Deadline blunder sees De Gea’s Madrid move Fail

The Manchester United goalkeeper will not join the Spanish champions following a protracted summer saga, with the documents for the deal not filed on time

David De Gea’s move to Real Madrid from Manchester United has fallen through.

Reports suggested that Real and United initiated talks on Monday with the hope of striking a deal for the Spaniard, but it has now emerged that the required documents did not arrive at the headquarters of La Liga on time, thus scuppering the transfer.

De Gea, 24, has not featured for United since pre-season, missing all six Premier League and Champions League play-off games after Louis van Gaal became concerned that interest from Madrid had unsettled the Spanish goalkeeper.

United appeared to have finally acquiesced to De Gea’s sale on the final day of the Spanish transfer window, with Keylor Navas set to join the club in part-exchange, along with a fee of £29 million.

However, the deal failed to beat the clock, and it appears that Navas will also remain with his current club, given the linked nature of the transfers.

Unlike the Premier League, La Liga are unlikely to grant either club an extension past the deadline to complete their business.


10 Weirdest Lawsuits From Around the World

Do you know that civil lawsuits cost the United States economy over US $200 billion dollars annually? Amazingly, 6 out of 10 lawsuits are frivolous. Do you know that these lawsuits are clogging up the judicial system and costing you, taxpayers, a lot of money? Amazingly, this pandemic doesn’t just happen in USA. It’s a problem from around the world, too!

‘Frivolous lawsuits’ are lawsuits filed for the intention of merely harassing or annoying the sued party. Many cases are pretty pointless and ridiculous, made just to make some money out of individuals, corporations and businesses. It is amazing how every so often, we see news of frivolous and weird lawsuits slapped to companies or people. It’s amazing to see how many people out there are so stupid and greedy. These cases makes you think less of humanity and want to give yourself a facepalm.

Here are 10 of the weirdest lawsuits from around the world proving the judicial system is screwed.

Man Sues Wife over Ugly Child

A Chinese man started asking questions when his beautiful wife gave birth to an ‘incredible ugly baby’. Jian Feng demanded answers, and thought the wife had an affair. The wife admitted she had undergone extensive $100,000 cosmetic surgery before meeting him. Horrified, the husband divorced and sued his wife for damages, claiming his wife tricked him to marriage on false pretenses.

Amazingly, Chinese court felt sympathetic and he was granted $120,000.

Sued For Wrong Weather Prediction

Weather reports are known to be frequently wrong and highly unreliable. One Israeli woman took it too far by suing a TV station for making a wrong weather prediction.

The TV station’s weather forecast was sunny and well, but it rained. The woman claimed she dressed lightly, only to rain and cause her to catch the flu, miss a week of work, and spend money on medications. The woman filed the lawsuit and won $1,000.

That’s Ageism!

Another ridiculous lawsuit is filed by aging Rolf Eden, an 81-year-old German playboy who sued a 19-year-old woman because she refused to sleep with him on the grounds of ‘ageism’. After a night out with the young woman, they ended up at his place and she refused to have sex with him because he was too old for her.

He decided to press charges because, according to Eden, ‘there are laws against discrimination’, and it was discrimination against age, after all.

British Airways Gets It

A dentist and his partner wanted to see Granada, a beautiful southern city located in Spain. He booked his flight via British Airways. To his surprise, he went on a 9-hour flight to the island of Grenada.

British Airways refused to reimburse the two with their flight tickets, and so he retaliated by suing the airline for $34,000 in damages. Lesson learned, it pays to double check the spelling before hopping onto a plane.

Big Bear, Big Trouble

In Macedonia, one beekeper got so fed up with bears destroying his beehives that he took matters to court. He explained that he took to different means such as distracting the bear with music and lights, but to no avail.

He sued the bear for damages and theft, and despite the bear failing to appear in court, it was found guilty and the beekeeper won $2,700. The honey-loving bear is still at large.

Lawsuit Against God

A Romanian prisoner by the name of Pavel M. decided to sue the Romanian Orthodox Church. The reason? He’s been convicted of murder, serving his 20-year term and blames God for ‘failing to keep him away from the influence of the devil’.

Faith In Humanity Lost Because Of Tomas Delgado

A rich Spanish businessman named Tomas Delgado was driving over speed limit when he ran over a young boy. Amazingly, he didn’t get jail time because even while he was speeding, the boy was cycling at night without using helmets or a reflector. To make things worse, he decided to sue the boy’s family over damages to his Audi because of the crash.

Control Over The Universe

Most people file frivolous cases to get cash quick, but a man from Quebec, Canada had bigger things in mind. He filed a case to gain control over the universe — particularly asking for control of all the planets, Jupiter’s moons, the Earth, and space in between.

Hands down, this is probably the craziest lawsuit out there. The judge seemed to agree, who threw the case out the window and banned the Canadian citizen from filing any more future lawsuits without a written consent from a judge.

There’s Only One Batman in the World

So a mayor from a city called ‘Batman’ in Turkey decided to sue Warner Bros. because they used the city’s name without permission. He demanded royalties from the highest-grossing movie ‘The Dark Knight’. The mayor claimed that ‘there’s only one Batman in the world’, and sued on the grounds that the U.S. producers used the city without permission from them

Inaccurate Footlong Claims

So let’s start with a substantial amount of silly lawsuits: Great United States of America, of course!

