The Madness in the Jigwe Awards by Prince Owusuagyei

This trend bothers me and I’m hoping that as well we all discuss this issue, I may be settled in my heart about this matter.

On top is Rashida black beauty who just won an award for her video on kushman(it went viral)
Beneath is Karim Fathia,who swept away a record of 19 awards at the graduation of the medical school,KNUST (didn’t go viral)

My question is what values are we leaving our generation after us?. When I heard that Rashida has been awarded, I said ‘gosh’ so why did we complain about lord paper video which came out? I think as a nation, we are losing our values for something which is foreign all in the name of fame.
The lady on lord paper video received a big invitation for a movie premiere while ladies like Karim Fathia never get anything at all.The message is that it pays to do a n@ked video or any viral video than to be in school.
A few years ago we used to compete among ourselves for grades,best needle works,best athlete or best office girl or best girl in house hold chores. Now,it is about who can pose either half naked or do a crazy video to attract attention.
To the organizers I suggest that we rather help this young lady acquire skills to make her better and more valuable to herself and help her get out her emotional state which forced her to do the video to put that young man who broke her heart to shame instead of trying to glorify her actions.
Secondly the organizers should start inviting and celebrating young academics like Fathia to motivate our young people.
Finally I believe Ghana is not like US where Kim Kadarshian can become a star because of a sex tape.
Let us give our children good  examples to follow either you learn a skill with a swag or stay in school or join Kumahood and add your creativity to the industry or better still join the business men and women who are transforming Ghana.

Written by Prince Owusuagyei

8 Reasons Why Nana Addo And The NPP Won The 2016 Elections

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo won the 2016 presidential race against John Dramani Mahama and will be the 5th president of the 4th Republic of Ghana.

Here are 5 reasons why Nana Addo and the NPP won the election.

1. One This-One That was a better and relatable slogan than JM Toaso.

The people of Ghana started playing with Nana Addo’s One District-One Factory and One Village-One Dam with their own version. Was much fun that just saying JM Toaso.

2. So Nana Addo and the NPP stuck to the script on speaking on the issues that Ghanaians wanted to hear.


3. Onaapo was too good a trolling song than a winning song

The moment that song dropped for Mahama’s campaign, everyone accepted it was dope. So dope even the opposition party couldn’t ignore.


4. We loved seeing Samira Bawumia on our screens and wanted more.


5. People think Mahama did not have a running mate.

Amissah who?

6. While the NPP had this guy.


7. This guy also did not help President Mahama and the NDC.

8. When it was all said and done, Nana Addo had more than one million votes than President John Dramani Mahama.




10 Reasons why Most Ghanaians will Remain Poor for the Rest of their Lives

There are easy and quick-to-recognize signs that help us know if we are heading downward in our quest for financial upliftment.

Here are all the reasons why some Ghanaians will surely remain poor;

1. Lacking Financial Discipline

We know all the reasons why you will always remain poor

Most people do not realize that the only way to financially prosperity is discipline. It doesn’t matter how much you make from your job, if you are indiscipline with your finances you’ll also remain poor and even in-debt.

You should be able to save some parts of your salaries and income and discipline yourself on your spending. The 2008 economic meltdown for instance was as the result of financial indiscipline on the parts of bankers. Simply put, nobody will succeed and be rich if they’re financial indiscipline.

2. Learn New things

They say the only constant in life is change and that means that you should be ready to learn new things every day. It’s best to educate yourself on financial matters when the opportunity avails itself.

This will help you in the long run and you would not have struggle with money in the future. You should always remember that formal education will make you a living while self-education will make a fortune for you.

3. Giving Up Easily

Winners and the most successful people in life have one thing in common, they never quit. A lot of people do not have the mental capacity and dexterity to withstand pressure. If you are someone who gives up easily then you’re bound to live the rest of your life in the world of poverty.

Work with dedication and persistence so you may feel the exhilaration of victory.

4. Always Looking For Get-Rich Schemes

All that glitters is not gold and the earlier you take this advice, the better it’ll be for you. A lot of people have remained poor because of their own greed. Instead of working hard or investing their cash into reliable schemes, they’ll rather opt for get-rich-schemes which are mostly fallacious.

Others spend all their time on lottery and gambling, which only lead them to bankruptcy. There’s no way you’ll become rich if you continue these habits.

5. Blaming Others For Your Situation

Some people will never accept their wrong even if the evidence is plain for everyone to see. Blaming everyone around you except yourself for your troubles will only make matters worse.

Leave the witch, demons, family, bosses and government alone, rather learn from your mistakes and work hard in order to achieve your goals

6. Spending Time With The Wrong People

Psychologists say that a person is the average of the five people they spend the most time with which means if 5 of your very close friends are poor or lazy then you are the sixth lazy person. The Bible even says in Proverbs 13:20 that you are the company you keep, this means the people around you are a perfection description of who you are.

If you want to be rich spend time with hardworking, positive people or people who have made it in life. They’re practical lessons, motivations and the way they share in your dreams will help you become rich

7. Not Managing Your Fears

We know all the reasons why you will always remain poor

We all have fears and that’s a fact even though most of us act all brave and strong. But if you fail to manage your fears, you’ll find yourself remaining poor for the rest of your life.

