18 Abu Dhabi Photos of the 80s and 90s that will make you nostalgic

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1. Some of your favorite snacks

2. You probably spent hours watching this Japanese show

3. May he rest In peace

4.How you probably spent your Eid

5. You felt like a bad ass with these “tattoos”. Some even said it was Haram.

6.You broke your fear of darkness thanks to this slide

7. The Volcano fountain

8. You probably used this book for Islamic studies

9. Back then this was the only Corniche


10. You probably can still recite this prayer

11. The Old Souk


12.How much lunch money did you loose gambling on this?

13.Before it became COOP

14. Used to see these everywhere on the streets

15.The old cultural foundation

16. The clock roundabout

17. “takes you to space for 2 dirhams only

18. Still creeps me out




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