5 Senior High Schools in Ghana Noted For Producing “Bad Boys”


After receiving  lots and lots of backslash from many who thought I erred in my submission on  Ghanaian schools with most beautiful ladies as I didn’t feature Adisec, I do hope you will agree with me on this list whiles we look at senior high schools in Ghana noted for producing some really ‘bad boys’.

1. Takoradi Technical Institute

Talking of one senior high school very well noted for producing some of the baddest guys, TTI can’t be be left out on a more serious note and I do hope you will agree with me on this. During Interco, one thing is really certain about them, they are always unified and of course no jokes with them at all when it comes to their team. They are also good at wooing at the ladies from other schools and of course a fight during the competition is mostly between them and one other school I’m going to list as well.


2. St. Mary’s Boys’ Senior High School

I know many are going to be surprised for listing this school as the name St. Mary’s is very known associated with girls but not the one located in the Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis. It’s one Catholic school and of course they do go mass almost everyday but when it comes to notoriety, you can’t take that away from them. Only God knows the reason for bad blood between them and Takoradi Technical Institute (TTI). Many do believe may be the Ahanss Girls might be the reason.

3.Ghana Secondary Technical School(GSTS)

They obviously do see themselves as the ‘ladies men’. It is one of the most sort after school in the metropolis and so the girls from the other schools just can’t keep their hands off them and so at every inter-co when all the other schools are thriving to win, they will be busy chasing girls.

4. St. Augustine’s College(Augusco)

You can decide to call them the confusion boys because wherever there is confusion they are there. They never seem to understand or agree to anything that does not go their way. It is their way or no way and so at every event, you will find them causing confusion but when it comes to academics too, they perform. We can’t say same for now though.

5. Mfantsipim School

The “Kwabotwe boys” are well-known womanizers. You don’t dare them with a woman, they will snatch her in a minute.


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