A man from New Jersey who alleges he eats 50 Subway footlong sandwiches a year is now suing the food chain, after realizing that the sandwiches were really just 11 inches!

Afriyie Acquah’s Fair Wife and the Foolishness

So people are now criticising those of us who married fair women (in my case, a mixed race) simply because they have found Afriye Acquah’s marriage case derogatory; some even stretch it further to the late media guy who allegedly was poisoned by his wife.

Some are saying we went for our “fair” spouses because of beauty. Many are campaigning that fair women are Maame water, promiscuous, money-motivated and so those men who want a peaceful marriage should avoid what Ghanaians call )bak)k) which is interpreted; a light-skinned woman.

I think no true individual who has Divine Wisdom will make such a generalised accusation. So a fair and flawless-skinned lady is maame water, they have gone under the sea as spiritual divers and found all fair women there right? Apparently the Brits, Spaniards, Latinos etc are all maame water too; What kind of thinking is this? WHY IS AFRICA SUCH A DARK CONTINENT FULL OF SUPERSTITION AND IDOLATRY?

And did I hear them say they are promiscuous? So colours now determine promiscuity, then you will later come and say America is a racism nation, ain’t you a racist too?

Anyway, here is the main point:

You can marry a dark girl and have a terribly regretable life or even die early, you can marry a fair lady, mixed or even white, and have heaven on earth – EVIL IS COLOURLESS.

The quality of a wife is largely dependent on:
1. The kind of Spirit that lives in her

2. The kind of Mindset she was raised with; which is a mixture of many things including environment, peer groups, parental influence etc

3. Whether God is leading you yourself to her.

Most of the folks who make these detrimental choices were just not listening to God, period. They walked by sight! And many are going through similar issues whose spouses are very very black. It has nothing to do with Complexion!

I love my wife – she is amazingly different and exceptional!

Written by Godwin Martey. 


How to Know if your Mother is a Nigerian?

1) When you say, “Mummy, I’m Sorry!” And she
replies, “Sorry for yourself!”
2) When you ask her where you should drop
something and she says, “Drop it on my head.”
3) When she brings food
wrapped in a nylon bag from a party.
4) When you say, ”Mummy, I have fever.” And
she replies
you, “Why won’t you have fever when you press phone every night”

5) When you say, “Mummy I took 2nd in my
class.” and she replies, “So the person that took first has two heads abi?”

6) When she takes the DSTV remote to work,
just to punish you.
7) When you are watching television with her
then she sleeps off and still doesn’t want you to change the channel.

8) When you tell her you are going to a
place to play and she asks, ”When last did that friend come here to play with you?

9) When she asks you if the food she served you
is enough, and you reply no, and she says, come and eat own with yours.
10) When she tells you, if I hear Peem, you will hear Ween.
11) When she touches hot pot comfortably without a cloth or paper.
12) When she tells you, ”I didn’t kill my mother, so you will not kill me”.
13) When she calls you from your room upstairsand then sends you back upstairs to bring her
14) When you ask her to refund the money you borrowed her and
she tells you, “All the food you have been eating in the house nko? Which money did you think was used in
buying them?”



Avram Grant names 23-Man Squad for Black Stars double-header – Christian Atsu Dropped

Coach of the Black Stars Avram Grant has named a strong 23-man squad for the friendly game against Congo in Brazzaville and Rwanda in the AFCON 2017 qualifier, according to reliable information reaching source

Bournemouth midfielder, Christian Atsu has been left out of the squad due to an injury he is currently nursing while in-form duo, Thomas Teye Partey of Atletico Madrid and Alfred Duncan of Sassuolo.

Below is the 23-man squad.


Razak Braimah (Cordoba, Spain), Fatau Dauda (AshGold) and Ernest Sowah (Don Bosco, DR Congo)


Harrison Afful (Columbus Crew, USA), John Boye (Sivasspor, Turkey), Jonathan Mensah (Clubless), Jeffery Schlupp (Leicester City, England), Baba Rahman (Chelsea, England), Gyimah Edwin (Orlando Pirates, South Africa), Daniel Amartey, (FC Copenhagen, Denmark).


Rabiu Mohammed (Kuban Krasnodar, Russia), Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu (Udinese, Italy), Afriyie Acquah (Torino, Italy), Solomon Asante (T.P. Mazembe, DR Congo), Mubarak Wakaso (Rubin Kazan, Russia), Andre Ayew (Swansea, England), Frank Acheampong (Anderlecht, Belgium), Bernard Mensah (Getafe, Spain), Albert Adomah (Middlesbrough, England).

Strikers: Jordan Ayew (Aston Villa, England), Asamoah Gyan (SIPG, China), David Accam (Chicago Fire, USA)

Shocking: 20 Medical Disorders That We Wish Didn’t Exist


Also known as Tree Bark Syndrome the absolute long and short of it is that carcinoma in the skin turns you into Groot.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Now World’s Richest Individual Under 35

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has topped the list of world’s richest individuals under 35, according to a Wealth-X report. His estimated worth is about $41.9 billion, while Facebook’s other co-founder Dustin Moskovitz holds the second position in the list with net worth of $9.3 billion.

