Before And After Photos Of Famous Openly Gay who just Died Of Anal Cancer

According to New page on facebook called Codex news a gay man has just died from Complications he got from years of having Anal sex, they posted the news with the caption

Can you recall the homosexual, Adraud Paul? Well, the constant anal…. you know… resulted in cancer of the anus. He just died.

The post has gone viral on facebook and now has over 5,630 shares

Malachy had this to say;

Where are the gays? there’s something that’ll really interest you people. Heard of Anal Cancer? Do you know you’re more liable to it? I guess you need no one to preach to you on that.

But its quite unfortunate one Mr Ardaud Paul is said to have died as a result of Anal cancer as reported by a Facebook user. Of course, Mr Paul was a homosexual and was open about it.

I still do not know the fun in f*cking a masculine just like yourself, nothing to press, play with or suck? And the feminine part using hands and toys, am sorry but nothing is like a correct prick😉.

Gays lost their sense of reasoning really. May God have mercy on the deceased soul

Here Are The Schools Your Favorite Ghanaian Celebrities Attended

A look at the the secondary schools most of the Ghanaian celebrities attended. And one school tops all!

John Dumelo

Christ The King, Achimota Senior High School and Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology

Shatta Wale

Datus Prepratory and Winneba Senior High School


Macalester College (US)


Pope John’s Senior High School, University Of Ghana


Methodist Day Senior High School (Medass)


Methodist Day Senior High School (Medass)


Wesley Girls, Croydon College (UK) and Ghana Institute Of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA)

Majid Michel

St. Theresa’s and Mfantsipim Senior High School


St. Magaret Mary Senior High School

Kofi Kinata

Takoradi Technical Institute


9 Things Only A Chelsea Fan Can Understand

Chelsea is the biggest club in English football.

Yeah…I just said that to annoy some people. But you all know it’s true. I’ve been aa Chelsea fan for over a decade now and the affiliation brings both struggles and joys. Even though the joys are more than the struggles, I have to focus on highlighting more of the struggles and annoying things today.

Here are some woes only Chelsea fans are familiar with:

1. People always tell you that you started watching football recently because Chelsea only became successful recently.


2. And as a result, Arsenal and Man U fans always think they know about football better than you.


3. Or that their team is generally better than yours.


4. But you can’t help but laugh at some of them…especially Arsenal fans whose team hasn’t won any sensible trophy in years.


5. Even though you enjoy the success, you are tired of seeing coaches getting sacked all the time.


6. You can’t help but get angry when people say Chelsea plays boring football (Do they even see Hazard’s dribbling?). 


7. You love all the current players but you still miss some former badass players like 


8. Whenever the club buys a new striker, you cross your fingers and hope he won’t become like Torres.


9. All in all, you love and you are forever proud of the blues and thankful for the great moments the team gives you.




Some Shameful act of this AKuffo-Addo Government

This Akuffo-Addo has been less than a year in office but when these shameful acts start rearing its ugly heads, it’s obvious it’s isn’t going to last long just like that of confused Mahama led government.
Let the list begin:

1. The Sacking of Mr. Salamat(La Presec)

Why sack someone when the reality on the ground is that his students were sitting on cement block and on kuffour gallons. Mr. Salamat was just transferred when the deputy minister of education was on radio saying the man was sacked for not being creative enough when it comes to providing desks to his students. What a stupid statement!

2. Posing with $1 million Cheque

When our whole president was in front of the cameras posing with a mere $1 million as a ‘gift’ from the Indian government. Is this not childish?

3. Loose talk from his Ministers

It appears most of his 110 ministers don’t know how to talk to the public and a clear examples are his deputy minister of Education and the sacked deputy minister of Agric.

4. Stupid Seizures of Cars

If there is one thing this government knows how to do with best, it has to do with the seizures of cars. Apparently everyone with a V8 needs to have his car ceased. This foolishness went on for sometime as well.

5. Closure of Offices

Another shameful act this government has really tolerated for a long time has to do with closure of government. It began with the closure of National Health Insurance offices and then just yesterday, the Tamale mayor had his office closed as well and not even a single individual was arrested.

Ghana Secondary Schools with some Fresh Guys

A look at secondary schools in Ghana with some really good looking guys. I mean with some really fresh guys. When it comes to freshness, any girl can relate.

Let the list begin;

Takoradi Technical Institute

A critical look at most of the students on campus will of course tell you, you’ve found yourself in the midst of some really good looking guys. Majority of the guys there are fresh and bold therefore can sweep away any girl with ease and not just with their sweet talks.

 Mfantsipim Senior High School

They are really  averse when it comes to academics but that doesn’t compromise on their looks. Their uniform itself has swag in it and with a little bit of freshness, the Mfantsiman girls are on standby waiting to date them.

