The difference between Mahama and Akufo Addo is just their age

No wonder Mahama really campaigned on the strength of his age because it appears both Mahama and Akufo-Addo are the same just that the former is quite younger than the latter.

Under Mahama’s administration, I thought it was going to be my first time witnessing a coup d’etat just as he did when he was 2 years old.

Because everything which calls for a coup was clearly shown in his administration. What frustrated me the most dumsor and even though his government was like; they were the only to have added more kilowatts or whatever to the national grid compared to the previous governments.

And so how come our lights kept going off and aside the normal school timetable students need to have, an entire nation in abundance of resources also had a timetable just for the sake of offing their lights?

Amidst all of these, the then President was promising us heaven. The president who once promised not to promise.

There came elections and as my earlier expectation was for his overthrow through a coup. My prayers were obviously not answered but at the end of the day, there was a change in government. All change be change whether through coup or ballot.

There comes the man himself, the man who refused to give up after several unsuccessful attempts in to become president. I guess God answered his prayers this time around and it looked like God Himself has come to Ghana to relief us from ‘Pharoah’.

But did things really change that much? Let me put it in the right context, has things really changed that much? Nana Addo disgraced the entire nation in his first day in office as his speech seem stolen without giving credit where it was due.

As usual, party folks were all over radio stations blowing louder than the elephant they follow.

There came the 110 ministers. That was the most outrageous thing ever. Assuming these ministers forgo their salaries, has one considered the cost of the V8 they use and the fuel that move those cars? A V8 can buy 8 incubators for our hospitals but that’s what we have those weeds of leaders riding in with their motorcade.

When one obviously votes for nonsense, its nonsense he gets.

Mahama’s four years and Akufo Addo’s almost two years are all the same. Nothing shows Akufo Addo will do something different. It’s all about the differences in how much one chopped and they will be there shouting.

The Promising President and King Promise are all the same just that one believes he is younger than the other even though they all have the same archaic ideas.

11 Wildest Sex Positions You Probably Never Tried And Need To

When it comes to sex positions, we are all aware of the basic ones such as Doggy style, missionary, woman on top etc. But there are more advanced sex positions that are intriguing and gives more sexual satisfaction but many have not tried it before or probably never seen it before.

These positions will wow your sexual experience if you try them, but you need to note that, you need strength to execute some of them and so if in any way you’re not comfortable with it, we advice you, stop it.

Come with me as I present to you in pictures these advance sex positions for a better sex life.


This position might appear simple, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s the best position for women who love to have their clits massaged and also get the G-spot hit and those who love deep penetration. In this position, the woman is more in control and can direct the ding dong in the right areas. She can also be able to touch her herself to achieve more orgasm.

Many women get performance jitters over the thought of giving a helping hand during sex, when in fact the sight of her adding fuel to their bonfire is a sure-fire way to burn him up with lust.


In this position you will need some tools to assist you and both partners will love it. The woman gets the chance to rock you and the man enjoys in a similar way. Most men love having a good view of the woman’s ass, which stimulates them. This position is best for such thoughts because you get the chance to have a nice view while you’re at it. The angle of penetration also makes the woman enjoy it the more because it will be rubbing against her clitoris throughout the act and of course her G-spot can’t be left out.

Any position that gives him unlimited access to her wiggling backside will motivate him to race that extra mile she needs to cross her finish line.



This position does not need much thrusting and comes in gentle. Both partners can wiggle at it and have all the sensations run through their body. It feels good and it’s calm.

If you’re the type who hates it whenever it pops out and you need to stick it back in, then this is the best position for you, because with it, it stuck at it’s right place and the angle will not allow it to pop out.


Usually, it’s men who always do the thrusting, but have you ever tried to let your woman do it in the same position? It’s awesome!!! The feeling is absolutely different.

In this position, the woman take charge and because they are the ones doing the thrusting they go at it in a rather good pace, in fact they teach you how it’s done and you get to enjoy a whole different sensation from the regular.


Ok! This is for the boss. Ladies who are acrobatic can give you the surprise of your life with this one. It’s a bit difficult to execute but the results is worth it. Penetrating from an awkward angle gives you a different sensation you’ve not experienced before. Give it a try but you need to be gentle with it.


Well! you might have tried doggy style in various positions but have you tried to make her stand on a chair in this position? When you do there’s one thing you should be assured of, you slide in with ease. You get to feel all the inner walls and touch all the sweet buds in there…it’s awesome for both partners. You also get to feel all the boobs.


