11 Photos that prove GTV does not Deserve TV licence fees

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With raging arguments going on with respect to whether Ghanaians should pay TV license or not, these photos have really broken the camel’s back. Why pay for something like this?

1. Amakye Dede the Black Stars captain?

GTV errors

Who were his playing mates?

2. GTV turned gospel musician Yaw Sarpong into a wrestler:

GTV errors

3. Efya has a collabo with Rihanna?

GTV errors

And I didn’t know of it. I think I should up my music game.

4 Is the total percentage not supposed to be 100?

GTV errors

So who took the 1% and to where?

5. Fouls or fowls?:

GTV errors

Very soon, GTV will make players commit ‘goats’ in football

6. It’s Chile not ‘Chilly’:

GTV errors

7. So they don’t know the difference between Asamoah Gyan and Dede Ayew?

GTV errors

Even little kids in Ghana know the difference

8. Killed but not dead?

GTV errors

11 officers were killed but only four died. Isn’t that miraculous?

9. Aftermouth?

GTV errors

Ayi, ‘Afterteeth’.

10. Reapet paa?

GTV errors

No comment

11. And this:

GTV errors

A lot of unexplained breaks in transmission.



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