The Story behind “The Dress” : Blue and Black? White and Gold? Blue and Gold?

That story began just before a wedding held last weekend in the Hebrides, a group of islands just of Scotland, when the mother of the bride sent a picture to her daughter asking what she thought of the dress. The bride and groom both looked at the picture and each saw the image differently.

They posted the image to Facebook, asking their friends to help settle the argument. One of them, Caitlin McNeill – also part of the wedding band – reposted the image to her Tumblr blog at around 8pm on Thursday evening. “Guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree,” she wrote. The post saw a flurry of activity, but she couldn’t have predicted the scale of the ensuing debate.
Around three hours later someone at Buzzfeed picked up on the blog, reposting the picture and a snippet of the conversation, along with a poll asking readers what colours they saw. The article set the internet alight, and has now been viewed more than 24 million times.
I saw Blue and Gold though. How on earth are some of you seeing white? LOL- Yaya Toure

“I will take penalties for Ghana again” – Asamoah Gyan

The Baby Jet has not taken penalties for Ghana in three years. Asamoah Gyan is re-thinking his decision never to take penalty kicks for Ghana again, over three years since he took the last one for the Black Stars.

Previously Ghana’s first choice spot kick taker, Gyan swore never to take up the task for the Black Stars again in the wake of verbal abuses he received on the back of two crucial misses for the national team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa as well as the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations Gabon / Equatorial Guinea.

Having been coerced by Ghanaian football chiefs to return from a self-imposed international exile after the 2012 AFCON debacle, Gyan soon made the vow not to take penalties as a show of respect to his then freshly deceased mother who had requested so from his son.

Two heartbreaking penalty shootout defeats have since cost Ghana the ultimate at both the 2013 and of course 2015 Africa Cup of Nations tournaments he led the Black Stars to with the captain shirking responsibility on both occasions.

The most blatant one was the recent one in the final in Equatorial Guinea when Coach Avram Grant pulled out Gyan in the very last minute of extra time as the shootout loomed against eventual winners, Ivory Coast.

Many have criticised the decision including Black Stars Management Committee Chairman, George Afriyie who publicly stated that Gyan must be convinced to rescind the decision and now the player has responded himself.

“There is no problem with me taking penalty kicks. However, it must be acknowledged also that the decision was not taken in a vacuum. With what I have experienced in the past, I don’t need to rush back,” Gyan told Graphic Sports.

“As a striker and captain of the team, I will do all I can, to help the team succeed so, whatever decision I take with regards to this particular issue will be in the interest of the national team and not a personal one,” the Al Ain striker added.

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South African girl stolen as Baby found after 17 years

A South African woman has appeared in court over the kidnapping of a baby in Cape Town hospital 17 years ago.

The girl’s biological parents, Celeste and Morne Nurse, were reunited with her after she was enrolled in the same school as her sister.

After seeing the pair’s likeness, the biological family invited the girl for coffee and then contacted police.

DNA tests have confirmed the identity of the girl, who has been placed in the care of social workers.

Mr Nurse said his daughter was receiving extensive counselling.

A relative of the accused woman, aged 50, told reporters outside the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court: “We grew up with the child, we took care of her.”

The arrested woman and her husband, who live in the Cape Flats, have no other children.

The woman is being charged with kidnapping, fraud and contravening the Children’s Act, in that she fraudulently pretended that she was the biological mother of a child, police said.

Her case was postponed to 6 March.

‘I am not HIV Positive’- Hans Anuku clears air

After reports that Nollywood Actor, Hanks Anuku had deliberately infected his wife with HIV/AIDS went viral last week, the actor has come out to deny  testing HIV positive. The stories were that the actor had admitted infecting his wife with the disease after sleeping with over 80 women in Zambia, where he had visited.

But in an interview with TV3’s Nana Aba Anamoah on New Day, the Actor known for his gangster and action roles in movies stated emphatically that he was not HIV positive. When Nana Aba Anamoah pushed further, the actor said he was ready to be tested live on Television if the host wanted. Asked how sure he was that he wasn’t HIV positive, the Actor said he was very healthy and had no sicknesses to show that he had HIV.

[VIDEO] It has started Raining Cash in Dubai

Motorists driving through Dubai could not believe their eyes when it started raining money in the middle of the UAE city.