Similar to the previous one, this one adds more creativity to it by making the entrance tighter and you get to thrust in harder. You also get to have a nice view of her body. Ladies! Be ready for some serious exercise on this one.


Talk about tightness and this all you need, talk about adventure and you definitely need this one. This position tightens the vagina and also gives you the man full access to her inner walls. Don’t try this if you know you come quick, it’s best for prolong ejaculation.


Usually, in the normal position, the upper part of the head of the penis rubs against the clitoris, but ladies, have you ever tried to have the lower part of the penis, rub against the clitoris? It is rough down and trust me you wouldn’t need a vibrator anymore after experiencing this.

In this position, the penetration is inverted giving you an extra O sensation due to the angle of penetration. When viewed from above, both partners are intertwined in an X form hence the name.


There’s nothing so sensational than when both of you go at it at the same rhythm and pace and this is the best position for that, at this position both of you can attack each other with the same thrusting while you all achieve maximum satisfaction. The man also gets the chance to rub your clitoris from beneath the butt.



Talk of locking each other up and this is what you need. It’s a good advantage for women because at this position, there’s no way he will be able to withdraw just when you are about achieving your orgasm, because you have him locked down and you can rock him as much as you desire till you’re fully blown out. You also get to have it rub the inner walls and all the right buttons. You wouldn’t also bother much about it slipping out, it stays intact till you achieve your aim.

What Does Your Nose Shape Say About You?

Many experts believe that by looking at someone’s nose you can learn a lot about the person, their character traits and personality. It’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not, but we thought we’d tell you about different nose shapes and what they tend to imply about the person. You, in turn, can try to identify what’s your nose shape and whether the description matches your personality or perhaps do the same with your friends and family members.

1. Button Nose
Button noses are considered to be the cutest by many. People with button noses are usually quite creative and imaginative. They’re loving, caring and kind. They’re quite optimistic too. But they can also be emotional and tend to feel threatened by people with big personalities.

2. Greek Nose
A Greek nose is perfectly straight with narrow nostrils, you know, something you might see on a Greek sculpture. People with Greek noses are usually very intelligent, logical and dependable. You can always count on them.

3.Upturned Nose
People with an upturned nose are generally very optimistic, cheerful and adventurous. They lead very interesting and exciting lives. They’re also very loyal to their friends and family and are willing to protect them no matter what.

4. Wide Nose
People with wide noses tend to be natural leaders and have a very strong personality. They’re often successful in business. On the other hand they’re rarely calm and tend to be hot headed and get angry really quickly.

5. Fleshy Nose
A flashy nose is one that starts out quite narrow at the root but becomes wider and flashier towards the tip. These people tend to be quick thinkers and fast decision makers. They don’t like to waste time so they just do everything right away.

6. Snub Nose
A snub nose has quite a narrow base, but a fleshier, round tip that slopes up, so the nostrils are visible. People with snub noses are usually quite confident in their abilities. They also tend to have a good sense of humour and are always ready to cheer up their friends.

7. Bumpy Nose
People with bumpy noses tend to make their own path in life. They don’t like to follow the leaders and prefer to make their own decisions and mistakes along the way. They’re quite stubborn and don’t care about what others think.

8. Hawk Nose
A hawk nose is called that because it resembled the curve of a beak of a hawk or an eagle. People with hawk noses tend to be artistically talented and creative. They also usually have a very strong will and if they’re determined to do something – there’s no stopping them.

Seven types of people you will encounter on the Dubai Metro

I am ever so grateful to the Dubai Metro. It gets me from one end of the city to the other for a cheap fare in good time.

But public transport involves a whole lot of interaction with, well, the public. As a daily commuter for nearly six years, here are seven types of people I encounter on a daily basis.

The Blockers

There are so many blockers on the Dubai Metro I’ve divided them into sub-categories.

Blocker #1: Slow walkers

The one who walks slowly in front of you when you’re trying to rush through the station to catch the train. Despite their sloth-like pace, you just can’t get ahead of them, no matter how much you zig and zag.

Blocker(s) #2:Family and friends attached to the hips

Similar to above, but these blockers have family and friends attached at the hips. Most commonly found on the travelators, you simply have no chance of passing them. Your best hope is that they will spontaneously break out into an Irish dance – at least that would be kind of entertaining.

