One Wanyama Nakalila has found himself by the grip of the law for practicing what authorities deem as occultism.

Born Wanyama Nakalila, Nabii, who purports to be the biblical John the Baptist, runs Muungano Church for All Nations located in Nandolia village in Kanduyi.

Notably, he has written his own version of the Bible, which has 93 books, unlike the modern bible, which has 66 books.

The self-proclaimed prophet has 46 wives, 289 children and has written two constitutions in which he claims if not adopted by the government, the country will be in trouble.

His wives are referred to as angels. Four of them have died, and the youngest of them is 24 years old.

Wanyama said God directed him to write the bible with 93 books, further indicating that God wanted to add more books because the initial ones were not enough.

Additionally, he has also introduced 12 commandments instead of the traditional 10 captured in the Bible.

Wanyama asked to clarify teachings

Speaking to the media, Bungoma Police Commander Francis Kooli said he summoned the supposed man of God to clarify his teachings.

Kooli said there was a complaint from members of the public over how he conducts his services, disclosing that he mixes prayers with herbal medicines.

“I summoned him to my office on June 2 for questioning. I want him to clarify his teachings. There are allegations that he mixes his biblical teachings with herbal medicines. He needs to clarify if he is a preacher or a witch doctor.

Majirani zake wanasema huwa analetewa kuku, ni pastor gani huyo anaitisha kuku ili kuomba. Tunataka kujua kama ni mganga ama mhubiri (which pastor demands chicken from followers to pray),” said Kooli.

The police boss added that there are laws that govern publications in Kenya, the Books and Newspapers act, and he will seek to find out if Wanyama conformed to the laws when writing his bible and the commandments.

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