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A Nigerian man who won refugee status to stay in the UK on the pretext for being gay has been arrested for masterminding a £220,000 Facebook and eBay parcel fraud racket and having children with three women in Britain.

Saheed Azeez, had been allowed to settle in the UK after claiming he faced persecution by Boko Haram militants, but after moving to the country he had three children with three women, marrying the third. He now says he is bisexual.

After settling in Wigan, Azeez began working with Nigerian fraudsters to establish a network of strangers for a ‘sophisticated and well-resourced’ sales scam to steal items being sold on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and WhatsApp, Mail Online reported.

The report said victims selling high-value goods were persuaded to send their items to a number of addresses on the promise of being paid on arrival, but Azeez would simply pick up the goods and sell them in his brother’s electronics shop.

Over 14 months, up to 272 victims sent goods worth a combined £220,000 to the homes of strangers that Azeez persuaded to take part in the scam, giving his ‘partners’ a cut from each sale in return for taking delivery of the ill-gotten goods.

Police later tracked down Azeez as he was dropping off one of his young sons at a primary school. As he was about to be detained, he reportedly hid three smartphones used in the scam inside the boy’s school bag, which were found by a teaching assistant.

The phones were found to contain videos made by Azeez: one sent to an underworld contact named ‘Baddest Boy’ showed images of used smartphones stolen from sellers.

At Bolton Crown Court, Azeez admitted conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation and plotting to possess criminal property. He will be sentenced next week but faces up to six years in jail.

Nine householders who allowed their addresses to be used as ‘drops’ in the scam will also be sentenced next year.

The scam took place between September 2020 and November 2021 after former Yodel delivery driver Azeez began providing.

A Nigerian nurse has shared her amazing love story of how she met her fiancé when he was suffering from a serious illness, and she was the one who nursed him back to health.

She recounted that she had gone to his house to treat him as part of her home care service and they slowly formed a connection that went beyond the professional.

Even after he regained his strength, they continued to communicate and became lovers. Now they are happily engaged and looking forward to their wedding day and their future together.

Below are some of the comments compiled under the trending video:

Lilbaddie reacted: “Abi make I turn nurse” Oyinnn said: “Na to go and learn auxiliary nurse remain bayi.”

Oyinnn said: “Na to go and learn auxiliary nurse remain bayi.”

Favour onome wrote: “I wonder every girl when I know pack go do auxiliary nurse ha and they nor tell me thanks sis.”

Adejoke: “E con be like say I be bricklayer,nah nurse I be nahwhere did I go Wrong oluwa.”

InikPhi: “Thank God i go nursing school i made the right decision.”

Xandy olly: “Omo na to start this business o evn if i knw nothing about it.”

Layinka: “I be nurse oo abeg call me I sabi treat with love.”

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After 3 years of legal battle between Asamoah Gyan and Gifty Gyan, things have now come to a conclusion with the court presided over by Hafisata Ameleboba JA, held that Gifty was entitled to a share in Asamoah Gyan’s property based on her substantial contribution.

The court held that since Gifty has contributed in kind to the acquisition of the properties, by being the one who solely catered for the children and lived with the children whilst the Petitioner [Asamoah Gyan] plied his trade, she was entitled to a share and therefore granted her; a UK property, a gas station at prampram, a 4-bedroom house at Spintex already purchased for her before the marriage in 2013 and two cars.

Additionally, the court, granted a maintenance fee of GH¢25,000 a month to be paid to Gifty but declined the relief as to the payment of alimony. She was demanding a million dollars from the ex-footballer.

The Ghanaian football legend filed for divorce at the High Court and denied fathering their three children, demanding a DNA test.

However, after a successful conduct of the DNA, the results revealed that all the kids were the biological children of Asamoah Gyan.

Wonders they say never ends and here comes another wonder from Bulgaria, meet Andrea Ivanova.

Andrea Ivanova, from Bulgaria, has spent thousands of pounds on more than 20 hyaluronic acid lip injections in her bid to be more ‘fashionable’.

The influencer who is in her early 20’s recently had her latest injection and took to Instagram to reveal her ever-growing pout.

