What About Our Own? – Poem

What About Our Own?

I keep to think and ponder
What happened to our own?
Our culture, so precious with wonder
Is replaced with something unknown
We cherish theirs more than ours?
What about our own?

A person, who with us, belong
Now fits better with them
Our heritage for him is wrong
And calls our food a germ
Why? You betrayer!
What about your own?

Why in native, must you speak?
Bush boy! Bush girl! They say
Calling our herbs a reek.
And kicking our prides away
Why must we copy blindly?
Why not uphold our own?

Our norms and values as Ghanaians
Are gradually fading away
Some Akans, can’t speak Akan
Same as other people
Yet, they call it civilization
I am scared for our generation unborn.
What about our own?

Sense Billions.
Sir Ben Sam

It’s Hard But I Can Do It-Poetry


It’s Hard But I Can Do It

I see a task as heap as mountain
Great, very wide and huge
Small I stand before it panting
Looking for a place as refuge
The task seems so hard
But I can do it ?

I need to work not in vane
But how would I know the outcome
As I stand to rack my brain
The tasks scream, here we come
These tasks seem very hard
But I can do it ?

With faith I can move mountain
Why should I stand to rack my brain
I’ll do it without panting
And my effort will not be in vane
No matter how hard it is
With God, I can do it ?


Our Part To Play-Poetry

Voice out with seriousness
And gain the appetite for salvation
Yes, you and I must create awareness
If it’s the best solution
For the end time is near

Our souls are thirst and hungry
For all foods, we give to the flesh
They indeed must be angry
Let’s make them refresh
Let spread the gospel

The end time has come
This was said years ago
That’s why when your end come
You have no choice than to go
Remember, no campaign after election

Choose, now that you have life
Make hay while the sun shine
Try harder, even if through strife
Because that makes eternity very fine

Written By: Sam Benjamin
(Sense Billions)


Little Johnny Joke: Pastor’s Crazy Prayer

Little Johnny’s pastor added him on Facebook and he innocently accepted.

Two minutes later his message came in:

Pastor: How are you?

Little Johnny: I’m fine, my daddy.

Pastor: May the building of heavenly favour collapse on your head

Little Johnny: (no reply)

Pastor: May the thunder of Blessing strike you and your family.

Little Johnny: (no reply)

Pastor: May God slash you with the axe of life

Little Johnny: (no reply)

Pastor: May God stab you with the knife of riches

Little Johnny: (no reply)

Pastor: May you be sentenced to life imprisonment in the eternal jail of success

Little Johnny: (no reply)

Pastor: May the World Trade Centre of happiness collapse on you and your family

Little Johnny: (no reply)

Pastor: Are you there?

Little Johnny: Yes, my daddy

Pastor: You should be saying amen to claim the Blessings.

Little Johnny: Ok, May the over-speeding trailer of blessings jam and crush you and your family. May the earthquake of happiness swallow you and your family members. May the sea of miracles drown you and your family members in Jesus’ name.

Pastor: (no reply)

Little Johnny: You should be saying ‘Amen’ to claim these prayers

Pastor: May thunder fire you! Idiot!

If It is True-Poetry

f it is true
that the world  talks too much
If it is true

that the world sees too much
then lets all close our eyes
and see the inner vision beneath
the closed eyes

If it is true
that the world hears too much
then lets wax our ears
and listen to the chastity of
inner music that defies betrayal
by the wayward wind.

If it is true
that the world moves too much
then lets stand statuestill
and imitate the stubborn will of
that move without peripatic

For the dumb dont tell lies

For the blind cant  be peeping-toms

For the deaf cannot eavesdrop

For the crippled cant trespass

Jumping across worlds
In a condensed time
After the awkward fall
We are always at the starting point

The Hard Part-Poetry

There is no cure for this.
We seek but a comfortable
The hard part has yet to come.

Treatments cruel and mean
Sickening beyond belief.
Quality of life is the key.
The hard part has yet to come.

Young in years
A child’s face reflected in the mirror
But held within it lies
Wisdom of the most aged mind
Which takes the pain of a very evil kind.
The hard part has yet to come.

Dark and sunken eyes looking out
On things we can no longer touch.
Playgrounds now lie beyond our means
Compromised immune systems make
them but a tease.
The hard part has yet to come.

Through a mother’s eye we see
A pain that can not be put to ease
Hopeless cure less a cruel disease.
The hard part has yet to come.

Hands reaching out to grasp
That which can no longer last
Holding hugging longing to remember
That which should have been forever.
Kneeling praying asking begging
That the hard part never comes.

Alex Kenneth-Ofori

Remember Your Humble Beginning-Poetry

Remember where you started
A place where everything was scattered
In your heart, only pains chartered
And your voices in public were shattered
Remember your humble beginning

Now God has lifted you so high
But to give thanks to Him you feel shy
Let go to church, you ask, why?
Don’t forget how you used to cry
Remember your humble beginning

Always remember not to forget
For someone helped you to get
But now your actions really hurt
Even with your so called etiquette
Remember Your Humble Beginning

Written by Sam Benjamin-Sense Billions

Little Johnny Joke: The Best of Little Johnny

The Best of Little Johnny

Pastor Little Johnny was caught by his church members in a bar drinking a bottle of chilled Star Beer.

Member: Haabaa! Pastor Little, you should be drinking malt, Fanta or coke, not Star, that is a beer. You’re not doing what you preach.
Pastor Little Johnny: Shatttap jooo. Where was malt, Fanta and coke when STAR led the three wise men to Jesus?
A teacher lecturing on population said, “In the world, after every 10 seconds, a woman gives birth to a kid.”
Little Johnny stood up and said, “we must find that woman and stop her!”
Little Johnny: Why are all these people running?
Man: This is a race, the winner will get the cup.
Little Johnny: If only the winner will get the cup, why are others running?
Little Johnny told his servant: Go and water the plants.
Servant: It’s already raining.
Little Johnny: So what? Take an umbrella and go!
Postman: I had to come five miles to deliver you this package.
Little Johnny: Why did you have to come so far, instead you could have posted it.
Little Johnny was writing something very slowly. A friend asked “why are you writing so slowly?
Little Johnny: I’m writing to my six year old son, he cant read very fast.
Little Johnny At an Art gallery:
I suppose this horrible looking thing is what you call modern art?
Art dealer: I beg your pardon sir, that is a mirror!


Little Johnny Joke: Shocking Zero percent

Little Johnny got 0% marks in an exam and was surprised because all his answers were seemingly correct!

Do you feel that he was wrongly penalised?

The questions and answers below:

Q.1- In which battle did Tipu Sultan Die ?..

Ans.- In his Last Battle..


Q.2- Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed?

Ans.- At the Bottom of the Page..


Q.3- What is the Main Reason for Divorce ?..

Ans.- Marriage..


Q.4- Lake Bosomtwe Flows in which State ?..

Ans.- Liquid State..


Q.5- When was Mahatma Gandhi Born ?..

Ans.- On His Birthday..


Q.6- How will you Distribute 8 Mangoes among 6 People ?..

Ans.- By Preparing Mango Shake..!!

Be Full Of Vigour-Poetry

Be not afraid when going
Because, the energy within keeps flowing
Keep going and no shaking
And tell yourself, “I’m not stoping”
Be full Of Vigour

Let go off the body’s feverish
And rest not to avoid perish
Your hard deeds will make you cherish
Be matured and not childish
Be full of vigour

I am strong, for I have my saviour
With God, for me to be weak, never!
When the enemies hunt, I don’t shiver
Because God always gives me favour
I am full of vigour

Sense Billions