“Don’t marry anyone who puts Password on their Phones”–Pastor Warns

Ghanaian Counselor Adofoli, shares that you shouldn’t marry anyone whose phone is password protected, he even uses scriptural references to back himself up.

Read below:

If you are single and thinking of marriage, then please don’t marry anyone who puts passwords or locks on their phone as a form of security to prevent you from accessing their conversations.

They can surely do this for other security measures, but you must not be the reason for this action.

I am very much aware that passwords or lock are for security purposes but one thing I don’t approve of is when a spouse becomes the reason for that security measure.

There is nothing like secrecy or privacy in marriage, let no one deceive you there is, and let no one tell you he or she is doing that to save you from getting hurt. Marriage is a holy institution, there is nothing like hiding. Marriage is made for life and one of the very things that can destroy it is acts of hiding things.

The bible says in Genesis 2:25 (TLB) “Now although the man and his wife were both naked, neither of them was embarrassed or ashamed”. What are you embarrassed or ashamed of your spouse seeing? If you can’t be truthful, honest and transparent with them, then there is no need getting married to them. It doesn’t matter how you feel about them.

Mark 10:8 (NLV) says “The two will become one. So they are no longer two, but one”. I, therefore, suggest to you, if he or she is hiding things from you, it simply means they don’t want to become one with you. Such a marriage won’t last.

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.

– Counselor Adofoli

Photos: Meet Pastor who Demands that his Church Members Lay Down on the Ground AND Bow to him During Entrance


Facebook user Clement Ntukogu who shared this photo didn’t state the church where this happened but it has caused a huge stir among people who believe this should never happen.

Clement wrote:


At the entrance of a pastor, the whole congregation are expected to lie on the floor. And in other churches, they are expected to stand on their feet. This is NOT the Christianity that Christ and His apostles had taught in the Bible but it’s Christianity invented by man.

“And as Peter was coming in, Cornelius met him, and fell down at his feet, and
worshipped him. But Peter took him up, saying, Stand up; I myself also am a man” Acts 10:25-26.

“And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things. Then saith he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God” – Revelation 22:8-9.

Today, Christians have loss their sense of reasonings and have become so stupid to practice nonsense in order to please their pastors. What a shame!

Meet The 4-Year Old Chinese Girl Who Appears Like A 9-Month Old Pregnant Woman

A 4-year-old girl suffers from condition that makes her look 9 months pregnant

(Scroll down for video) A 4-year-old girl is getting used to people staring at her due to a rare condition that makes her appear to be pregnant.

The girl’s family of China, are desperately seeking a cure for the disease that left her with a massive oversized belly.

Hu Yunxing traveled from her hometown of Shanxi province to Beijing, trying to find out what was happening to the young girl.

Her parents hopes that doctors would have a diagnosis and treatment for the child. Yunxing is suffering from a rare condition known as Budd-Chiari Syndrome.

As Yahya Jammeh has finally Stepped Down, here’s a list of Africa’s current longest-serving Leaders

The past two weeks have placed the African continent on the world map for the wrong reasons. Ex- Gambian President Yahya Jammeh held on to power forcing the newly elected Adama Barrow to be sworn in at the Gambian embassy in Senegal.

He has been in power for more than 22 years, but other current African leaders have ruled longer. Below is a list of Seven other African leaders who have led for more than 30 years…

Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) — 36 years

Age: 92
In power since: April 1980, when his country gained independence after he coordinated a guerrilla war against white colonial rulers. He first was prime minister, then took the presidency in 1987 — elected by the national assembly — when a new constitution created the office to replace the prime minister’s office.
Current election rules: Five-year terms, no term limits. He has claimed victory in popular votes — sometimes highly controversially — in 1990, 1996, 2002, 2008, and 2013. He is the last living African leader who’s been in power continuously since his country’s independence.

King Mswati III (Swaziland) — 30 years

Age: 48
In power since: April 1986, upon turning 18, nearly four years after the death of his father, the previous king.
No popular election for the king: Swaziland is Africa’s last remaining absolute monarchy, which is hereditary. The country has an elected Parliament, and Mswati chooses a prime minster from among the elected members.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (Equatorial Guinea) — 37 years

Age: 74
In power since: August 3, 1979, when he toppled his uncle in a military coup.

Current election rules
: The president is elected in a majority popular vote for seven-year terms. This leader last claimed victory in an April 2016 election, reportedly with 93.7% of the vote. Opposition members and human rights groups have questioned the elections’ fairness.

