One Theresa Nyirakajumba is on social media seeking true love after spending 123 years on planet Earth. After this while, the old lady believes her true love is somewhere at the corner of the world yet to be located or I believe he is yet to be born.

She said in the video: “I never had a husband in my entire life. Yes of course I am a v*rgin. I would think of it during my era but I won’t take myself to any husband.

“My name is Theresa Nyirakajumba. I have never seen the nakedness of a man. For 123 years, I live with an unfulfilled desire, a deviant hope and a courageous spirit of waiting that one day a man will emerge and embrace my soul.”

Social media reactions;

@Ir-of4zn said: “She does not realize the wrong man will tear her down. She is healthy and mobile. I hope she will find a good companion because that is what she wants.”

@chesterphiri7523 wrote: “If “Purity” is a person then this Mama is one. Longevity alone is even more than the happiness she could have gotten from a man. Glory be to God.”

@francine8905 commented: “She has lived this long without a heartache how lucky. The reason she has 123 years it’s because she has loved herself for herself. She just needs a good place to live really and maybe she hasn’t got feelings for men.”

@charmainerussell522 reacted: “She really doesn’t need one again, she just needs to get closer to her Maker, I wish I was like her.”

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