There are a few things that social media giant such as Facebook can’t do. The global online platform can create social awareness, support the start-ups, and one thing for sure is it can make its CEO the world’s richest person in the world under 35.Even though Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg works for a salary of $1, his personal fortune is nothing less than astounding $41.6 billion, says a Wealth-X report. Facebook owes its success to more than a billion monthly users and not so appreciated yet brilliant business strategies. No doubt that once a startup, Facebook is now the biggest brand on the globe.

With its schemes to replace YouTube as the biggest video platform and the ambitious Internet.Org as the Internet For All, Mark Zuckerberg along with his other co-founders Dustin Moskovitz (worth $9.3 billion) and Eduardo Saverin (worth $5.3 billion) held 1st, 2nd and 4th spot on the list of the world’s richest people in the world under 35.

It’s not just Facebook, who is giving profitable returns to its makers- Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel at the age of 25 is the youngest billionaire on the world’s richest individuals list with a fortune of $1.9 billion.

Out of 20 world’s richest individuals under 35 in the Wealth-X list, 11 are from the US, while three each are from China and Switzerland.

“Afriyie Acquah is impotent” – Amanda

The controversy surrounding Black Stars midfielder, Afriyie Acquah‘s marriage to Amanda deepens as some portions of the recent leaked audio reveals that Afriyie is impotent. According to Amanda, her inability to conceive is due to Afriyie’s infertility.

“If Afriyie is fertile, wouldn’t he have impregnated me by now? Should I bring you cupful of prescribed medications he is taking for three months?,”Amanda questions in the audio.

Less than two weeks after the footballer came out to declare his unflinching love for his wife amid rumours their marriage was on the brink of divorce over Amanda’s leaked photos to another lover, Acquah’s wife has been caught in the midst of scandalous revelations in the leaked audio.

Amanda can be heard in the audio talking about her past intimacy with her husband’s international teammate, Jordan Ayew and how that often infuriates Acquah.

“Jordan and I have been good friends since childhood. We were being mocked from childhood and tagged as ‘husband and wife’. Even Dede Ayew use to say ‘these people, don’t discuss their issues. They would fight today and you will see them together the next day,’” Amanda revealed in the audio.

“I have been with Jordan for four good years, not four days,” she added convincingly.

Amanda even went ahead to disclose that her husband knows about her past relationship with Ayew and how the Torino midfielder doesn’t get on well with the Aston Villa striker.

“Afriyie is very jealous, I swear. Whenever Afriyie sets his eyes on us (Amanda and Jordan) having a chat or hanging out, he quickly gets furious and stops talking to me until I apologise,”Mrs. Acquah said.

But now, Afriyie use to complain about his ailing relationship with Jordan Ayew. Afriyie once recounted that they travelled to Amsterdam and only Dede spoke to him; Jordan didn’t. He asked for Jordan’s contact but he refused,” she added.

10 Best Secondary Schools in Ghana in the Last 10 Years Based on SSCE/WASSCE


This is the first time Interpol Gh has focused on education so much ever since they had roots in Ghana. The online organisation, which focuses on polls and survey has made this survey known.

According to them, it took almost a year to come out with this huge discovery. Their adjustment was based on WASSCE performance,major competitions,sports faculty,number of graduates entering tertiary institutions and the influence of such schools on BECE candidates.

The top 10 schools making the list are:

10. Mfantsipim School (Cape Coast)

Abambila scores 6 goals in 2 games in US

Ernestina Abambila is setting high standards in US College Soccer even before the main season begins after netting two hat-tricks in two pre-season games for Mississippi Valley State University where she is currently an undergraduate.

Abambila who previously played as a central defender for the Black Maidens at last year’s FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in Costa Rica, has now evolved into an attacking midfielder under Mississippi’s Ghanaian coach, Fabio Boateng and her new position is yielding big dividends.

As they prepare for the South Western Athletics Conference (SWAC) soccer season which kicks off on September 25, Abambila’s side have lined up a host of friendly games and the 16 year old Ghanaian is on song banging in a pair of trebles in the two games so far.

Mississippi Valley State claimed its first win of the year during its exhibition game against Bethal University, 3-1. Ernestina Abambila scored all three goals – one in the first half and the last two in the second.

She followed up with another hat-trick and two assists in their 10-1 whitewash of East Central Community College on Tuesday.

“I was very excited when l scored the hat trick but to do it again in the next game a few days later was just amazing,” Abambila told exclusively from her US base.

“My personal target is to help my team to win the SWAC league and for myself to get the best player in our conference or league,” she added in the quest to obliterate Mississippi’s woeful record (4-11) last year when they were also eliminated in the very first round of the SWAC Soccer tournament.

On her switch of positions, the Ghanaian youngster says she is enjoying playing up the field and has expressed gratitude to Coach Boateng for her new role.

“I am no more playing defence, the coach has changed my position which is great. It suits me very well and it has helped me a lot,” Abambila said.