Blocker #3: The one who planks against the metro doors.

They most at times plank against the metro and don’t budge, seemingly unaware of the tidal wave of people trying to get off. Head down, elbows pointed out like a turkey, furiously swiping at a game of Candy Crush.

Blocker #4: It’s bad enough trying to work your way around the aforementioned Candy Crush blocker, but the battle continues as you try to shimmy past those inconsiderate people who try to board before you’ve worked out your escape route.

Blocker #5: You’ve had a long day at work and the metro has a finite number of seats. So you sit on the floor – I get it. But sitting with your legs stretched out, thus occupying three spots, and nicking an additional one to make your handbag comfortable is not ok! Speaking of bags…

The Handbag Army

Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Hermes – you’ll see them all on the metro. Collectively, these bags can occupy the floor space of one entire compartment. Which is why as soon as I board, my handbag is off my shoulders and held at knee level to be more accommodating to others – it should be a rule. Even worse are the ones who place their precious bags on a seat and refuse to move them for actual humans. Honey, you might own a Prada, but money can’t buy manners.

The Line Cutters

One thing that really irks me is when people cut in line. The people standing one behind the other waiting for the metro to arrive aren’t doing so to salute or serenade you. Take the hint and get to the back of the queue and wait your turn.

The Seat Stealers

A trip on the metro isn’t complete without coming face-to-face with a seat stealer. It’s the person who gets on board stations after you do, but somehow ends up nabbing a seat first. The one who manages to warp him or herself into a flubber-like form, squeezing through the tiniest of spaces to get to that coveted vacant seat. And, while we’re on the topic…

The second an elderly person, pregnant lady, or someone with a broken bone enters the metro, it suddenly seems like those seated either a) fall into a deep sleep b) have their eyes glued to something very important on their phone, or c) have x-ray vision or can’t see through their sunglasses. Seriously, if you notice someone who needs the seat more than you, please get up and offer it to them.

The Oblivious Ones

I get it. During rush hour, the metro gets overly crowded and feels like a sardine can (it often smells like one, too.) But being leaned on, stepped on, accidentally slapped or forced to eat a mouthful of someone else’s hair is just not right. Please, respect personal space.

The Colour Blind

Dear men of Dubai – this one’s for you. Do you see that pink sign marking the ladies-only area? You know, the one with the giant sticker on the floor before you board? No? Well, allow me to point out the smaller stickers inside the metro which say ‘100AED fine for men in this area’. Yeah, that means YOU my friend are in the wrong compartment! No matter how long you stare at the lady pictogram, it’s not going to magically change. Sorry.

The Noisemakers

I’m all for a few laughs inside the metro on a Thursday night – it is the weekend, after all. Not so for the weekdays, where the metro’s decibel meter hits an all-time high. Breakfast burps, stinky yawns, office rants, the next Dubai Idol hopefuls practising for their audition… all harmonized with the occasional banshee scream of a sad soul who tried to jump into the metro as the doors were closing. And failed.

Are we there yet?


50 Reasons Not To Get Married

Can you find that many reasons not to get married?

I’m an unapologetic bachelor and I’m sorry that I’m not sorry about my single lifestyle.

If there’s anything my experiences have taught me, most married men regret getting married and most never stop chasing women.

Maybe this idiot who calls himself the African bachelor is too much to be contained in a marriage. Maybe I will get married one day.

Until then, I want to introduce you to a list of all the reasons why I love being a bachelor.

Enjoy this list and please do pass it on to your single friends or to your married ones who miss the single life.