St. John’s Secondary School

The SAINTS as they are affectionately called are also one of the schools on the list which can really boast of some fresh guys.

 Presec- Legon

These guys can also boast of their freshness as well  aside academics.

 Shama Secondary School(SHASS)

This is one school which can boast of freshness in both their males and females. I sometimes wonder whether the computerized system had been programmed in such a way that all the fresh guys and ladies find themselves there.

Shocking: Reason why 24 year old Sakawa Boy Died after Coming in Contact with Water

A young “Sakawa boy”, identified only as Collins, has died mysteriously after going against a rule not to touch water set out for him by his spiritualist. understands that Collins, 24, and some of his friends had consulted the spiritualist to make them rich and also boost their music career.

The spiritualist, according to a report by Accra-based Adom FM, granted their request, but warned that as a consequence of the ritual, they should not come in contact with water for a period of time.

The report said Collins, however, defied the rule when he jumped into a swimming pool at the Awutu Forest Grove Hostel, where he and his friends had been drinking. Collins, the report added, died instantly in the water.

The Awutu Breku District Police Commander, ASP Johnson Hessay, who reportedly confirmed the incident, said police were still investigating the matter.

The top 10 Richest Men in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has the second largest economy in the Arab world. One third of the nation’s GDP is from oil revenue. Petroleum and natural gas exports play an important in the economy. This nation has some of richest Arab families in the world.

Here is a brief overview of billionaires in UAE according to their Forbes ranking net worth:

10. Azad Moopen-Net worth: $1.28bn 

Physician Azad Moopen founded and chairs Dubai-based Aster DM Healthcare, a leading health care provider in the Middle East and India. He was a professor at a government-owned medical college in Calicut in south India before he immigrated to Dubai in 1987, where he set up his medical practice,” his profile says.

“Moopen went on to build a healthcare empire that today treats more than 8 million patients annually, employs over 1,000 doctors and covers the spectrum of hospitals, medical clinics, diagnostic centers, pharmacies and a health care consultancy. He’s reportedly planning to list Aster in India. Passionate about reversing the brain drain from India, he has built hospitals and a medical college in his native Kerala state.Sets aside one-fifth of his income for philanthropy every year.

9. Saif Al Ghurair & family – Net worth: $1.9 Billion

Saif Al Ghurair is the former chairman of family holding company Al Ghurair Group, which has interests in steel, banking and plastics for food packaging.

8. Sunny Varkey- Networth: $1.97bn (Dh6.6bn)

Education czar Sunny Varney is ranked at No. 8 in the UAE and #949 globally (#988 last year). The net worth of the founder of the world’s largest KG-to-Grade 12 school operator is estimated by Forbes at $2bn (Dh7.4bn), up from $1.8bn (Dh6.6bn) last year.
Son of expat teachers, Sunny Varkey created Gems Education, the largest operator of private kindergarten- to-grade-12 schools in the world, with 50 schools and 140,000 students across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. In October, he sold a 20 per cent stake for an estimated $350 million in its emerging markets business, covering the Middle East, North Africa and East Asia to a consortium of investors which included Blackstone and Bahrain’s sovereign investment arm,” notes his profile.

Varkey stepped down as chairman, ceding spot to Sir Michael Peat, a former private secretary to Prince Charles. While Gems’ first school in the US has opened in Chicago, a plan to start a school in New York has been stalled by a lawsuit by a property developer who alleged that Gems breached a tenancy contract. Passionate about fitness, Varkey works out daily. Dotes on his four grandkids.

7.BR Shetty- Networth of $2.7bn (Dh6.2bn)

Former pharma salesman B.R. Shetty immigrated to Abu Dhabi in 1972. He made a big splash last May with the acquisition of UK foreign exchange group Travelex Holdings for an estimated $1.6 billion together with Centurion, the investment arm of Saeed Bin Butti Al Qabaisi, his longtime business partner,” lists his profile.

“Shetty already owns the UAE Exchange, which handles over 10 per cent of all inward foreign remittances into India. His London-listed NMC Health is the UAE’s largest private health care firm. Other interests include generics firm Neopharma which is a contract manufacturer for Pfizer and Merck Serono. Shetty also owns prized real estate such as an apartment on the 100th floor of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. He offered jobs at NMC to 46 Indian nurses who were stranded in Iraq’s Tikrit after militants seized it.

6.Ravi Pillai- Networth of $3.7bn

India-born, Middle East construction tycoon Ravi Pillai controls the $3.5 billion RP Group whose flagship is Nasser Al-Hajri Corp., a construction heavyweight in Saudi Arabia. He owns a 50 per cent stake in the privately held firm, which is named after his local partner,” says his profile.

