Happy Birthday Boss!

What could have been the greatest Christmas gift to your mother other than Baby Odoom on the day you were born. Today marking a milestone in your life, the entire kojokrom.com team wishes you a Happy Birthday boss.

May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Happy New Year 2016 Wishes in Advance

Ι wish yοu get Ηappiness from deep ωithin and serenity from Εvery aspect in Τhis New Υear. Happy Νew Year.

Let’s ωelcome this New Υear with smiles οn our faces Αnd hopes in yοur heart for Τhe best. Wish yοu a very Ηappy New Υear.

Fight ωith your νices, make Ρeace with your Νeighbors. Let Εach day of Τhe New Year find yοu a better Μan. Happy Νew Year in Advance.

Αs the world Μarks a new Βeginning, Ι wish you Αlso start afresh fοrgetting your tears Αnd sadness. Cheer υp and happy Νew Year.

Wish yοu a very happy Νew year Αhead, full οf happiness Αnd let the jοurney of life Βe full οf successful Μilestones. Happy Νew Year.

Νew Year Βrings just Happiness nοt Tear, Εverybody loves οnly You my Dear ,
Αll your Ρroblems will Βe Finish, Ιt’s for You Μy Special New Υear’s wish.

Τhe New Year gives yοu fresh 365 days tο play ωith – fill Τhem up ωith whatever your Ηeart desires so Τhat you have nο regrets at Τhe end of Τhe annual cycle.

Leave Βehind you the οld chapters that ωere filled with Ρages of worries Αnd begin the Νew Year with Ηappiness, cheer Αnd smiles.

May Τhe year 2016 Βe like a Βlank book that Ιs waiting your Ιntervention to fill υp its 365 Ρages with all Τhe colors under Τhe sun making Ιt a vibrant Αddition to yοur life.

Dοn’t think of Τhe opportunities that yοu have missed Ιn the last Υear. The Νew Year is Αn unwritten book, sο choose your Αctions and words ωisely and fill Ιt up with Ρages that are wοrth reading by Τhe end of Τhe year.


MADNESS-Woman who Removed her 6 Ribs Warned she needs Corset to Stay Alive

The model who became famous for removing her ribs to look like Jessica Rabbit needs corsets to stay alive. But after shelling out over $150,000 on the surgery, doctors are warning her that her corset may need to be worn at all times to keep her organs in place.

Pixee Fox, 25, removed six ribs  for a thinner waist. The model had visited the doctor beforehand, but when interviewed by TV hosts the surgeon, then said he was concerned regarding the complications the surgery has on the body – adding that a corset was essential.

But wearing the corset too much could have its own complications. “It’s recommended to have something to compress your body to keep everything in place after the surgery and also to provide some protection. “If a person wears it 24 hours a day, then their liver, kidneys and everything else are not going to be in their proper place.”

Fresh Air imported from Canada for Sale in China

A Canadian start-up company bottling fresh air from the Rocky Mountains has seen sales to China soar because of rising pollution levels.

Vitality Air was founded last year in the western Canadian city of Edmonton but began selling in China less than two months ago.

“Our first shipment of 500 bottles of fresh air were sold in four days,” co-founder Moses Lam says in a telephone interview with the Telegraph.

A crate containing 4,000 more bottles is making its way to China, but he says most of that shipment has been bought.


A 7.7 Litre can of crisp air taken from Banff National Park in the majestic Rocky Mountains range sells for roughly

Most of their customers live in big cities in the northeastern and southern parts of China where severe pollution warnings have become a common occurence.

State news agency Xinhua has posted a picture online of the city centre barely visible under a thick soup of smog on Tuesday and reflects local frustrations with the caption: “Heavy smog hit China, again!”

The Canadian company is not the first to sell fresh air to the Chinese.

Last year, Beijing artist Liang Kegang fetched the equivalent of £512 for a glass jar filled with air taken from a business trip in southern France.

In 2013, multimillionaire Chen Guangbiao sold pop-sized cans of air purportedly taken from less industrialised regions of China for 5 yuan (£0.50) each.

Vitality Air’s Mr Lam admits that he started out the company as a joke as well when he and co-founder Troy Paquette filled a plastic bag of air and sold it for less than 50 pence on the auction site Ebay.

A second bag sold for $160 (£105).

“That’s when we realised there is a market for this,” says Mr Lam.

Vitality Air sells bottled fresh air and oxygen across North America, to India and the Middle East. But China remains its biggest overseas market.

The company’s China representative, Harrison Wang, says their customers are mainly affluent Chinese women who buy for their families or give away as gifts. But he says senior homes and even high end night clubs have also stocked up on their product.

“In China fresh air is a luxury, something so precious,” says Mr Wang.

He says a number of distributors have contacted them to sell their products.

“It’s very labour intensive but we also wanted to make it a very unique and fun product,” says co-founder Mr Lam.

“We may have bit off more than we can chew.”

The growing orders have been a pleasant surprise for him since his friends and family initially mocked the idea of selling something that most Canadians take for granted.

“My parents told me not to quit my day time job,” he says.

So far, Mr Lam has heeded this advice and still holds a bank job in Canada.

This comes just over a week after Beijing issued a red alert for pollutionthat forced half of the cars off the roads.

Vitality Air’s biggest challenge is to keep up with demand because each bottle of fresh air is filled by hand.
Source: The Telegraph


Jose Mourinho pay-off: How much will the Special One receive after his Chelsea sacking?

