UAE Ministry of Economy announces 50% off groceries during Ramadan

UAE’s Ministry of Economy has announced that there will be a 50% discount on more than 10,000 products in supermarkets.

This is part of an initiative to combat soaring prices and food hoarding before the month of Ramadan.

During the month of Ramadan in the UAE, families usually prepare a larger than usual quantity of food, due to the fact that they spend most of the day fasting. Supermarkets tend to abuse this high demand for food items by increasing prices. Families are rushing to buy and hoard a large number of food items at home in preparation for the month of heavy duty cooking which is also causing problems with outlets that are unable to match the demand.

The ministry managed to meet with major outlets all over the country and find a strategy which benefits all parties by ensuring that prices do not soar and also developing a discount system that ranges between 25-50% on over 10,000 products.

The meetings conducted finalized the launch of a “package” system whereby there will be 2 packages offered: the first package is a fixed package which contains 20 items for less than AED100. The second package will also contain 20 items for less than AED200, but it is an open package where the customer can mix and match the items they would like to have in the package.

Happy grocery shopping!


5 Facts We’ve Gathered About Sarkodie’s Accident

Sarkodie survived an accident yesterday and interestingly came out unharmed. With several speculations bundling around, seem to have cleared the air with this post of theirs.

5 Facts We’ve Gathered About Sarkodie’s Accident

1.He traveled By Air from Accra.

So many people have wondered why Sarkodie was traveling by road when he could just have used a flight. Well, Sarkodie didn’t go on that journey by full road. He went by air and we’ve seen him at the airport in videos. Definitely, when you get to the airport, you would still have to use road for the rest of the journey.

2.No serious injuries although He Looked Somewhat Traumatised.

Yes, it’s been confirmed that, he didn’t suffer any serious damage and he looked fit when he came out of the car. In one of the videos that was making rounds, he was seen pointing the accident scene to another person who offered her ride to him to get to his destination.

3. He Wasn’t Going By Taxi

In one of the videos, some people saw him in a Taxi and felt Sarkodie was traveling around with a taxi. That is an erroneous impression. When the car that went to pick him up at the airport got damaged in the accident, there  were no cars there to get him to continue the journey, so he had to pick a cab, but before he could move, someone offered her car, and that explains why he was coming out of a taxi to get into another white private car.

4.Another car collided with theirs and that skid theirs off the road.

We don’t want to believe that was an attempt by someone to hurt him or kill him, but from what we’ve gathered, another car collided into theirs and that made theirs lose track and skidded off the road.

5.Amakye Dede Is Also Safe and They Are All Safe & Business Will Still continue.

Yes, it wasn’t a major accident and we thank God for their lives. We gather the concert would still be happening.

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Sarkodie Survives a Car accident

Reports indicate that ‘Wake Up Call‘ artiste Sarkodie was involved in an accident on his way to Asante Akyem Agogo in the Ashanti Region to perform at a concert organised by Highlife legend Amakye Dede.

The incident occurred on the ‘Kumasi Agogo road’, but thankfully the ‘Wake Up Call’ rapper is fine and well and is currently in Agogo township according to sources.

The rapper also in a tweet has confirmed he is safe. He tweeted to his 1.65 million followers:

Below is a video of the accident scene, in the video you see the award-winning rapper and Amakye Dede changing cars after he abandoned his car that had the accident and was ushered into a waiting white private vehicle.