€1.511 Billion Spent, 84 signings… and no Champions League


Manchester City are very close to breaking the record for summer spending, but the great investment carried out in recent years has not generated the desired returns.

The Abu Dhabi fund purchased Manchester City some nine years ago and since then the Citizens have been fighting for the Premier League title.

Owner Mansour bin Zayed Al-Nahyan has had no hesitation when it comes to spending. From 2008 onwards, City have spent 1,511.72 million euros on a total of 84 players.


The club has won titles thanks to the money put forward, but not to the extent the investors would have hoped for: in nine years City have won two Premier League titles, one FA Cup, two League Cups and one Community Shield.

In Europe, the furthest the team has reached was the semi-finals in 2016. They were knocked out by Real Madrid, but it was an improvement for a team who had not qualified from the group stage until 2013.

Pellegrini and Guardiola, two of the most admired managers in the sport have attempted to lead City to their prime objective: the Champions League.

For the tenth consecutive summer, sheikh Mansour will do anything to bolster his side’s hopes of lifting the coveted trophy. If City spend 12 million more, they will surpass the record set by Real Madrid in 2009.


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