Of any future lip injections, Andrea said, “My doctor said he will do more injections for me, but said I have to wait for at least two months,” going on to explain that although she loves her permanent duck face, it’s been difficult to eat properly.

The influencer, from Bulgaria, is eager to “fall madly and truly in love” but hasn’t found someone who accepts her.

And if she’s with a fella who’s uncomfortable to be seen in public with her, Andrea won’t pursue him much longer.
She admitted: “I will feel bad or offended.

Things would had turned teary if not for the timely intervention of some family members of Dorcas; the wife of the great musician Nana Quame. The Asew Konofo hitmaker seems to be having issues in his marital home hence the wife decided to end it all by committing suicide live on Facebook.

According to Dorcas, she has been diagnosed with cancer and has been suffering from depression after her marriage to the highlife musician.

Dorcas also indicated that the ‘Asew Konofo’ hitmaker was unfaithful to her throughout their marriage and is currently living with his side chick in the United States of America.

She also revealed how the musician’s mother warned her about his ungrateful attitude before their marriage but the advice fell on deaf ears as she was blinded by love.

Dorcas also debunked claims about her being infected with HIV and that is currently battling cancer.

Well, some family members of Dorcas were able to get to her in time before she tried to kill herself and rushed her to the hospital.

Nana Quame is yet to address these allegations and some social media users have shared their thoughts on the issue.

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irenearthur3374 wrote; “Please think about your children, no man is worth dieing for. It’s very sad”.


genevieveaya7088 added; “Don’t put all ur heart into any human. U will die and they go and marry again No more stupid love”.

Ciru Muriuki has confirmed she has been sacked from BBC and so she has to somehow downgrade her lifestyle after getting fired from BBC.

According to her, the international media had alerted the whole company about restructuring which meant that some people would lose jobs.

“I was laid off, in other words, I was retrenched. I was working at this large international media for almost five years and last year they let the larger staff know they wanted to take a different direction and wanted to do a digital-first approach. And as a result, some roles would be made redundant. Right now, I am an underemployed journalist,” she said.

She said she decided to share the life update to discredit those who attach shame to losing jobs.

Ciru noted that there were people she knew who have never been employed and were doing well and others who lost jobs and jumped into self-employment.

“There is life after losing your full-time employment. I have gotten retrenchment and I am now throwing myself fully into content creation and I hope to thrive there as well,” she said.

Ciru Muriuki next plans

The ex-BBC journalist noted that she has had to make changes in life as there were things she would buy without thinking twice that she now has to consider.

“I have had a regular paycheck for the better part of the decade and this is kind of like a shock to the system. I have had to make adjustments to my lifestyle. There are things that I could do without thinking before that I have to put some thought into now,” she added.

She gave an example like she’s lost weight and needs new clothes but cannot go shopping in the same places she used to shop because now she has to think about where her money is going.

Ciru added that losing her job has awakened her to the many opportunities that are available and said being employed made her comfortable.

“Having a regular paycheck made me settle in a little comfort zone and I stopped thinking outside the box because I was like ‘si I’m financially secure’ and so you kind of become intellectually lazy,” she added

Renowned writer Ama Ata Aidoo has been confirmed dead. She was 81 years. According to a press release released by the family, the great writer died in the early hours of today after battling some illness for a while.

“The Family of Prof. Ama Ata Aidoo with deep sorrow but in the hope of the resurrection, informs the general public that our beloved relative and writer passed away in the early hours of this morning Wednesday 31st May 2023, after a short illness.

“Funeral arrangements would be announced in due course. The Family requests privacy at this difficult moment,” Family head Kwamena Essandoh Aidoo announced in a short statement.

Profile of Ama Ata Aidoo

Christina Ama Ata Aidoo was born on 23 March 1940 in Abeadzi Kyiakor, near Saltpond, in the Central Region of Ghana.

She was raised in a Fante royal household, the daughter of Nana Yaw Fama, chief of Abeadzi Kyiakor, and Maame Abasema. She grew up at a time of resurgent British neocolonialism that was taking place in her homeland.

Some of her books include The Girl Who Can and Other Stories. She authored Changes and No Sweet Here and other interesting books.

Death is indeed something that is inevitable. The world records deaths each and every day but the good news is that there is birth.

