Archbishop Duncan-Williams Recounts Horrific Incident Leading to the loss of his Fingers

Archbishop Nicolas Duncan Williams has finally recounted the true events leading to the loss of some of his fingers after many people had made their own speculations about the incident in the past.

Speaking in an interview with ace broadcaster Bola Ray on Starr Chat, the Man of God indicated that he lost his finger in somewhat horrific circumstances. In recounting the incident, Archbishop Nicolas Duncan Williams revealed that he had a ‘rough’ time growing up. He said his quest to be successful at an early age in his life forced him to visit many shrines.

He indicated that he used to hear a lot of voices which he believed were a contention of the forces of ‘light and darkness’. He said that on that fateful night on which he lost his fingers, he heard some voices in his head. He continued to say that the voices instructed him to light a candle and hold his fingers in the flame.

The Man of God said that he obliged to the voice of the spirit thinking it was one of the sacrifices required to see him become successful. When his fingers turned into ashes and the pain became unbearable, he screamed out alerting his siblings who rushed to the scene and took him to the hospital for medical assistance.

He was on admission at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital for months after the ‘ordeal’. The action led to the loss of his fingers. He indicated that he had a change of heart and received an encounter with God on his hospital bed in hospital.