15 Interesting Facts About the Headmaster and the Student Sex Tape

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The infamous s’ex tape leak involving the headmaster and his student girlfriend continue to dominate local and international headlines.

Already, Ghanaians have added a touch of satire to situation by starting the now viral s’ex tool challenge. The girl in question has been identified as Priscilla. Her s’exual moans and styles in the four minutes video has excited Ghanaians a lot. She was heard screaming:

Yeah, nice one… I want you to f*ck me to my satisfaction. F*ck me to the extent that I’ll feel it within my soul.

We have managed to do some digging relative to this interesting and here are 15 facts we discovered, courtesy Meanwhile the Ghana Education Service.

  1. The girl at the center of the leaked tape is a former Student of Adumanu D/A Basic.
  2. She is a Final Year Student at Odoben Senior High School.
  3. The headmaster and the student were in amorous sexual relationship but are no more.
  4. The video was recorded Adumanu a year ago when their love life was at its peak.
  5. Both agreed to record the video in order to watch later and admire the skills they displayed.
  6. The girl’s accurate age is 19 years.
  7. The video was on her memory chip and her brother saw it when he collected her phone to transfer songs and later decided to let it go viral.
  8. Her current boyfriend is believed to have been behind the circulation.
  9. Embattled Headmaster as admitted being the one in the video.
  10. Parents of the lady were aware of their relationship before the broke up.

Other interesting Facts…

  1. It was not the first time the headmaster was bonking her, it has happened several times as his then-boyfriend revealed that, she told him the headmaster was his uncle and the girl has visited him several times.
  2. The s’ex happened early in the morning as a cock can be heard crowing in the background.
  3. The girl has dreams of becoming an actress.
  4. The headmaster has a short pen!s.

Meanwhile, authorities of the Ghana Education Service (GES) in Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa District have relieved the Headmaster of his position pending the outcome of investigations into the incident.




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