“Pillai is bullish on Dubai, where he’s lined up real estate projects worth $1.5 billion. These include a Crowne Plaza hotel due to open in 2016 and a 110-story tower that will be Dubai’s second tallest. His fortune is up partly on new information on his Indian assets, which include stakes in banks, hotels, property. He visits the Guruvayur temple in his native Kerala state every month because, he tells Forbes, ‘When you’re doing so much you need blessings.

5. Abdulla Al Futtaim – Net worth: $3.1 Billion (Dh10.3 Billion)

Abdulla Al Futtaim is the owner of the Al Futtaim Group, which is the exclusive distributor of Toyota and Honda vehicles in the UAE. The company is run by his son Omar.

4. M.A. Yusuff Ali- Networth of $3.9 billion

Indian-born retail king of Abu Dhabi, MA Yusuff Ali controls the $5.8 billion (revenues) LuLu Group, which has 114 hypermarkets, supermarkets and grocery outlets, mostly in the Middle East. It has lately expanded into Malaysia and Indonesia where its ‘halal’ products are popular,” says his profile.

“Yusuff Ali, who hails from a village in the southern Indian state of Kerala, is pumping investments back home. He already has a LuLu mall and two Marriott hotels in the southern Indian city of Cochin where he maintains a 60,000-square- foot waterfront home. He’s now building a technology park called the Lulu Tech Park and a Grand Hyatt hotel,” it adds.

“Recently he announced that he will invest $435 million in the southern state of Telangana which will include a mall, hypermarket, food and meat processing unit and a convention centre. New toys include an Embraer Legacy 500 jet.

3. Micky Jagtiani- Networth: $4.1bn 

Middle East retailing juggernaut, the Dubai-headquartered Landmark Group, was founded by Micky Jagtiani in 1973 with one store in Bahrain after his father and brother died. It generates $5 billion revenues annually from more than 1,900 stores across the Middle East, Africa and India,” Forbes states in Jagtiani’s profile.

“Landmark is stepping up expansion in fast food and restaurants through its food and beverage unit Foodmark, which has the Middle East franchise for Jamba Juice and Sweden’s Max Burger, among much else. After ending a 2-year alliance with France’s Groupe Auchan that operated 13 hypermarkets in India, Landmark teamed with Dutch retailer Spar. The privately held group, which wife Renuka helps him run, also has interests in hotels, healthcare, fitness gyms and confectionery,” it adds.

2. Majid Al Futtaim – Net worth: $5.9 Billion

This Dubai-based billionaire is the estranged brother of billionaire Abdulla Al Futtaim. Non-family members run his eponymous holding company, which operates malls and Carrefour hypermarkets across the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.

1.  Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair & family – Net worth: $6.4 Billion

Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair and his brother Saif Al Ghurair (who is also a billionaire) are scions of a prominent UAE business family. He founded the Mashreqbank in 1967. Today it is one of the nation’s top banks. Abdulla is the chairman of the bank and his son Abdul Aziz is the CEO.

Ghana Secondary Schools with the most Beautifully Designed Uniforms

Ghana has over 470 senior high schools, spread across the 10 regions in the country. For years, each region has boasted of which school has the most brilliant students, best school spirit, most beautiful compounds and even the most involved alumni.

These are the high schools (that we think) have the best school uniforms. Starting with the third-place participants in this year’s’ National Science and Math Quiz, the Adisadel College’s crisp Black and White striped uniforms is a top design.

Adisadel College

Ahantaman Girls’ Secondary School

A look at Ahantaman’s uniform is really great and of course makes the cut of secondary schools with some really nice uniforms. Their black and white is really a centre of attention when the ladies adorn it.

Ghana National College

While this is not typically their uniform, National’s ‘House’ wear is colorful pretty design.

Wesley Girls SHS

Also another favorite, this elite girls high school also has a very charming school uniform. The yellow and green with the little green tie is such a classic design.

St. Mary’s Girls SHS

‘Merries’ as they are popularly known, their blue and white striped uniform is easily recognizable anywhere.

St. Mary’s Boys SHS

Just like their girls who can be found in Accra, the boys school located in Takoradi also do have some really beautifully designed uniforms as well.

St. Roses Girls’ Senior High School

The list wouldn’t be complete without the St. Roses ladies.

The 10 Richest Families in America

You will find many rich families in America. According to Forbes the combined wealth of these wealthy families exceeds a staggering $500 billion.

Here are the top 10 (as per Forbes) among them.

10) Duncan family (Net worth: $22.4 billion)

The Duncan family made its fortune in the pipelines industry. Dan Duncan, who was born poor in rural Texas, was raised by his grandmother after his mother and brother died when he was seven. When Duncan passed away in 2010 he was 77. He left his fortune worth around $10 billion to his four children. Since then the family wealth has more than doubled due to increase in stock price of the family business Enterprise Products Partners.

