Ten (10) Areas in Ghana with Most Sakawa Boys (Internet Fraudsters)

Sakawa or 419 has become a norm in Ghana, even a toddler knows what it is, for those that have been living under a stone, Sakawa simply means internet fraud and it is very common in Ghana right now. Currently,because of the high rate of unemployment, people (especially the youths) have no choice but to engage in it.
People are making millions of cedis from the hustle,buying houses,luxurious cars and living lavishly all from sakawa. Some say people who engage in sakawa often uses spiritual means (voodoo) to help them scam their victims of thousands/millions of dollars. Truth be told, Sakawa is everywhere in Ghana and spreading.

Usually people in the act are in groups and stay at specific areas. Accra is noted to have most of the guys engaging in it whilst the hustle spreads to Kumasi and other parts of the country. Let’s look at most recognized areas in Ghana noted for internet fraud.


Boys who stay in Adabraka specialize in the carding part of the sakawa hustle that is; they can buy anything online with stolen credit cards. No matter the security, trust Adabraka guys to be able to purchase for you. They even sell some of the stolen credit cards.


Arguably the biggest town in Accra, boys in Dansoman specializes in what they call shopping in the Sakawa world. Where shopping means buying of goods online with stolen credit cards.


Tema boys are natural hustlers, so anything for the money


Because of how things work in these areas, they’ve dubbed themselves ghetto youth. They are very tough and sometimes violent and will do anything for the cash.


We hear the the hustle has traveled far to the second popular city in Ghana, Kumasi. We hear the new way everybody is going is the Sakawa way. It’s now do or die for the youths. It’s either you make money fast or forget about it.