10 Things Every Lady Must Have In Her Bag, Don’t Go Anywhere Without #9

A bag should be a woman’s best friend and it comes handy as a companion. It should hold down all of a woman’s secret. Some of the things you find in a woman’s bag can be a little embarrassing but very helpful.

The bag should contain items like wallet, mirror, pressed powder etc. Check out the top 10 things that should be found in a complete woman’s bag.

1. Hair Bands


Letting your hair down might at all times be some sort of discomfort especially if you are the sweaty type. Having hair pins in your bag can save you all the stress when everything gets heated up. When you feel the need to pull your hair back, then only would you see the need for the hairbands.

Woman Divorced for Contesting ASsembly Elections

A middle-aged woman who contested the recently held District Assembly and Unit Committee Elections has reportedly been sacked from her matrimonial home.

Memunatu Mahama is said to have been divorced by her husband because she defied him and went into the contest.

She contested but lost in the Mandari Electoral Area, which is about 12km west of Bole, President Mahama’s hometown.

It is also alleged that her husband has gone ahead to marry another woman just a week after she lost the contest.

Memunatu told Mahama Haruna, the Public Relations Officer of Gonja-land Youth Association, that her hus¬band was allegedly pressured by some opinion leaders to get her to step down for the men in the contest and when she refused, she was divorced.

According to the PRO, the lady said that her husband had com¬plained that women who contested elections and worked in the midst of men were taken advantage of by the men and so she should step down to avoid harassment.

However, she insisted that her decision to contest should not be interpreted as challenging or stand¬ing up to men in the community and that there was no way anyone could take advantage of her when she even¬tually won.

Memu¬natu told the PRO she was contest¬ing because she felt that she was capable of bringing develop¬ment to her people.

According to her, she also wanted to be the first woman to contest an election in the Mandari community where decision-making is dominated by men and perhaps to draw the attention of people in the community to gender inequality and affirmative action, which is an effort to include every aspect of the society in decision-making.

The husband had reportedly insisted that she had the option to withdraw her candidature or risk los¬ing her marriage.

Memunatu said she initially did not take her husband’s threat seriously, since it would be absurd for her husband to divorce her just for contesting a district assembly election.

She said her husband appeared to have carried out his threat when he stopped giving her money for her upkeep and, without informing her, went ahead to marry another woman a week after she lost the assembly election.

“I am jobless for now and I large¬ly depended on my husband. I am praying to get a job and take care of myself and give the rest to God,” she was quoted by the PRO as saying in a choking voice.

–Credit: Daily Guide/Ghana


When A Man Is Ugly And Old And Marries A Beautiful Virgin – What Happens Next?

First, let me introduce Mr Adam Oshomhole, the governor of Edo State of Nigeria. Adam is an ugly 63 years old short man but he is rich. Recently, he married a new Eve who is young enough to be his daughter.
Adam is not only lucky that he caught his Eve young; he also claimed that he was the first man that she offered her apple to. This modern Adam is damn lucky to have found and married a virgin who is in her 20s; a feat that has made it easier to find a ‘needle in a haystack’.
So, what could have driven a virgin into marrying a short and ugly 63 year old man who is older than her father? Is it money or fame or love?
The answer will eventually reveal itself after January 2016 when Adam seizes to be the governor of Edo State.
Meanwhile, here are few highlight of what happens when an ugly old man marries a beautiful virgin.
As an ugly old man, Adam must be conversant with the lyrics of that famous song by Dr Hook – “When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman”
“When you’re in love with a beautiful woman 
It’s hard
When you’re in love with a beautiful woman 
You watch your friends
Everybody wants her; Everybody loves her 
Everybody wants to take your baby home”
And thus, when Adam was asked by Pres Buhari to be part of his entourage to see Pres Obama; Adam was the only man that took his wife along. Even Pres Buhari who equally has a beautiful wife didn’t travel with his wife. Well, that’s confidence. And for Adam; that’s paranoia.
Why wouldn’t he be (as an old ugly man with a young wife) especially in this world that trust has lost its trust? Moreover, he will need to impress the young wife that he is connected to the high and mighty. And perhaps, introduce her to Obama. But unfortunately that wasn’t possible because in America there’s no room for frivolities.
Having shown signs of paranoia, the ugly old man must improve his image by showing his young wife that he is a tough dude. And that’s what Adam has been doing since he came back from that American trip. He has been unnecessarily lambasting the former administration of Pres Jonathan.
Adam started by saying that US officials gave them a list of corrupt Nigerian officials that have stolen the country dry. He said in that list was an official that stole $6 billion from Nigeria. But America has since denied ever handing over any list to Adam Oshomhole and co.
But when his American propaganda unravelled, Adam practically accused Mrs Okonjo-Iweala, the former Finance minister of corruption. For the last few months, he has been reeling out unsubstantiated figures that he claimed that Okonjo-Iweala mismanaged/stolen.
I wonder why Adam could accuse anyone of corruption when he takes more than US$2 million from his state’s coffers as security vote every month. And he doesn’t give account of how the money was spent. When a government official spends money without accountability; it’s corruption.
Anyway, Adam, everybody knows that you want to appear as a tough dude before your virgin-Mary wife. But please don’t malign Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala trying to achieve that. Okonjo-Iweala is a woman of integrity, a renowned economist and a former World Bank vice president. She is no match to a little mind like Adam Oshomhole.
Obviously the international community didn’t believe Adam’s corruption accusation against Okonjo-Iweala. If they did, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance founded by Bill Gates wouldn’t have asked the woman to join its board. In addition, US investment bank, LAZARD has asked Mrs Okonjo-Iweala to join its sovereign advice division.
Adam, I know it’s hard ‘when you are in love with a beautiful woman’ especially if you forgot to take your Viagra the previous night.
In all, you are advised to always remember to take your medicine; with that you may not have to prove your toughness to your young wife in order to remain viable. And that may also help to reduce your paranoia.