9) (Edward) Johnson family (Net worth: $26 billion

The Johnson family members own around 49 percent of Fidelity, the second largest mutual fund company in the US. It manages assets worth around $1.8 trillion. The Boston-based behemoth was founded by Edward C. Johnson II in 1946. His son Edward “Ned” Johnson III ran the company from 1977 to 2014, when he stepped down as CEO. Currently he is the chairman and his daughter Abigail is the CEO.

8) S. C. Johnson family (Net worth: $28.8 billion)

The S. C. Johnson family made its wealth in the cleaning products industry. They are behind many popular cleaning products like Windex, Ziploc, Shout and Glade. S. C. Johnson founded the company in 1886. Currently Herbert Fisk III, great-great grandson of S. C. Johnson, is the CEO of the company.

7) Pritzker family (Net worth: $30 billion)

The Pritzker family is a powerful family in Chicago. They made their fortune in the hospitality industry through smart investments. Pritzker family created Hyatt Hotels. They spent the first decade of the current century fighting over trusts and eventually divvied up the fortune. There are 11 billionaires in the family.

6) Hearst family (Net worth: $32 billion)

The Hearst family is behind the multinational conglomerate group Hearst Corporation. This New York City-based corporation was founded by William Randolph Hearst in 1887. Today it is one of the largest diversified communication companies in the world. The founder’s grandson, William R. Hearst III, is the chairman of the media behemoth.

5) Cox family (Net worth: $34.5 billion)

James M. Cox bought the Dayton Evening News way back in 1898. Over the decades, the business has expanded to include television, radio and much more. Cox Enterprises includes Cox Media Group (television, news papers and radio stations) and Cox Communications (broadband and cable television).

4) Cargill-MacMillan family (Net worth: $45 billion)

There are 14 billionaires in the Cargill-MacMillan family. It is the family with most number of billionaires. The family owns 88 percent of Cargill, Inc., the largest private company in the US in terms of revenue. The company processes crops, sells food, sources ingredients, trades commodities and provides financial risk management.

3) Mars Family (Net worth: $80 billion)

Siblings John, Forrest Jr. and Jacqueline own 100 percent of world’s largest candy company ($33 billion in sales) Mars. They inherited the business in 1999 when their father Forrest Sr. passed away. Even though all of them are on the board of the company, they have no daily role.

2) Koch family (Net worth: $86 billion)

The Koch family is behind Koch Industries, the second largest private company (around $100 billion in sales) in the US. Charles and David, two of the four siblings have worked really hard to grow the business. These two rank among the country’s top 10 richest individuals. Today Wichita-based Koch Industries is a multinational corporation, with subsidiaries involved in manufacturing, trading and investments.

1) Walton family (Net worth: $149 billion)

The Walton family is the richest family in the US. It controls Walmart, the largest retailer in the world. Walmart has come a long way since it was founded by Sam Walton and his brother James in a small town in 1962. Today, together, six members of the Walton family own around 54 percent of the retail giant. Various controversies (like Mexican bribery scandal and employee payment issues) have not impacted Walmart’s sales. It generated $486 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2015.

5 Senior High Schools in Ghana Noted For Producing “Bad Boys”

After receiving  lots and lots of backslash from many who thought I erred in my submission on  Ghanaian schools with most beautiful ladies as I didn’t feature Adisec, I do hope you will agree with me on this list whiles we look at senior high schools in Ghana noted for producing some really ‘bad boys’.

1. Takoradi Technical Institute

Talking of one senior high school very well noted for producing some of the baddest guys, TTI can’t be be left out on a more serious note and I do hope you will agree with me on this. During Interco, one thing is really certain about them, they are always unified and of course no jokes with them at all when it comes to their team. They are also good at wooing at the ladies from other schools and of course a fight during the competition is mostly between them and one other school I’m going to list as well.

2. St. Mary’s Boys’ Senior High School

I know many are going to be surprised for listing this school as the name St. Mary’s is very known associated with girls but not the one located in the Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis. It’s one Catholic school and of course they do go mass almost everyday but when it comes to notoriety, you can’t take that away from them. Only God knows the reason for bad blood between them and Takoradi Technical Institute (TTI). Many do believe may be the Ahanss Girls might be the reason.

3.Ghana Secondary Technical School(GSTS)

They obviously do see themselves as the ‘ladies men’. It is one of the most sort after school in the metropolis and so the girls from the other schools just can’t keep their hands off them and so at every inter-co when all the other schools are thriving to win, they will be busy chasing girls.

4. St. Augustine’s College(Augusco)

You can decide to call them the confusion boys because wherever there is confusion they are there. They never seem to understand or agree to anything that does not go their way. It is their way or no way and so at every event, you will find them causing confusion but when it comes to academics too, they perform. We can’t say same for now though.

5. Mfantsipim School

The “Kwabotwe boys” are well-known womanizers. You don’t dare them with a woman, they will snatch her in a minute.