You need to risk a lot if you want to become successful. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, two of the richest computer scientists in the world, quit school to start the companies they run now and this wouldn’t have happened if they gave into their fears.

8. Not Controlling Your Greed

Greedy people always end up poor and this because this unhealthy addiction does not allow you think straight and analyze issues concerning your finances and the needs of others.

Greedy people only care about themselves and what they need so in trying to get all that, they end up losing everything. It’s best to control your greed by setting up financial goals so you will know how much to invest in your dreams.

9. Not Having Big Goals

When you dream, dream big and it should be as big as the ocean. The government does not tax or arrest anyone for dreaming, so do it big. You must have goals that are big enough to scare you especially if you want to become rich. Don’t stay within you comfort zones because nothing great ever grows in that zone.

If you want big things to happen in your life, then pursue goals that seem impossible to achieve. In testing your limits, you’ll discover that you’re capable of more things that you thought you couldn’t do

10. Lacking Focus

You can’t succeed in life if you don’t have focus and that’s the bitter reality. Going through life without a goal or a sense of purpose, is technically like committing suicide. Behind every great success story is a focus man or woman who wasn’t fazed by their surroundings and persevered till they achieved what the want.

Some call it an insatiable hunger for success and without focus you’ll continue being poor.

Video: More UAE men are falling for the Skype Sex Scam!

Online scams and extortion is a new trend of cyber crime that is targeting mostly citizens of Gulf countries and more UAE men are falling victims to these crimes.

One of these new trends is the Skype sex scam.The Skype sex scam is basically an extortion method where the criminal acts as if he is a very attractive lady, adds you on Facebook, and starts to flirt with you.

After knowing you for a bit, the criminal will ask to Skype you, then show a fake video of a woman. He will then seduce you to perform indecent acts on webcam.If you do fall for this and perform these acts, the criminal would record the whole thing.After the act is done, the criminal will upload your recording to YouTube, and threaten to send it to all your friends and family. These criminals will usually ask for around 1000-2000$ as payment. Even after you send the payment, they might possibly ask for another payment at a later date.

This form of extortion is being mostly targeted at citizen of UAE and gulf countries. This is due to the fact that in these countries, sex is a very taboo topic, and such scandal is extremely shameful in the community, which makes it easier to extort money out of the victims.

You can be safe from falling victim to extortion by being very careful what you do on webcam with anyone, and watch out for fake women on Facebook.

Below is a video made by BBC Stories, where they feature the story of one of the victims, and interview one of the criminals that has scammed many men.

Warning: this video contains descriptions of sexual acts


For more than a decade, Jack Chako, 38, has been living happily with her two husbands, Michael Hwita and Liford Chimoto, with whom she shares one bed.

Chako is the head of the family. On how she gets maximum sexual satisfaction from her husbands, she said:

“We are a happy family, I live with my two husbands and we love one another. My two husbands are best friends and they are always together. Chimoto is the elder husband, while Hwita is the junior.

I married the second Hwita because Chimoto is elderly and increasingly becoming weak in bed and was starving me sexually. In terms of conjugal rights I favour Hwita. He gets me there. I only do it with Chimoto as a token.

At times, I feel pity for Chimoto and give him token conjugal rights and he appreciates that. The rule is no one gets out of the room, because he is not on duty. Whoever is not on duty, just watches us at it.

I am in charge and my two husbands are now used to sleeping side by side in one bed.” Speaking further, the mother of five, three children from a previous marriage and two from this polyandrous affair, said, “I use some concoction to pacify my husbands. .

It is not a secret that I used a concoction to cow them down. I also sell this concoction to other women to cow down their errant husbands and make them compliant. None of my two husbands wishes to leave me.”

The husbands, Hwita and Chimoto, on their parts, said they don’t have problems taking Chako says their joint wife. Chimoto said, “I know my failings and I appreciate the decision which was taken, we have various duties and life goes on.”

Hwita said, “I see no problem. She loves both of us and we understand our situation. “I respect Chimoto as the elder husband because I found him here.” Crdt: thezimbabwedaily

The 10 Richest Men in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has the second largest economy in the Arab world. One third of the nation’s GDP is from oil revenue. Petroleum and natural gas exports play an important in the economy. This nation has some of richest Arab families in the world.

Here is a brief overview of billionaires in UAE according to their Forbes ranking net worth:

10. Azad Moopen-Net worth: $1.1bn (Dh4bn)

Physician Azad Moopen founded and chairs Dubai-based Aster DM Healthcare, a leading health care provider in the Middle East and India. He was a professor at a government-owned medical college in Calicut in south India before he immigrated to Dubai in 1987, where he set up his medical practice,” his profile says.

“Moopen went on to build a healthcare empire that today treats more than 8 million patients annually, employs over 1,000 doctors and covers the spectrum of hospitals, medical clinics, diagnostic centers, pharmacies and a health care consultancy. He’s reportedly planning to list Aster in India. Passionate about reversing the brain drain from India, he has built hospitals and a medical college in his native Kerala state.Sets aside one-fifth of his income for philanthropy every year.