rare.

The 5 Most Technologically Advanced Countries

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Many nations worldwide have used technology to enhance the quality of life of their people.

Here are the 5 most technologically advanced countries in the world as of 2015.

5) Germany

Germany has been a high-tech nation for decades. It is well-known for its achievements in the field of engineering. German research scientists have contributed in fields like space travel and nanotechnology. R&D efforts are an integral part of the German economy. Scientific research in the country is supported by the industry. Germany is the home of many research organizations like Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Scientific community, Fraunhofer Society and Max Planck Society. Germany’s automotive technology is outstanding with big brands like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche.

4) Israel

Around 35 percent of Israel’s exports are technology-related. Israel is one among the top five in space science. It is also known for its innovations in the defense industry. Israel developed the first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with real-time surveillance. This amazing nation is among the few nations in the world that have modern electric car infrastructure. You will find a well-maintained network of recharging stations all over Israel.

3) South Korea

South Korea is the birthplace of technology companies like LG, Hyundai and Samsung. These brands are competing with global technology brands like Apple and Toyota. South Korean scientists have made significant contributions in fields like robotics. The average internet speed in South Korea is thrice that in the US.

2) United States

The advances in space technology have played a significant role in making the United States of America a global superpower. From the atomic bomb to landing Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Space exploration, pharmaceuticals, defense system and telecommunications have been United States’ main focus for many decades. This nation has the most powerful and technologically advanced military in the world. This nation has produced the world’s biggest technology companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, IBM and Microsoft. These technology behemoths have changed the way people live worldwide.

1) Japan

Japan is well-known for its scientific research. Research scientists of Japan have made immense contributions in various fields like automobiles, electronics, machinery, earthquake engineering, optics, industrial robotics, metals and semi-conductors. The nation has been looking to become less dependant on imported fuel since 1973. Its efforts bore fruit in 2008, when it inaugurated seven nuclear reactors. Nuclear reactors supply around 34 percent of the nation’s electricity. Japanese researchers have won many Nobel Prizes.


It is definitely worth emulating the way the above-mentioned nations have used technology for the good of their people.