  1. You can eat all the jollof rice you want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  2. You are allowed to carry more than 3 boxes of party food home, no questions asked
  3. Speaking of party food, you will receive pity from the older women and they will pack more food for you. All you have to do is look sad and stare at the jollof rice and kebabs
  4. You don’t have to scare anyone with your morning face and you don’t have to worry about being scared
  5. If anyone criticizes your driving, you can tell them to get out of the car
  6. You don’t have to panic when your phone rings after 9 pm
  7. You can comment in peace on the social media posts of your hot female friends
  8. You never have to own or drive a minivan. Yayyyyy!
  9. Your bathroom drain will never get choked with Brazilian hair
  10. You can watch *ahem* rated movies uninterrupted
  11. You can flirt with anyone without feeling guilty
  12. No in-laws. No need to elaborate on that one
  13. Depending on who you marry, you may start paying school fees before you have your own kids
  14. You never have to delete your internet history. Sweet!
  15. You don’t have to lie to anyone. What a relief!
  16. You never have to worry about someone throwing a frying pan at your head when you open your door
  17. You can take comfort in watching hot women wobble at weddings for as long as you like
  18. You get to do house chores naked
  19. You can watch football all day. No one fights with you over the remote. Pure bliss!
  20. You don’t have to panic about forgetting birthdays and anniversaries
  21. You won’t have only married friends. That sh*t must be annoying
  22. You can lie in bed in the morning for as long as you like without anyone bugging you
  23. You can eat cereal in the morning without brushing your teeth
  24. You don’t have to make up your bed every morning or change the sheets. What’s the point?
  25. You don’t have to worry about anyone complaining about keeping your clean laundry in the basket for weeks. I hate folding clothes!
  26. You don’t have to worry about any surprises when you open up the toilet seat
  27. You can buy any grown-up toys you want without checking with anyone
  28. Your cash is all yours and you don’t have to share
  29. You can stay in the shower for as long as you want
  30. You can sing in the shower as loud as you want
  31. You don’t have to buy the same boring valentine’s gifts year after year
  32. You can spread all over your bed
  33. No one will eat the Golden Tree chocolate you’ve saved in the refrigerator
  34. No one complains about the dirty floors at your place. You clean when you want
  35. You can stay at work for as long as you want. No annoying calls from honey about when you’re getting home for dinner
  36. You can stay out with your friends as long as you want
  37. No one will use your toothbrush by accident or drop it in the toilet
  38. You can eat late at night without feeling guilty
  39. You can scream at the TV while watching football without scaring anyone
  40. You can listen to your own music tunes and no one messes with the radio stations in your car
  41. You know exactly how much money you have in your bank account
  42. You don’t have to share wardrobe space
  43. You don’t have to sit through those dreadful chick flicks and shows. No, thank you!
  44. A fight won’t end up with you sleeping on the couch
  45. Having married men admit that they’re jealous of your single life feels nice!
  46. The silence and the peace of mind feels like heaven
  47. You don’t have to delete your texts and call logs
  48. You never have to buy air freshers. You can stink up the place all you want
  49. Lust won’t last forever. You don’t have to imagine sleeping with the same person for eternity
  50. You never have to ask, “honey, are you okay?” No unexplainable mood swings to deal with.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to shame husbands and fathers. I’m simply defending the men who can’t see themselves handcuffed to a wedding band.

If you put a ring on it, keep it on.  For everyone else, I have this verse to share:

1 Corinthians 7

8 Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I do. 9 But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.

By Kwadjo Panyin

A Letter to my Future Wife: Why I will always wash Your Panties

Dear Serwaa,

I am writing to respond to the question you asked in your last letter. In that letter, you asked me to be sincere with you and tell you the truth. And what is this truth you wanted to hear?

You said there would be a day in our marriage that you may fall very ill and cannot do anything. Your question was, on such a day, if your pants or underwear are dirty and you plead with me to wash them, would I do it?

Serwaa, my answer is yes. I will wash your pants any day. You don’t need to fall sick. I will gladly wash your pants anytime there’s the need to do so. I will wash them any day of the month. That is my answer. And it is the truth you wanted to hear from me.

If you are still doubting, then this is my explanation: You have washed and helped me wash my clothes and underwear a number of times. If there is nothing wrong with you washing my pants then there should be nothing wrong with me washing yours.

I know any man who will chance on this letter will read it with a face contorted in distaste. For some men, this is an unimaginable absurdity. In our part of the world, it is not normal for a man to do this. Even if any man washes his wife’s undies, he will be too shy to mention it in public for fear of being ridiculed and called names. In Akan, they will call you “Barima kotobonku” and other derogatory names. But it is something I will do with pride. Men who do this prove that they are the real men. As for potent manhood, even the mad men on the streets have it, sometimes bigger and better.

Washing my partner’s clothes will not shrink the size of my manhood. It will not make me less intelligent. It doesn’t take anything away from me. So don’t be worried that if you fall ill in our marriage, I will pile up everything you have to do until you recover. I am a real man, Serwaa. Trust me!

A man who cannot wash your pant is not worthy of taking that pant off you.