Whiles some are grieving for the loss of a loved one, the world mourns for some notable individuals. We are therefore have a look at some celebrities who died in the month of May.

Tina Turner – May 24

Tina Turner was the undisputed queen of rock & roll. After struggling with a serious illness, she died at the age of 83 at her residence in Zurich (Switzerland). Turner’s musical legacy and her unforgettable performances on stage will remain forever in our memory.

Samantha Weinstein – May 14

Canadian actress Samantha Weinstein, known for productions such as the remake of ‘Carrie’ or ‘Alias Grace’, died of ovarian cancer that was detected in 2021. As the actress’s family posted on Instagram: “Hello from the other side. Sam died on May 14th at 11:25 am surrounded by her loved ones at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto…. She is off on her next adventure.” The actress was only 28 years old.

Ray Stevenson – May 21

The British actor from series like ‘Roma’ and movies like ‘Thor’ died while he was shooting a film in Italy. While working on ‘Cassino in Ischia’, directed by Frank Ciotaen, he suddenly began to feel unwell and was taken to a hospital, where he died. Stevenson was 58 years old.

Jacklyn Zeman – May 9

The American actress Jacklyn Zeman, remembered for her role as Bobbie Spencer in the series ‘General Hospital’, died at the age of 70. She had played Bobbie Spencer for 45 years. The sad news of her death was released by the executive producer of the ABC series, Frank Valentini.

One Wanyama Nakalila has found himself by the grip of the law for practicing what authorities deem as occultism.

Born Wanyama Nakalila, Nabii, who purports to be the biblical John the Baptist, runs Muungano Church for All Nations located in Nandolia village in Kanduyi.

Notably, he has written his own version of the Bible, which has 93 books, unlike the modern bible, which has 66 books.

The self-proclaimed prophet has 46 wives, 289 children and has written two constitutions in which he claims if not adopted by the government, the country will be in trouble.

His wives are referred to as angels. Four of them have died, and the youngest of them is 24 years old.

Wanyama said God directed him to write the bible with 93 books, further indicating that God wanted to add more books because the initial ones were not enough.

Additionally, he has also introduced 12 commandments instead of the traditional 10 captured in the Bible.

Wanyama asked to clarify teachings

Speaking to the media, Bungoma Police Commander Francis Kooli said he summoned the supposed man of God to clarify his teachings.

Kooli said there was a complaint from members of the public over how he conducts his services, disclosing that he mixes prayers with herbal medicines.

“I summoned him to my office on June 2 for questioning. I want him to clarify his teachings. There are allegations that he mixes his biblical teachings with herbal medicines. He needs to clarify if he is a preacher or a witch doctor.

Majirani zake wanasema huwa analetewa kuku, ni pastor gani huyo anaitisha kuku ili kuomba. Tunataka kujua kama ni mganga ama mhubiri (which pastor demands chicken from followers to pray),” said Kooli.

The police boss added that there are laws that govern publications in Kenya, the Books and Newspapers act, and he will seek to find out if Wanyama conformed to the laws when writing his bible and the commandments.

Ghana has been hit with the sudden deaths of some 15 individuals who lost their lives on the Cape-Accra highway.

According to eyewitnesses, the accident occurred after a head-on collision between a petrol tanker and a bus at about 5 am on Tuesday.

The bus was travelling from Abidjan to Buduburam while the tanker was filled with petrol, travelling from Accra heading towards Takoradi.

An eyewitness told the Ghana National Fire Service that the Yutong bus driver occasionally veered off his lane all through the trip.

“So he [tanker driver] rather came into the lane of the Yutong because at the time the Yutong driver had also entered his lane,” the Winneba Fire Service Commander DO II Kwesi Hughes said on JoyNews.

The impact was great on the passenger sides of both vehicles, a situation which got “the tanker driver mashed.”

The Fire Service Commander explained that “other passengers on the passenger side of the Yutong were also dismembered, in fact, they were cut into pieces.”

Speaking on the AM Show, he clarified, “We have been able to rescue the rescuable lives first, which we have done. We have sent them to the trauma and specialist hospital.”

The rest have been sent to a municipal hospital nearby.