Denis Sassou-Nguesso (Republic of Congo) — 33 years, nonconsecutive

Age: 73
In power since: It’s complicated. He first was president from 1979 to 1992, when he was defeated in an election. He returned to power in 1997 during a civil war, eventually standing for and winning a presidential election in 2002.
Current election rules: Majority popular vote. Up to three five-year terms, though a 2015 constitutional referendum allowed Sassou-Nguesso to forgo the limits, according to Freedom House, a US nonprofit that promotes democracy. The last election was in March 2016.

Jose Eduardo dos Santos (Angola) — 37 years

Age: 74
In power since: September 1979, when he was elected the ruling party’s leader upon the previous president’s death.

Current election rules: Under terms of a constitution approved in 2010, the leader of the party that wins a popular parliamentary vote is president for five years. Dos Santos’ party won elections in 2012, so under the new rules, he started the first of a possible two terms. The election was Angola’s third since it gained independence from Portugal in 1975, as it was often wracked by civil war.

Yoweri Museveni (Uganda) — 31 years

Age: 72
In power since: January 1986, when Museveni, a guerrilla leader and former defense minister, ousted a military regime.
Current election rules: Majority popular vote for five-year terms, with no term limits. Museveni held the presidency for 10 years before he was chosen in the country’s first direct presidential election in 1996. After his re-election in 2001, Parliament removed presidential term limits in 2005. He was elected for a fifth term in February 2016.

Paul Biya (Cameroon) — 34 years

Age: 83
In power since: November 1982, when the then-prime minister succeeded a president who resigned.
Current election rules: Majority popular vote for seven-year terms. Last elected in October 2012. No term limits.


How Obama Made $20 Million Dollars in 8 Years

Barack Obama served his last day as the 44th President of the United States on January 20, 2017. Although his annual salary was only $400,000 a year, during his presidency, he made $20 million dollars. But how?

Publishing deals pay off big

According to Forbes.com, about 75 percent of Obama’s income came from his best-selling books that he authored. These include Audacity of Hope and Of Thee I Sing: A Letter To My Daughters – his book for children. One of his books alone, Dreams From My Father, earned him more than $6 million dollars.

There is also the President’s salary, and interest and dividends on investment holdings, which included U.S. treasury bills and diversified funds. Both Barack and Michelle have also served on boards and were paid for speaking engagements.

Giving back

Although they may a lot of money, what many people don’t know about the Obamas is that they are also very generous philanthropists. They donated all post-tax profits from the children’s book to establish scholarships for children of wounded and fallen soldiers.

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In addition, between 2005 to 2015, they gave away $1.6 million, or 8% of their earnings, to charities. Barack has another, non-fiction book in the works, which he earlier agreed not to publish while he was President. Once published, it is sure to produce even more book royalties.

What’s next?

Before becoming President, Obama earned $610K as a Senator, and Michelle earned $317,000 in 2005 and $274,000 in 2006 as vice president for community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals. But the pair will continue to make millions more.

As with many former Presidents, speaking engagements and book deals often produce millions more for them after they leave office. This was true for the Clintons, who earned $240 million between 2001 and 2015 from consulting, speaking and book deals. It will most certainly be true for the Obamas, too.

Enough of the negative comments about my marriage – Kafui Danku to critics

Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Kafui Danku, who recently became a mother to a lovely daughter has lashed out at her critics for her choice of a husband.

Ever since photos from her baby’s christening emerged, there has been a barrage of insults and harsh criticism rained on the actress and her family. Most of these insults to Kafui are judgmental of the fact that she is married to a relatively older man who is also not African.

In one of her latest updates on her official Instagram page, Kafui pleads to her followers to stop sending her screenshots of negative comments made about her marriage and family.

She wrote, “Pls… Stop sending screenshots of the negative comments…Pls it’s enough… I’ve seen and heard more positive vibes so enough of the negative ones already. Not everyone will agree with ur choices but it’s their opinion and they can keep it to themselves If they can’t be inspired…. (It’s no news though) Negative screenshots don’t work for me. Thank you.

Kafui who has been married to her Canadian beau for a few years now, revealed last year that she had suffered 3 miscarriages before her successful conception and birth of Baby Lorde.

The couple seem happy and Kafui is determined to enjoy her marriage whether Ghanaians are in favour of it or not.


Bangladesh’s ‘Tree man’ has his hands back

The “Tree man” is no longer. Thanks to some groundbreaking surgeries, he can go back to being Abul Bajandar, a 27-year-old father and husband from a small town in Bangladesh.

Bajandar suffered from a rare condition that caused his hands to sprout tree-like warts. He lived with it for years before beginning surgery to remove the growths last February.

Since then he has had 16 procedures to restore his hands and will undergo a few more before he is released from the hospital.

