20 Sinners in Ghana who Need to be Arrested Immediately!

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  1. The Fanti kenkey seller whose fist-sized kenkey is made to look extraordinarily big because it is wrapped with leaves large enough to be my bed sheet!
  2.  Ghallywood and Kumawood movie producers (or is it directors?) who keep on telling us the same story over and over again… only with different titles, actors and actresses!
  3.  Social media users, especially ladies, who upload overly edited pictures as their profile pictures when they know they look nothing near it!
  4.  Trotro conductors (mates, to wit) who keep on telling us “last two” when indeed there are only two people seated in the 33-seater bus!
  5.  Our parent-in-law who never tell us the market value of their daughters only for us to marry them and they slam us with the condition ‘goods bought/sold are not returnable’! 



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