Photos: Six-Foot-Long Python Killed in Accra

A massive python, said to be six-foot-long, has been killed at the old Aplaku Muslim cemetery near Bortianor in Accra.

The reptile was overpowered by a man whose name was given only as Alhaji, according to a report by

Alhaji said he had gone to the cemetery to weed the place when he noticed some movement near one of the walls. He said he rushed there only to see the snake staring at him.

He said he grabbed the animal by the tail and it started twisting ferociously, trying to overpower him, but he still held on to it although his energy was running out.

“I shouted out to my friends who were with me and one ran with a cutlass whiles I was still struggling to hold onto the huge snake.

“I instructed him to chop its head off which he did but even after that the python was still fighting to escape so we got more hands to come in and help and eventually managed to cut his head off completely,” he said.



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