Source: Dozideas.com

Photos: How Your Brain Works Faster Than Your Eyes

The camera plays tricks on us all sometimes, but your filthy minds certainly helps it along. What you are looking at here is of course a woman with her baby, not a man’s… you know.

Of course with a bit of creative cropping, it’s not hard to see why so many people thought this was a rude image at first…

See more photos…

The Darkest Baby In The World

This picture of the baby believed to be the darkest baby in the world gone viral.

Despite of rumors that the baby was born in South Africa, but at this moment of writing, there is no confirmation whether the baby was real or fake.

According to many viral blogs and posts, they called the baby “the darkest baby in the world”, just because the baby has this hair black and shiny black eyes. No wonder that the baby is really the darkest baby in the world.

The picture is really generating curiosity all over the web.

Many also believed that the baby is really fake one because of lacking of the white portion around his eyes.

Still, as of this writing, the viral picture of the darkest baby in the world is questionable if real or fake. What are your thoughts with this image?


Top 15 Nollywood Stars You may know are Dead

These demised stars would always be remembered for their role in one way or the other in the development of the Nigerian movie industry- Nollywood.

It’s not an understatement to assert that their death shook Nollywood to its core at the time each of their demise occurred.

They are however remembered for the legacies they left behind.


The death of Sam Loco really got the entertainment industry in Nigeria shaking because he was very popular with his comic roles. Loco died in a hotel room in Owerri where he was editing a film, in August 2011, at age 66.

Arsene Wenger divorces after 30 years of being together and 5 years of Marriage

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has split from his wife after months of speculation about the state of his marriage, it has been claimed.
The Gunners chief and long term lover Annie, 59, are said to have agreed a financial package and divided up their assets.

The couple, who have an 18 years old daughter have not been pictured together since 2013.

He has previously admitted that his high pressured job with the London club had put pressure on his relationship.

It is understood court papers filed in Wenger’s hometown of Strasbourg, France, show they have not been together since June of this year.

The document – known as a “séparé du corps” in French – is not a full divorce but is a legal separation which means that the couple are not legally obliged to live together.

A source said Wenger, 65, and Annie, who married in December 2010 after a long term relationship, had “not been happy for a while”.

“They have divided up their assets and agreed a financial package to separate.

“They decided this was the best course of action to take.”

Wenger received an OBE with his wife by his side at the Foreign and Commonwealth office from Jack Straw in 2003 but they have not been seen with each other publicly since October 2013.

In an interview in 2008 he revealed how he promised to quit football for his wife.

He said: “Ten years ago I said to my wife [Annie], ‘Five more years and that’s all’, and I am still here.

“It is difficult to find time to see them but there are jobs [which are worse]. You have guys who leave for work on Monday and come back on Friday.

“In my job I travel, but the problem is not so much the quantity of time you spend with your family, it is the quality.

“That is where this job is more damaging. You do not always give them the quality they deserve when you are at home because you are thinking of the next game.”

He added: “My wife likes watching football, she watches all the games of Arsenal at home. She is not a fanatic but she likes watching sports. No, she does not have much choice.”

A spokesman for Arsenal where Wenger has been manager for 19 years said: “He is an employee and we do not talk about emloyees’ personal issues.”

Wenger’s people were unavailable for comment.


Mayweather Starts 5th Grade to Acquire High School Diploma

Got all these millions and can’t even read my checking balance. If it wasn’t for Forbes magazine I wouldn’t know what I got in the bank” Said Floyd Mayweather about his decision to go back to school.


Floyd announced after going 49-0 that he would go back to school and get his High School diploma as part of a promise he made to his senile mama, because of his inability to read more than one syllable words he must start at a 5th grade level.

“Everybody thought Manny Pac was my toughest opponent, but I’m here to tell you adjectives is a mother, compound sentences ain’t no ho, fractions be kicking my a*s, subtract this, add that. My dear aunt sally …My mama ain’t even got no sister? ” – Floyd Mayweather

Floyd assures us that he will die undefeated in the ring, but he has taken his first lost in a spelling bee against some of his super smart 5th grade classmates


Diego Costa Banned for three Matches

In a statement, Chelsea said they were “disappointed” with the verdict.

Costa’s ban covers Chelsea’s League Cup match at Walsall on Wednesday along with Premier League matches against Newcastle and Southampton.

Having confirmed the match officials did not see the incident between Costa and Koscielny, the FA supplied video footage to a panel of three former elite referees.

Each had to independently rule Costa’s actions to be an instant red card for the FA to proceed with the charge.

Arsenal defender Gabriel was sent off by referee Mike Dean for violent conduct after raising his leg and appearing to catch Spain international Costa.

Stoke manager Mark Hughes, who saw winger Ibrahim Afellay’s ban for slapping West Brom’s Craig Gardner in August reduced from three games to two, said he is left “scratching his head” by the FA’s decision to overturn Gabriel’s ban.

“I’m not sure why Afellay had a two-game ban when I see news of other situations which seemed to be deemed violent conduct and they get wiped off,” Hughes told BBC Radio 5 live.

“We keep asking for explanations from the FA about why they come to decisions against us – or we’re getting different ones to other clubs. This is a prime example of that. We’re bemused by it.”

The FA has charged Gabriel with improper conduct for failing to leave the pitch immediately after being sent off, and both clubs with failing to control their players.

All three parties have until 18:00 BST on Thursday to reply to those charges.