Houseboy Bolts with Master’s GH¢600,000 and Police can’t Find Him

Police in the Eastern region are on a manhunt for a young man who is alleged to have stolen from his ‘master’.The young man is believed to have bolted with GHc600,000 belonging to his employer.The police have offered a reward of GHc10,000 to anyone with information on the young man Law enforcement personnel in the Eastern region are on the lookout for a young man who is named Yaw Abdulai but popularly called Yaw Welle for bolting with his employers cash.

According to the police, the suspect is alleged to have broken into his employer’s room on August 8 and made away with GHc600,000 belonging to his boss. The police believe that the young man has bolted to Accra and is in a hideout with the money. A formal complaint was lodged at the police station and a warrant for his capture was issued by the Koforidua Circuit Court on August 15.

The matter is under investigation at the Criminal Investigations Department of the region who are working jointly with law enforcement agencies to get hold of Yaw Abdulai. Yaw Abdulai according to records hails from Kumawu in the Ashanti Region but was working in the Eastern region. According to Yaw Abdulai’s employer, the suspect is about 5.6 inches tall, stout, dark in complexion with bushy hair, medium eyes and giving a distinct description of the alleged thief, it was indicated that he had a tribal mark on his left cheek.

The police have placed a GHc 10,000 bounty on the suspect and are willing to give the amount to anyone who can give authentic information on the whereabouts of Yaw Welle.