Thousands of 500 UAE Dirham notes – worth around £88 – flew through the oil-rich city on a busy afternoon earlier this month, and officials have yet to give an explanation as to why, or reveal a source of the cash.

Drivers abandoned their cars in order to get their hands on the notes blowing down the road, and were filmed holding handfuls of notes.

It is estimated that notes valued between two and three million Dirham were loose – meaning up to £500,000 was blowing in the wind. 

Making it rain: This is the incredible moment people abandoned their cars and ran into the streets of Dubai after a strong wind carried hundreds of 500AED notes (£88) through the city

The notes were carried by strong winds through the Jumeirah area of Dubai for several minutes, but locals have got no idea where it came from.

One surprised local described how his wife pulled over her car to film motorists dodging cash collectors on a busy stretch of highway in the city.

He said: ‘It was a very windy day. She was stuck in the traffic. She saw all this money.

‘It was just raining money. It was 500 AED notes which is worth quite a lot. It was a lot of money.

If you got money and you know it: Traffic came to a halt as drivers ran out to pick up notes which lined the streets of the oil-rich Arab Emirate city

Paved with gold: It is not known where the money came from, and no explanation has been given to locals

The notes were carried by strong winds through the Jumeirah area of the plush city for several minutes

‘A lot of people were getting out of there care to grab this month.

‘It doesn’t happen every day. Everyone was amazing this was happening.’

The baffling incident happened at around 3pm on February 11 and locals have no explanation.

Police later arrived at the area and ushered people away, local media reports.

State Drops case against Nayele’s cocaine Suspects

The Attorney-General has withdrawn the charges it brought against some six persons it alleged abetted the crime of exporting cocaine from Ghana.

The Circuit Court in Accra which was hearing the case consequently acquitted businessman Alhaji Dawood, Nana Akua Amponsah, Sadalia Nuhu, Foreign Ministry officer, Abiel Ashitey Armah, Theophilus Kissi, also a foreign service officer, and Ahmed Abubakr, a protocol officer at the VIP lounge of the Kotoka International Airport, Tuesday morning.

Lawyer for Abiel Ashitey, Mr. Frank Davis, told Joy News after the court’s decision that this was not unexpected.

He said he was grateful that the prosecution’s action “has maintained the integrity of our criminal jurisprudence.”

Joy News’ Kwakye Afreh Nuamah who was in court reported there was a carnival after the verdict with family members and friends of the six who regained their freedom, singing, chanting and dancing in the premises of the court.

The six were being held in connection with the cocaine bust at Heathrow Airport in London involving Ghanaian/Austrian, Nayele Ametefeh.

Nayele was arrested on November 10, 2014 for carrying 12.5kg of cocaine.

She had, with the assistance of some state and security officials, breached Ghana’s aviation security prior to her arrest in UK.

The six persons were arrested for their alleged role in the crime and consistently refused bail drawing anger from their lawyers.

When Nayele Ametefe was sentenced on her own plea by the Isleworth Crown Court in London, it paved the way for the accused to ratchet up their argument for bail.

They eventually gained partial freedom after the High Court on December 23, granted them bail.

After that, there were several adjournments forcing the lawyers to ask the court to strike out the case because the prosecution did not appear to have a strong case against the six.

On Tuesday, February 24, the state, ignominiously filed a nolle prosequi (a legal term meaning the ‘unwilling to pursue), allowing the court to set the suspects free.

Mr. Frank Davis said the prosecution should have done that long ago because there was no justifiable basis for holding them especially after the conviction of Nayele who did not mention any of the six as an accomplice.

All the same, he said he was excited that justice had prevailed and his client and the others had had their freedoms restored.


Shatta Wale Will ‘Die’ Soon

Controversial Reggae artiste Blakk Rasta has said same thing Mark Okreku Mantey said years ago about dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale. The radio presenter in an interview with Giovani on e.TV said Shatta Wale cannot stand the test of time and will fade out of the music scene soon.

He said ““I traveled to America and many other places in the world and there is no Ghana music anywhere. Show me one Ghanaian song that is making waves anywhere apart from Ghana.

“Hype! We love hype. All you hear is people claiming they’ve shot a videofor 6 million dollars and it’s going to be shown on e.TV. So what? Too much hype! Walk the talk. Be on stage, perform for hours, sweat and walk off stage tired for the people to know you’ve given them their money’s worth.”

