Sad news coming from the Western North region of Ghana is all about the demise of one student known as Godfred Ankomah who after receiving some strokes of canes from his class teacher ended up giving up the ghost.

According to the report, the teacher warned them that she would cane them depending on how many mistakes they made on the assignment she had given them.

Godfred Ankomah, a Form 2 student, had a lot of mistakes in his assignment and his madam decided to punish him severely.

Although he informed her that he wasn’t feeling well, the teacher ignored his plea and still flogged him mercilessly, leading to his death.

The female teacher made Godfred kneel before dishing out the corporal punishment. The boy begged the teacher to refrain from lashing him in the back but it was in vain because Madam Millicent repeatedly caned him on his back until he died a few hours later.

The sad news has caused an uproar on social media as depicted below;

BOADAI Seydini: This child probably had an underlying problem with the backTherefore, they opted to take the canes in the hands, but the teacher refused.

What the hell is it with teachers canning students? Following the implementation of all GES regulationsSome teachers still defy it. Ask the child to go scrub the washroom. after school or during the break. This is punitive enough, why cane and end up killing a young lad? We pray for the law. takes its course.

I would have retaliated. had it been my son! A life for a lifeboadai_bespoke: The said child might have a health issue already thatThe parents probably didn’t know. Is quite unfortunate.

nharnharequiryarh: Some of the teachers don’t care about the student.because they want to correct them, but rather cane them out of anger, which is very wrong.

system_ventures: Canes at the back? What happened to the butt? To caning palms? Though this might already beill T MUST SAY | DO NOT AGREETO TEACHERS USING CANES ONBACK, LEGS, OR ANYWHERE ASIDEPALM AND BUTTS

fvuzvn.mvlimbo: I remember having the worst corporal punishment of my life in class six at 12 years old. Beaten like a thief for refusing to pay a “canteen fee,” six canes broke on me, Chale, and this was an intentional school.

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