There is a problem about how we have been socialized and continue to be indoctrinated about what makes us real men in our part of the world. One day I ate lunch with a colleague worker at Multimedia. She was the one who had gone to buy the food and after eating, I volunteered to wash the plate. She protested. But I insisted. So I did wash the plate.

While this was going on, there was a head of department who was also eating lunch in our kitchen. He did not take it lightly that I, instead of the lady, washed the dishes.

“This is wrong and you should never allow it to happen,” she told the lady. “When you do this, you bring to question the kind of training your mother gave you at home,” he said. The look on his face and the sound of his voice were a proportionate mixture of anger and disappointment at the lady.

“I said I would wash the plates but he insisted,” the lady explained to him but he would not take it.

“You should also have insisted. That is not how you were brought up,” the man said. I tried to explain but he would not listen.

“Manasseh, do you see what you have caused?” the lady asked me when the man had left.

“What have I done wrong?” I asked.

“This is Ghana and you know not every man thinks like you,” she said feeling worried.

Serwaa, not every man thinks like me but it’s about time we forced them to think that way. I was brought up in a family and in a society where the man has no place in the kitchen. In the northern part of the Ghana, a lot of the men go down south to do menial jobs. Some of those odd jobs include pounding fufu at chop bars and restaurants. But when such men go back home, they will never help their wives in the kitchen. When they are hungry and their wives are not at home, they will starve until the women return.

Growing up, if I went to the kitchen and my sister slapped me for no reason, my father would side with her without enquiring of the reason. “You are a man. What do you want in the kitchen?” he would ask. But I have grown to realize such terrible mentality is wrong and I have trained myself to be real.

Now that I am single, I cook and wash and do everything on my own. Why in the godforsaken name of masculinity must I fold my arms and watch my wife do everything in the house when I marry? Is it not madness?

Don’t worry about the man you are about to marry, my sweetheart. I will be with you in the kitchen and outside the kitchen. I am deficient in the preparation of some meals but there are components of the cooking I can still help with. When I prepare okro soup, I often lose the slimy wires that make swallowing fun. But that does not mean I should stay out of the kitchen if you are preparing okro soup.

Serwaa, I want to marry you as a wife, and not as a house help. We are equal partners and there is not going to be a master-servant relationship in our marriage. You can count on me as a helper and so can I.

The only warning I will have to issue is that you should not take me for granted. Some women have the tendency to take such men for granted and ride on them like impotent donkeys. I am your husband and you are my wife. We have to understand what we are going into. We must understand the realities of how two distinct individuals with different potentials can complement each other to make a happy home, bring out the best in us and fulfill the purpose of God for our existent on this planet.

On this reality shall we build our marriage and the gates of divorce shall never prevail against it.

Your love,

5 Churches in Ghana with the Most Beautiful Ladies

Beauty they say lies in the eyes but true beauty obviously lies in the eyes of all. Let us have a look at some of the churches with some really beautiful ladies.

The Church Of Pentecost

The church of Pentecost houses some of the most beautiful women you will ever meet in Ghana. They are also very well mannered. Naturally, Pentecost parents nurture their wards to be disciplined, respectful and good life partners.

Lighthouse Chapel

Lighthouse Chapel International is one of the Ghanaian churches with equally beautiful ladies in Ghana. Ladies in this church are so well mannered, just a little show-off attitude. But they are amazingly beautiful.

Assemblies of God

One another church with beautiful and super gorgeous ladies in Ghana is the Assemblies of God church. This church house some of the beautiful intelligent members you in Ghana. If you want to marry from Ghana, look out for Assemblies of God church girls.

International Central Gospel Church (ICGC)

One thing that is very clear among ICGC girls is how youthful their girls are and they are equally beautiful. And also they are very educated.

Christ Embassy

The Christ Embassy Church is also one of the five Ghanaian churches with the most beautiful girls in Ghana. They also well cultured. Perfect housewives, just a little show-off attitude.

12 things Forbidden in the Bible but we do it anyway

We know the bible can be pretty difficult to accurately interpret. Some people say the Old Testament laws don’t count anymore, but others think they still do. So we are asking the bible scholars for help here. We gathered some actions the bible bans both in the old and New Testaments and we’d like to know, are they still sins or not?

1. Checking babes out.

Matthew 5:28:

“But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

2. Braiding your hair.

1 Timothy 2:9:

“Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments.”

3. Owning expensive outfits.

1 Timothy 2:9:

“Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments.”