He argued when host of the show said acts like Rocky Dawuni, Knii Lante and Fuse ODG are doing well. “Very well, that’s subjective. When ten people watch you perform, when only two did the previous year, it can be counted as a success. I am talking about shaking the world. I’m talking about hearing Ghanaian music like you hear Nigerian music whenever you go out there.

“We make it look like if can’t speak Patois then it’s not Reggae or Dancehall. When it comes to Reggae and Dancehall, we are still enslaved by the Jamaicans.

Touching on his favorite Dancehall act currently, he said;

“I think Samini is not bad because he has Africanized it but of late he has also gone the Jamaican way. That thing doesn’t go anywhere. Stonebwoy is not bad but he is also still in the Jamaican shadow. I want to feel their Africanness in the music because with what we do you can’t go on stage after Vibes Kartel has performed. They will boot you out. I wish they will go out there and taste the international crowd. You don’t go and perform for one hundred Ghanaians in a Gym and think you are touring international.

“Shatta Wale is gifted but Shatta Wale will not go anywhere with what he is doing. He will tickle himself and laugh. Go to Youtube and see some of the international community’s comments under his songs. Because they hear so much about him and then decide to check him out and realize, it’s not real.

“Why is he begging Jamaica. Begging in the sense that he is always sounding like them. Dancehall is dying.” He concluded.

Make Me Know-Poetry

Make me know how much
there is to know
Make me know how little I do
Make me know how little I need
to know
Make me know how little I am
Make me know that I am
nothing to know

Make me know how much there
is to do
Make me know how little I have
Make me know how little  is
expected of me
Make me know how little I can

Make me know that by myself I
can do anything
Make me know  how much
there is to say
Make me know  how little there
is that needs saying
Make me know how much harm
I have
Saying that which needs not to
be said

Make me know how much there
is to feel
Make me know how little I have
Make me know how little  I am
capable of feeling
Make me know that all has
been been felt for me
Make me know how much
serving there is to do
Make me know how little I had

Make me know how much there
is to forgive
Make me know how little I have
Make me know the good things
this world has for me

Have you ever seen Chelsea win an appeal?-Mourinho asking

The Blues’ manager was measured in his criticism of the officials who dismissed the Serbian midfielder for his reaction to an ugly challenge from Ashley Barnes

Jose Mourinho insists appealing Nemanja Matic’s red card against Burnley would be a waste of time as he continued his bitter feud with the Football Association.

The Serbian midfielder was sent off for violent conduct after he reacted to a dangerous Ashley Barnes tackle in Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Burnley.

When asked his opinion on Matic’s red card, Mourinho replied: “Have you ever seen Chelsea win an appeal?”

The Chelsea manager went on to compare Barnes’ challenge with Diego Costa’s stamp on Emre Can, which earned his forward a three-match ban last month.

He said: “A couple of weeks ago when I was in the press conference after the Liverpool game in the Capital One Cup I knew already that it was going on and on and on on the television. Subtitles saying “Diego Crimes”. Compare “Diego Crimes” with what happened today.

“This game had four moments. Minute 30, minute 33, minute 43 and minute 69. This is the story of this game. I can not comment on that story because you know it is difficult for me not to say the truth. I’m making it easy for you, you go home go to these moments and you know exactly what I think about the game.”

Mourinho cited a first-half challenge form Barnes as the turning point in the game, believing the Burnley forward should have been dismissed for a challenge with goalscorer Branislav Ivanovic.

He said: “I repeat; that was minute 69. Minute 69 has a big relation with minute 30. The player, if i can call him a player, that was involved in minute 69 was involved in minute 30. Normally in minute 31 he should be in the shower. No minute 69 if the person in charge deals with it the proper way on minute 30.”

When asked how costly the dropped points will prove at the end of the season, the Chelsea boss continued: “I have no answer for you because if this story that started a couple of months ago finished today, if you tell me today this story finished and now we have 12 matches to play with an advantage of five points i tell you ‘champions’. But I don’t know if the story ends here or if you have more waiting for us.”

In reference to his comments about a refereeing campaign against his side after a 1-1 draw at Southampton in December, Mourinho said, “I’m happy that I’m not stupid and I understood everything a couple of months ago.”


Madman Shares his Opinion on Mahama’s admininstration

The moment when a madman shares his opinion on the Mahama led administration and obviously there is no doubt that Mahama obviously needs Jesus. Hahaha!

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