101-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Her 17th Baby

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This story took place in Italy, Napoli. A centennial 101-year-old woman has made a controversial case because of ovary transplants and gave birth to a nine-pound baby, named Francesco.
In Turkey and in a private clinic with unknown name, the illegal surgical operation was done because European laws prevent ovary transplants.
The mother, Anatolia Vertadella, was thankful to all the team of doctors who did the procedure. Also, she was so grateful to have given birth to her 17th child. She said to local reporters that, that was is a true pond to the power of God.
The old mother added that she was very disparate at the age of 48 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she could not procreate.
Dr. Alexandro Popolicchi asserts that the ultimate decision was up to his patient to make, in spite of the fact that the operation was highly debatable. Also, he considers himself that who was he to judge if it is the proper thing to do? He Continued that the prodigious birth to a nice infant was a gift from the creator!
In Turkey, a handful of expert surgeons undertook the procedure and was totally legal. To bring off the birth, Miss Vertadella could find a sperm donor while she was trying to find a father for her child, she met him on the internet, despite her husband died since 1998.
Francesco’s father is a 26-year-old Catholic man, and that was very important to her since she wished her baby to be born by the Catholic Church in a union sanctified.
However, they aren’t married and he won’t play a part in the boy’s life, but she requested the pope’s absolution, to forgive her in that particular condition and she also named the baby after the pope in his honor.
She wishes to be a widow all her life since she loves her deceased husband, but she was in need of the seed of that young Catholic. Watch the video above to see this stunning situation and tell us your opinion.
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    Oh My God 101 Year old woman burn a child. this is amazing news.

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