4. Wearing gold.

1 Timothy 2:9:

“Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments.”

5. Eating Bacon or Sausages.

Leviticus 11:4 reads:

“Nevertheless these shall ye not eat of them that chew the cud, or of them that divide the hoof: as the camel, because he cheweth the cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is unclean unto you.”

6. Wearing fabric blends, so basically everything in your wardrobe.

Leviticus 19:19:

“You are to keep My statutes. You shall not breed together two kinds of your cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.”

7. Gossiping about your colleagues.

Leviticus 19:16:

“Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people: neither shalt thou stand against the blood of thy neighbor; I am the LORD.”

8. Women speaking in church.

1 Corinthians 14:34:

“Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.”

9. Trimming your beard.

Leviticus 19:27:

“Neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.”

10. Eating suya; well, the fat.

Leviticus 3:17:

“It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings, that ye eat neither fat nor blood.”

11. Tattoos; Sorry, not even one of a cross or a bible verse.

Leviticus 19:28:

“Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”

12. Eating more than you have to.

Proverbs 23:2:

“. . . And put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.”

Part Two: Mugabe’s Famous Quotes

1.Ladies are powerful, they can introduce two boyfriends at the same time. They will say My Love, meet My Sweetheart. And the two idiots will say “Boss how far?” 

2. I stopped trusting ladies when my class 3 girlfriend left me for another boy all because he bought a sharpener with a mirror.

3. Ladies; You know you are ugly if you walk pass Construction workers and they continue doing their Job.

4. Some girls don’t attend the gym but look physically fit because of running after men with cars.

5. No matter how beautiful and handsome you are, just remember Baboon and Gorillas also attract tourists.

6. If the size of one’s testicle determines the amount of sperm he can produce, then hernia patients will own sperm banks.

7. Any man who successfully convinces a monkey that honey is sweeter than banana, is capable of selling condoms to a Roman father.

8.Regardless of the size of mini skirt, it still covers the most important part of women.

9. Dear sisters, don’t be deceived by a man who text you “I miss you” only when it’s raining, because you are not an umbrella.

10. It’s hard to bewitch African girls these days. Every time you take a piece from her hair to the witch doctor, either a Brazilian innocent woman gets mad or a factory in China catches fire.

11. The only warning Africans take serious is LOW BATTERY

12. He who swallows a complete coconut have absolute trust in his anus.

13. Whenever things seem to start going well in your life, the Devil comes along and gives you a ‘girlfriend’.

14. When your clothes are made of cassava leaves, you don’t take a goat as a friend.

15. If you have attended over 100 weddings in your life and still single, you are not different from a Canopy.

16. If you are ugly, you are ugly. Stop talking about inner beauty because men don’t walk around with X-rays to see inner beauty

17. Respect pregnant women because it’s not easy walking around with evidence that you’ve had sex.

18. Nothing makes a woman more confused than being in a relationship with a “broke” man who’s extremely good in bed.

19. Women with beauty and no brains, their your private parts  suffer the most.

20. Even Satan wasn’t gay, he approached n*ked Eve instead of n*ked Adam. Say no to same-sex marriage.

5 Reasons Why The Prettiest Girls Have No Boyfriends

People expect the prettiest girls to have a boyfriend but it doesn’t always work that way. The truth is that there are lots of pretty girls without a boyfriend. So why do the prettiest girls have no boyfriend?


Most pretty ladies I know find it difficult trusting a man because it’s hard to judge if he wants you for just your look or who you really are? Many pretty ladies I know have had bad experiences with guys who just wanted to sleep with them because they are pretty and didn’t really love them for who they really are.


Most guys are intimidated by a pretty woman. They just assume she is too pretty to even be in their class. They lose every confidence they have when they are around a pretty woman. Most pretty women are single because most guys are afraid to approach them.


The prettiest ladies I know have standards when it comes to choosing a man. They don’t settle for any man. If you don’t meet their standards, you have no chance with them. The pool of men who can actually meet their standards are quite small and this is why they are mostly single.


The prettiest women are mostly single because most guys just assume they already have a boyfriend. When he assumes she’s taken, he doesn’t bother talking to her.


Most guys hate competition and this is why they stay away from the prettiest women. They know she’s very pretty so they assume every man would want her. The fear of a competition to keep her makes most men stay away from the prettiest women. They believe they might end up with a heartbreak if they try to date a very pretty woman.