Abu Dhabi announces traffic toll gates


Traffic toll gates, such as the SALIK system in Dubai, are coming to Abu Dhabi. This has been confirmed by a law issued by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the UAE and ruler of Abu Dhabi.

If you live in Abu Dhabi, you will now have to pay a tariff for driving in certain roads. According to the law, ambulances, the Armed Forces, Civil Defence, public buses and motorcycles will be exempt from paying the tariff.


The reason given for this new law is to “ease traffic on certain roads”. However, the timing suggests that it is another addition to the taxation wave to raise more money for the government after the country’s recent financial difficulties.

Social media is currently exploding with expats voicing their anger towards the new law and questioning why they are being increasingly taxed this year, and what benefits are they getting from paying portions of their salaries towards taxes and indirect taxes.


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