5 Churches in Ghana with the Most Beautiful Ladies

Beauty they say lies in the eyes but true beauty obviously lies in the eyes of all. Let us have a look at some of the churches with some really beautiful ladies.

The Church Of Pentecost

The church of Pentecost houses some of the most beautiful women you will ever meet in Ghana. They are also very well mannered. Naturally, Pentecost parents nurture their wards to be disciplined, respectful and good life partners.

Lighthouse Chapel

Lighthouse Chapel International is one of the Ghanaian churches with equally beautiful ladies in Ghana. Ladies in this church are so well mannered, just a little show-off attitude. But they are amazingly beautiful.

Assemblies of God

One another church with beautiful and super gorgeous ladies in Ghana is the Assemblies of God church. This church house some of the beautiful intelligent members you in Ghana. If you want to marry from Ghana, look out for Assemblies of God church girls.

International Central Gospel Church (ICGC)

One thing that is very clear among ICGC girls is how youthful their girls are and they are equally beautiful. And also they are very educated.

Christ Embassy

The Christ Embassy Church is also one of the five Ghanaian churches with the most beautiful girls in Ghana. They also well cultured. Perfect housewives, just a little show-off attitude.

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