Dr. Samanta Lal Sen, chief plastic surgeon at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, told CNN Bajandar is in “very good shape” now, and can eat and write using his own hands. The further procedures, he said, are more for “beautification.”

Bajandar suffered from epidermodysplasia verruciformis, a disease so rare there have only been a handful of reported cases around the world. It is caused by a defect in the immune system which increases one’s susceptibility to HPV, or human papilloma virus.

Lal Sen told CNN last February that Bajandar first noticed the lesions when he was 10. Over time, the growths completely encompassed his hands, stealing his livelihood as a rickshaw driver and making him the subject of international news.

Before the surgery, Bajandra could not eat, drink, brush his teeth or take a shower by himself. The only thing he could do was scratch his neck.

“I want to live like a normal person. I just want to be able to hold my daughter properly and hug her,” he told CNN last year.


Pastor Feeds Innocent church members with ENGINE OIL as cure for HIV

A pastor at the Breath of Christ Ministries in South African, Prophet Theophilus Bongani Maseko seems to have found a cure for HIV which was just sitting in our garage gathering dust.

South African pastor feeds innocent church members ENGINE OIL as cure for HIV

Engine Oil is the strange new formula the pastor is using to cure his congregants from diseases.

This was made know by a post on the Church’s Facebook page and also in a sermon delivered by the pastor.

He pointed out to the fact that his protection comes from Christ and he can’t be harmed.

This is the full statement:

Yes as Christ is in Heaven so I Am in this world. And if I no longer live but Christ lives in me. This means I have surrendered my life. And I took the Life of Christ. Which is the I Am Life. As far as I’m concerned I Am dead. But I Am alive through the cross of Christ. Remember when I first bought the Havoline, I drank it alone. And everyone in this place thought I was gonna die.

But I didn’t, I did this to prove to many of you that I know who I Am. And I Am no longer a human being. I Am the form of God. I Am the exact Image of my Father. I Am the Christ. Look today you all going to be delivered and healed in a strange way. That way is to demonstrate Mark 16:17-18.

This is Havoline but now I say this is the unseen, and unheard Power of God. This is the fullness of Christ in this bottle. No poison will prosper against you. But all your afflictions will be over today. You will be delivered and healed by the Image of my Father. I say Father thank you for healing your people. Thank you for your love….Glory Be To God.

“What is sickness? What is a demon? These are simply a condition that tries to deposition you from Christ. Today you will be healed and delivered in a mysterious way. What I Am holding now with my hand is the fullness of Christ in this bottle. With this bottle you can empty HIV wards. You can cast out any disease and devils. By looking at this bottle you are now free! By touching it you are imparted with a strange anointing from above. This is Christ at,” Maseko was quoted as saying.

Though his congregants may be ecstatic about his new found cure, many South Africans have come out to condemn the acts.

This includes Thoko Mkwanazi-Xaluu the Chairperson of Commission for Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Religious, Cultural and Linguistic Communities.

She said “A lot of people are going to die one of these days; we are fortunate that has not happened. A lot of people’s lives are at risk here, Doctors have a peer review body, so do lawyers, so they know they can’t do anything unacceptable. Why should it be different with them (pastors)?

All the Fixtures for the AFCON 2017


All the fixtures for the AFCON 2017.


Who’s in it? Gabon, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Guinea-Bissau.


January 14: Gabon vs Guinea-Bissau, Burkina Faso vs Cameroon.

January 18: Gabon vs Burkina Faso, Cameroon vs Guniea-Bissau.

January 22: Cameroon vs Gabon, Gunieau-Bissau vs Burkina Faso.

Group B

Who’s in it? Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Zimbabwe.


January 15: Algeria vs Zimbabwe, Tunisia vs Senegal.

January 19: Algeria vs Tunisia, Senegal vs Zimbabwe.

January 23: Senegal vs Algeria, Zimbabwe vs Tunisia.

Group C

Who’s in it? Ivory Coast, DR Congo, Morocco, Togo.


January 16: Ivory Coast vs Togo, DR Congo vs Morocco.

January 20: Ivory Coast vs DR Congo, Morocco vs Togo.

January 24: Morocco vs Ivory Coast, Togo vs DR Congo.

Group D

Who’s in it? Ghana, Mali, Egypt, Uganda.


January 17: Ghana vs Uganda, Mali vs Egypt.

January 21: Ghana vs Mali, Egypt vs Uganda.

January 25: Egypt vs Ghana, Uganda vs Mali.

The knockout stages

Quarter-finals: January 28, 29.

Semi-finals: February 1, 2.

Third place play-off: February 4

Final: February 5.