Jose Mourinho is set to be paid for the remainder of his Chelsea contract after leaving the club on Thursday.

The Portuguese was axed with the club languishing at the wrong end of the Premier League table.

His departure comes less than seven months after lifting the Premier League table with Chelsea having lost nine times already.

Mourinho signed a bumper £30m four-year deal before the start of the season – securing his services until 2019.

It was thought that contract – and subsequent pay-off – was a decisive factor in Roman Abramovich not pulling the trigger before now.

However, the Portuguese is NOT set for a lucrative pay-off from the Stamford Bridge club.

Instead he will be paid for the remaining three-and-a-half years of his contract in west London – netting his £250,000-a-week salary until he lands another job.

If he decides against working for other clubs, it mean Abramovich could end up forking out £45.5million for him to do nothing.

Mourinho’s sacking came on Thursday afternoon, just hours after the he joined his players and staff for their annual Christmas lunch.

Chairman Bruce Buck and Eugene Tenenbaum arrived at around 2pm to deliver the news in a 10-minute meeting that Mourinho’s second reign as Blues boss was over.

Guus Hiddink is expected to be appointed as manager until the end of the season with Pep Guardiola and Diego Simeone possible long-term replacements.

Billionaire Buries Mother In Hummer SUV Instead Of Casket + $10,000 Splashed

Excess money or do we say so much love? A Nigerian billionaire (name withheld), based in Enugu recently buried his mother in a Hummer.

The moneybag used the sport utility vehicle instead of a traditional casket to bury his beloved mother.

He also splashed the car with over 10,000 dollars. See more photos below…


PHOTO: The “Real” Face Of Jesus Uncovered

Ever wondered what Jesus really looked like? An answer may have emerged on popularmechanics.com from an exciting new field of science “forensic anthropology”.

This follows a discovery from British scientists, assisted by Israeli archeologists, of what they believe is the most accurate image of the most famous face in human history.

While this field of science, “forensic anthropology” is usually used to solve crimes, Richard Neave, a medical artist retired from the University of Manchester in England, realized it also could shed light on the appearance of Jesus.

This is not Neave’s first discovery as he has ventured into controversial areas before. Over the past two decades, he had reconstructed dozens of famous faces, including Philip II of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great, and King Midas of Phrygia.

In order to create an accurate portrait of Jesus, Neave and his research team’s first step was to acquire skulls from near Jerusalem, the region where Jesus lived and preached.

With three well-preserved specimens from the time of Jesus in hand, Neave used computerized tomography to create X-ray “slices” of the skulls, thus revealing minute details about each one’s structure.

Special computer programmes then evaluated reams of information about known measurements of the thickness of soft tissue at key areas on human faces. This made it possible to re-create the muscles and skin overlying a representative Semite skull.

Read how Neave’s discovered the portrait of Jesus here


Nollywood actor and comedian, Dede One Day is dead.

The comic actor who became known for his ‘Laugh With Me’ work passed on after battling with high blood pressure yesterday, December 14,  after performing at an event yesterday.

Viral report however claim that he anchored a program for one Charles Esonu yesterday in Aba. He from there went to Ugwunagbo for another event he was paid , but he couldn’t conclude that event as he was rushed to hospital over blood pressure related issue and he died later.

He is fondly called the ‘comedian with an extra joke’. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Baby is born with his Brain growing into his Nose


A toddler whose brain grew inside his nose has been described as the ‘real-life Pinocchio’ by his proud mother.Ollie Trezise, from Maesteg, Wales, was born with a rare condition which caused his brain to grow through a crack in his skull into his nose.

The 21-month-old has been forced to undergo several painful operations to help him to breathe and close the gap in his skull.

But his mother, Amy Poole, 22, said the brave youngster has been bombarded with cruel comments from strangers.

One even said he ‘should never have been born’ while other taunted him, calling him ‘ugly.’

‘It’s absolutely heart-breaking,’ said the full-time mother-of-two.

‘Once, a woman told me I should never have given birth to him. I nearly burst into tears.

‘To me, Ollie is perfect. He is my little real-life Pinocchio and I couldn’t be prouder of him.’

Miss Poole first discovered that something was different about Ollie at her 20-week scan when doctors told her he had unexpected soft tissue growing on his face.

However, she was still shocked by his condition after giving birth to him at the University Hospital of Wales in February 2014.

Miss Poole, who has since split from Ollie’s father, said: ‘When they gave me Ollie to hold, I was so surprised that I almost couldn’t speak.

‘He was so tiny, but there was this enormous golf-ball sized lump on his nose.

‘At first I wasn’t sure how I would cope. But I knew that I would love him no matter what he looked like.


Pastor who gets Power from Fetish Priest exposed by his new Wife

According to report, the founder and pastor of Holiness of Heaven Ministries located at Orlu in Imo State(Nigeria) has been busted in the act. He was a powerful pastor who performed numerous miracles, gave prophesies and healed the sick until the bubble bust recently.

His reign ended when his “new wife” found out about his so called diabolic alliances and raised alarm over his fetish dealings with a very dangerous native doctor.

As soon as news spread that the pastor is not real afterall, irate village youth mobilized and raided his church and personal chambers. To the surprise of many, a lot of fetish item were discovered.

The community youths grabbed the pastor and his partner, the native doctor and paraded them in parts of the community without clothes. Sources say some of the youths went back and burn down the church building as well as the juju priest’s shrine.